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  1. YAY. He's here! :D Jester's photos are better than mine will be so you'll have to live with them.
  2. The cloak is amazing. Very crushed-velvet looking. :o
  3. He needs to be holding a bag of "Dragon' Snacks" in his right hand and have a quote bubble of "Get out from under me robe durnit!" Seriously though, the colors are amazing. I dislike Wizards with pointy hats, but overall this is a pretty good old wizard sculpt. I think his robe is my favorite part.
  4. Yikes! I made Jester angry! *cower* He's amazing Jester. I definitely like! Oh and fwiw... I didn't disappear! My email address slightly changed! No "www" after the @... ;-)
  5. Bwahaha. Awesome. *edit* Decides not to post his real opinion about CMoN */edit*
  6. See, that's the kind of mini I'd post to CMoN.
  7. You are evil. I already have too much invested in Master Maze. That stuff looks pretty awesome for what it is... Anyone used it long enough to vouch for durability?
  8. Add in "and fail to get training on them" and I totally agree Hexx
  9. Oh, nice street fighter likeness, in case that wasn't implied in my previous post...
  10. no no no... It's back-back-half-circle-lower-strong punch, HADOU KEN! Isn't it?
  11. I believe the current guess is 3rd Weekend in May 05. :)
  12. I'm not a fan of Tartar sauce but if I were to make such a thing as a red tartar sauce I'd do the following: Mayo (1-1.25 cups) 1 large Sweat Pickle (finely diced) 1 tbsp parsley 1.5-2 tbsp mild picante' 1 tsp prepared (cooking) mustard Mix well. Store refridgerated/covered immediately.
  13. My problem with the Yankee's is this... George Steinbrenner has more money than any single group of people could spend. Therefore he doesn't care if his team violates (repeatedly) the salary cap each year. He just pays the fines and moves on. Not only does this violate the principle of the salary cap, but it falsely inflates the salaries of other players and creates an unfair advantage for those that can afford to pay the fines (Primarily George Steinbrenner as he's the only owner that can really afford to do so). Rumor has it that Carlos Belltran (sp?) is going to be the first player to ask/make $20M in a year. That's going to move him out of the Astro's because they can't afford him, but who could? Let's see... George Steinbrenner maybe? Talk about wrong... Talk about setting a rediculous precedant.
  14. Also raised with Guns here (Texas, go figure eh?). At the age of 6 I was taken deer hunting and given my first "real" lesson about guns. Oh I'd be instructed not to touch them, etc. before then mind you, but the real lesson was such... Go deer hunting with Dad at 6. Watch Dad shoot a deer. Have Dad take me to dying deer. Dad says, "This is why you never point at gun at anything you don't want to kill even if you think it is not loaded." I will never, ever forget that moment. It really drove home what the purpose of a gun was. I am a hunter "despite" that event though. ;) As for Assault Rifles vs. Deer Rifles, etc... It is important to remember that assault rifles were developed for one reason and one reason only. It was not to kill people. Dead people are easy to take care of. It was to WOUND people. This is why most assault rifles are smaller calibre and why many rounds like the 9mm and so forth were developed. The military understands that wounded people take FAR more resources to care for than dead people. When you're fighting a war, that's what it's about. Resources. Whomever has the best and most efficient resources wins. It's why guerilla warfare is so efficient. It takes very little resources to create injuries which in turn take significant resources to care for... Now do I need to own assault rifles? No. Do I own them? Yes. Do I hunt with them? No. Do I take them to the range for sport? Absolutely. They're entertainment for me that's all. My shotgun makes a far superior home-defense weapon than any assault rifle will ever make. Back to the OP's point though... There's an element of truth to his statement, but like most generalities it's false. I would be willing to go on record saying that "The majority of people raised with the respect of firearms and with proper instruction on their use commit far fewer crimes with firearms than those without respect and instruction."
  15. It was a great event. I wish I could've made all 3-days. :( Between work and a personal emergency late Saturday it wasn't possible. I'm looking forward to those pics though Flynn. Thanks again to the entire Reaper Staff for hosting the event and all the sculpters and painters that spent their valuable time teaching us wannabes. It was definitely a tremendous bargain for $20. I'm looking forward to ReaperCon and RAC2 ;)
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