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  1. dsmiles


    I came expecting an "Ode to Brown" by now. I'm a little disappointed in the forumites.
  2. Klaatu, Verata, IGotInAtThe$15Level
  3. So many acquisitions since I was last on the forums. So. Many. Minis. I think I'm up to 20, now.
  4. dsmiles

    Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    FYI: Articles speaking of my demise are nothing but an internet hoax.
  5. dsmiles

    The Making of the Reaper Chaos Toads

    Man, I love salads.
  6. Hey, I won something. Cool. Random drawing ftw! EDIT: I've been packing up the house. You could'a PMed a guy...
  7. dsmiles

    Confrontation Resurrection

    If it's the unpainted metals, I'm in. LOVED the Rackham metals.
  8. dsmiles

    Department of Acquisitions

    Pictures please. ^__^ Stock photo (Queen Penguin Productions). They're already put away in my SWMBO's jewelry drawer, and I'm not delving THAT dungeon. Worse than ToH, it is.
  9. dsmiles

    Department of Acquisitions

    Got these really neat lapel pins from an Etsy shop the other day. They're little Captain America shields with a "No, You Move" banner on them. Thanks to ReaperBryan and his SWMBO, for that!
  10. Wonder why we get weather data from a rodent, when we refuse to believe scientists.
  11. dsmiles

    Randomness XI: Rampant Randomness Randomly Rampaging

    So, it's finally official. My last day of active federal service is 31 July 2017. I guess I have to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, now.
  12. dsmiles

    2017 Spring Exchange

    I won't have time for this, or the Summer Exchange. Hit me up for the Fall Exchange.
  13. dsmiles

    Department of Acquisitions

    Takes notes Dimensions: 3,94 x 3,54 x 1,97 inches (according to the Big South American River)
  14. dsmiles

    Department of Acquisitions

    My Papo Alligator Snapping Turtle came yesterday. Just the right size...