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  1. Yeah, and it has more than one horn, too. But it only has one main eye, and one main horn, so I say it's close enough. And thanks to all for your comments.
  2. Once upon a time, I had the silly idea of trying to make a "One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People Eater" monster for a DnD v3.5 game. A Beholder with the Half-Fiend template was what I concluded would be the best example of such a concept, and luckily for me, Reaper makes the minis I needed to create one. Using 14537: Xeldorian, Tyrant of Darkness as the base, I then gave it the appropriate number of eye-stalks using 03440: Creature Components II as extras, and 03182: Demonic Wings for the wings that the "Half-Fiend" template said half-fiends have. (Since a Beholder can already fly on its own without any wings, these fiendish wings are most likely vestigial. But they do serve a minor purpose, in that they're the primary visual indication that this isn't a normal Beholder.) The base I scratch-built using sheet-styrene and a nail, because I wasn't sure if the pewter-and-plastic stand that came with the base mini would withstand the extra weight now being put upon it, from all the extra parts. The base is currently plain black, (as is normal for my minis,) but I might go back and repaint it to look like a marble-slab floor or something, one of these days. The monster's primary horn, (the one above its primary eye,) was also scratch-built, using a copper wire as internal support for the contour putty that makes up the rest of the horn. Sadly, my cheap camara doesn't like me trying to zoom in on a small object, so neither the detail of the main eye's iris, nor the red blood vessels around it, as as visible as I'd hoped for. Despite that, I welcome feedback on this favorite (and most expensive) of my pewter minis.
  3. I give you the One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People Eater. (Basically a DnD v3.5 Beholder, with the Half-Fiend template. Yes, I know Beholders can fly on their own, but the template clearly says it adds bat-like wings, so this Purple People Eater has vestigal wings.) The three different Reaper Mini sets I usd to make this are #14537: Xeldorian, Tyrant of Darkness, #03440: Creature Components II, and #03182: Demonic Wings
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