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  1. I bet you wouldn't be so magnanimous if I'd punctuated my inquiry with a picture of an oompaloompa, though. Now before you get mad . . . just hear me out . . . before you get mad because of what I just said, which is not as bad as doing it, but pretty close . . . I'd just like to say in my own defense that I do make rather a fine minion and, if you should deign to spare my goblin hide, I can lure many adventurers/tasty hobbits to your lair for eating and/or looting. Aww, how can I resist that? Or your rich and greasy innards.
  2. I'd be gentle. I'd just wrap you up in webs, and let you hang there in penance for a few...days.
  3. And there better damn well be a female not-Dovahkiin too. Edit: Erm, not to sound demanding...but if there's a boy one...
  4. I'm from New Jersey, I have mafia cred. You did good.
  5. You saps chlorophyll my heartwood. AND I AM DONE. I'm done. I am done. No more. I'm gonna make like a tree, and get outta here.
  6. See, I actually just woke up, and read through the whole forest of replies. I wish you guys would just leaf it alone.
  7. See? We just floated past another goal, and I'm all like "swirrrrly" Edit: NOT DRIDERS!! I know I've said I wasn't terribly interested in them...but I AM I AM. And the dark elves!! The sitar just turned into black metal.
  8. Yes. At this point, I'm just kinda frozen in awe, I really can't even speculate at this point. The clockwork dragon blew some kind of fuse in my head.
  9. The marines paints tempt me. All the other paint sets, I have at least half of what's offered...but the Marines set? Ooooooh.
  10. I understand, and will try to scream quietly. You're a real pal, thanks.
  11. Sorry, I sold mine to afford some of the goal options.
  12. Ooh, just a little touch of blue by the hand, you just solved two problems for me! Problem one: setting the hand apart from the fire, obviously regular shading wouldn't work. Problem two: finding a spot for blue. Thank you, Lastman!
  13. That's a great box! I've made similar boxes for other hobbies (tarot cards) out of wooden wine crates. I thought about containing my minis in a wine-crate box, but I'm too inclined to have them on display.
  14. Reaper guys: Did you expect it to get this big? That's a lot of...everything, a lot. A LOT.
  15. Ok, my first ever picture sharing on here. I just took it, quick n dirty on my worktable. There's more red in it, than I thought, when I was responding, because after I painted it, I went in and outlined the demon faces and hands in oranges and reds. The real effect I was talking about with whites and yellows is in the left side, the darkest it gets is a light-ish orange. I primed white, and painted it linen white, then mixed buckskin pale and lemon yellow with the white, gradually leaving white behind, then starting in with the oranges from the auburn hair triad. I glazed it all with a really dilute wash of the buckskin/lemon mix, to make it look less chalky and cohesive, then I picked out the faces with dark orange and red on the tips. I used way more white and soft yellows than I would normally if I was painting fire. This is my guys's PC and he was like "GIVE ME DIVINE SPELL FIRE!! GIVE ME STARS EXPLODING"...I'm like "oookay mister drama..." so I looked at pictures of red and yellow dwarf stars. I hope it helps. I'm feeling rather self conscious right now. It's still a WIP, though. The blending is still meh, I want to be more gradual. I was trying to figure out a way to work in some blue, but I think that might screw it up.
  16. Oh eek. I'm really shy about sharing my work...plus he's not even done. I just took some pictures. I've never shared anything before, so give me a few minutes to figure everything out.
  17. I would try to make it lean more towards white and blue, because when I think "fast" fire, I think "omghot" fire. I think you're on to something with smaller licks, too. I just painted a mini with spellfire, and the desired effect was something gaseous like starfire, so I used a good deal of white and pale yellows, and it came out pretty decent.
  18. I don't know why, but the rainbeetle crunching made me laugh out loud. Is it sad that I have this forum open on like three tabs? It just stays open all day. I look, I go to work, come home, there it is, three tabs. All. Day. Edit: Oh, I know why. Everything buglips does makes me laugh out loud.
  19. Can I just say? I am wildly jealous over anyone who has a hobby room. That's a great looking set up. Do you still have a hobby room since you've moved?
  20. I love love LOVE those colors. That teal is one of my all time favorites, and the contrasting shawl just brings it all together.
  21. Fairy Blush? Because my (not very F)LGS had a metric butt-ton of those on clearance in a bucket, about a month ago. There were a a handful of other colors, too, like Rose Quartz, Cateye Green, and Dwarven Flesh, and I grabbed the other ones, but I thought "what am I gonna do with a pink like that?" So, I didn't get any. I'm going to be in that neighborhood within the next few days. I'll check to see if they still have buckets, and grab you some. Seriously.
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