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  1. In the latest email update the description of the Dreadmere expansion mentions the land of Adon and that Dark haven takes place there. Does Reaper have a description of the setting, essentially a campaign setting available for the public? If not, how can we let them know there is interest in it?
  2. Thanks Mutilatedlips! I like that he can be seen as the bad guy ransacking a village or a misunderstood good guy protecting his food. I wasn't quite sure what to do with the shield at first. I ended up attempting to Mage it into an magical shield with a spell effect coming off of it. I was hoping to give the feeling of a necrotic skull being launched at his enemy. I don't think it quite conveys that but it was a first attempt at such an effect.
  3. Thanks everyone for the great compliments.
  4. Thank you for the comments. I sculpted the stone flooring in front of and behind him to match the base he comes on out of Miliput and the tomatoes are just little balls of Sculpey. The barrel and sacks are beyond my sculpting capability and are some Hirst Arts castings that I had sitting around.
  5. After painting a lot of similar skeletons and zombies, as well as a bunch of orcs and goblins I need to sit down and paint just an individual figure. I find it much more relaxing to concentrate on one mini at a time and have a new respect for the army painters out there. This was the first time I used oil paint to define the crevasses between the muscles and I liked the process. I used a maroon color and tried to follow the advice that Darkstar gave on his videos from last year. Anyway, Thanks for checking this guy out. And comments and criticisms are always welcomed.
  6. Here are a few zombies and a ghast that I recently finished. I've been trying to push through some of my KS1 minis mainly for table top use. I'm hoping to run the D&D 5e starter adventure and I'm using as many minis from the 2 kickstarters as I can. Thanks for checking these out.
  7. Just thought I would share what I have been painting the past couple of months. I'll start with the skeletons and create other topics for my other projects. Your comments and criticism are always welcomed. Thanks for looking.
  8. I like the aged color of the bones and the colors for the base. The skulls on the base look too clean to me though. Over all I like what you have done here.
  9. I'm not familiar with spawn of Tsathogghua but it looks like it would be a great ooze to encounter. It looks like it is coming right out of a tar pit.
  10. I will try to get you pointed in the right direction. From Reaper's home page click on the Figures tab, then click on Inspiration Gallery. If you aren't logged on already, do so now. On the top right of the page, below the Reaper on tab, in red type you should see three links, "What is the Inspiration Gallery (FAQ)", "Submit a new Entry", and "Manage your entries!". I would probably start with the FAQ. I hope that helps.
  11. Thanks for the compliments MamaGeek! Since the theme were different enough it, thankfully, didn't take too much patience. :)
  12. I like the skin color. I have been thinking about doing some goblins in a similar color.
  13. I like the studded leather. Painting the base, even if it is just black, would help give it a finished look.
  14. Before you put too much weight in my opinion let me first say I don't know much about color theory. I will however offer my thoughts on changes you can make, not that you need to. Both sides of the mini have the same colors. If you take the hair out of the equation you have blue, red, and green on the back and the same plus brown/yellow on the front. Seeing as you can't change the blue, red, or green on the front without changing the back, you might change the brown/yellow to green. Green would keep the majority of the loose type cloths the same. Then you can move the brown/yellow color to the staff to keep with your fall color scheme. You could also add more orange and some yellow highlights to the leaf pattern on her stomach. If that would be too much green for you, replace the brown/yellow with red. I hope this helps with your thoughts.
  15. It was my first time using Sculpey for anything. I had seen the technique describe a couple different times so I figured it would work for what I was doing. It helps to freeze it before breaking it up so it is more brittle and less bendy.
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