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  1. I've had some ideas for awhile. Short haired females! Short haired warriors and rogues, especially. Armored warrior women with giant axes, not just barbarians. More faeries, and more elaborate player character type fae.
  2. So, that's my tattoo money, my haircut money, my pedicure money...and maybe soon my cosmetic dentistry money. I'm going to be a hot mess, for the next month or so, damn. Worth it. CLOCKWORK DRAGON WORTH IT.
  3. Oh, fast painted Bones don't count? Cut my collection from a dozen or so, to just so.
  4. Your Pokey and my Smokey (also, I didn't name him) seem like they're from the same family tree... I have a deep shelf of stones I've collected over the years, and he does the same thing. He plants himself in the center, and will systematically flick them off, one at a time. I think he hates pretty things. Ooh! I love these pictures of shelves! I might post mine. Of my...like dozen or so minis...
  5. Thanks :) KITTIES! Wow. That's a lot of minis. They look great like that. Very classeh. Also, Buglips, you've touched on one of my primary fears. My shelf hasn't been cat-sat yet...But, I know they're eyeing it. Lard-cat has sat on other shelves, clearing them of their contents. My minis seem too pointy...I don't know, but I'm worried.
  6. You guys are killing me with this picture thing. Cats? LED? Argh!
  7. Ha! Surely you have one or two? Bugger. That happens sometimes when I try linking from pictures on my Facebook profile. Sorry... ...but for those that can see it... look closely. That's TWO cybercats. Dang. Maybe it's a privacy setting thing. I'm locked down tight on FB too, so I understand.
  8. Oh, printer drawers, those are cool, I know exactly what you're talking about. What a good idea. Actually, loads of good ideas here. I like Jen's idea of stacking some in trays (I don't need to display every rat and kobold) and displaying some. Also, never would have thought of 2 liter bottles, as domes, but I can even see sort of sprucing them up a bit, to make them a little more permanent. Looking forward to that game room WIP, chaosscorpion. It's funny, I was fantasizing about what I would do with a spare room (or what I would do with my son's room when he moves out...muahaha), which is what moved me to make this thread :) Edit: There's an actually a picture there? I can't see it :(
  9. Does this shelf have a name, I don't even know. Shelf of pride? I'm painting pretty prodigiously, lately, and I'm accumulating a bunch of finished minis, obviously way more than I currently use for gaming. I've been sticking them on a bookcase, but it's not practical, they get dusty, fall over, constantly need to be moved, for the books... I've given some away, already. Do you display your finished work? Do you keep them in storage cases, or display cases, or shoe boxes, or anything? Do you just shove them in the drawer? Like I said, I've been painting for about two years, just long enough to have to think about storage, both before and after, like the "workspace" threads that I've ran across, I love hearing about how you guys manage your stuff.
  10. That's what a hobglider is? A hobgoblin/drider? Ye gods! I thought it was something like a flying hobgoblin, sort of half sugar glider or flying squirrel, half goblin.
  11. BTW, I just want to say how awesome every goal is for my gaming group and myself. I play World of Darkness, Savage Worlds, and D&D. I have a place in my heart for every. single. one...and the ones I don't? Well, I'm already building a campaign around that enormous undead giant. I loved Reaper before this Kickstarter, and now I've entered "sycophantic fan girl" territory. You guys are a great company, doing great things.
  12. We can put them in snuggies. Everything looks cuddlier in a snuggie. True! But, I think I would do a scorpion before one of these bad boys. The emperor scorpions are bad-azz. I work in a pet store and got to play with tons of cool critters! I've always wanted to get into scorps, but I'm leery of them. I've been keeping spiders for about 15 years, and I know their body language, I know which species are more territorial, and I feel marginally comfy handling and taking care of them. Scorpions are a complete mystery to me. I don't know their whole groove, though they fascinate me. You work in a pet store, AND you work for Reaper? Busy guy!
  13. I had one, got her as a "sick spider" charity case from my snake breeder, but she passed away a while back. I do love them though. I had a zebra knee and he was fun because you could "handle" it. The cobalts I've seen rear and hiss at your shadow! But they are gorgeous. It makes me want to get another spider whenever I see your avatar! I have long wanted an Avondale. :) The Auld Grump, momma and poppa spider, raising the kids together... it's so Disney! That's a true spider, nice, they seem harder to keep (and a little more, erm...medically significant) than a tarantula. I've never had luck keeping true spiders. They're beautiful though. Disney, like Tim Burton, but I'm all for it!
  14. It makes me want to get more, too, haha. Minis aren't my only sorta-obsession. I love the stripe knees! They're really showy. My blue baby was super reclusive. She was territorial and would threat if I bugged her, but she'd never came out of her hole. Total pet rock.
  15. Yeah, a case to hold all the encounters would be good, larger and smaller, compartments and all would be great, but separate from the DM junk stuff.
  16. I had one, got her as a "sick spider" charity case from my snake breeder, but she passed away a while back. I do love them though.
  17. I want buglips to DM all of my games forever.
  18. I agree with them up there, and I'd say a half a dozen to a dozen miniatures, at least.
  19. Yeah, it's definitely skirmishy, but it's also easy to teach, and I'm gaming with a handful of new gamers. We're using a 4e inspired homebrew, nowadays, and it works out. I don't like how they revamped Forgotten Realms for it, at all, though. I went looking for some FR source stuff to inspire our homebrew, and whoa, weirdness abounds. Like this whole drider business. Weee-ird.
  20. I like 4th well enough, but that's lame as all get out.
  21. Is it worth it!? I don't know... Ok, yeah. I still have body parts to sell, and 11 more days of pledging.
  22. We're gonna look back on this thread in about six months and be like...
  23. Gosh, I like the game you play. Buglips, never mind about the knife fight, I think I see Baphomet digging through his penny jar, ready your kidneys. You win.
  24. Pshhh. I already know you're broke, you're involved in this Kickstarter. Oh hell no. Get off my corner, buglips, I've already got the whole "body selling" thing going for me. There are two ways we can handle this dispute: 1. Escalate to Pimptervention. 2. Knife fight. Um. Knife fight. But with Bones knives, so they're tiny and kinda rubbery. I'll give you such a scratch.
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