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  1. One of the Embassy Suites rooms has opened up! Sorry, I already snagged it! I got two beds. If anyone would like to claim a bed and split the bill with me, please dm me. The reservation is Wens 01 checkin to Sun 05 checkout. The split cost would be: 760.83/2 = $380.41. Thanks, Derek UPDATE: Aard_Rinn got the bed. Thanks.
  2. Hey all, I haven't scoured the forum, so throwing this out there. Looking for Ride: DFW to Hotel, Wednsday 9:45AM Looking for Ride: Hotel to DFW, Sunday 12:00PM (Assuming, it's about an hour from Hotel to DFW) If anyone can help, I'll throw in some gas money. If no one is available, shuttle it is. Thanks, Derek
  3. Hi Lue, It would be me and my friend Collin. I'll also have heavy bags (minis and paint supplies). If there's enough room that would be very cool. Collin's flight doesn't touch down until 3:00PM also. I'm not sure Collin would be okay with squeezing, but probably. If the time and bags sound okay let me know. Thanks, Derek
  4. Hey all, Collin and I, Derek, will be taking the SuperShuttle from the airport to the Hilton on Wens 4/17 around 4PM. If there is anyone that is doing the same, please let me know and we can all take one to reduce the cost for all. We are also going to be leaving on Mon in the morning if anyone else is. Thanks, Derek (ByDAM)
  5. Yummmm, love me some speed painting!
  6. Hey all, My friend bailed on me at the last minute to go with me to ReaperCon. I'm driving from Denver, CO and staying through the whole con. First, is anyone coming from Denver that would like to split the gas for a ride? Second, is anyone left that would like to split the cost of a room? I guess I'll be at the BW. Showing up Wens and staying until Mon morning. Thanks Everyone, Derek
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