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  1. I think if Reaper/Pathfinder released her chicken hut, my husband would completely lose his mind! ...And then make me stay home from work until I'd finished painting it for him~
  2. Hello all! Long time no post~ I've been busy cleaning and gluing all of my Super Dungeon Explore mini's together so I haven't painted anything in a while. Here's mini # 5, which I finished (in March) for my husband's birthday. He's a huge fan of Russia and Baba Yaga, and of Bilibin's version of her especially: I used her as a basis for my color scheme and I had a lot of fun with it! The staining on her hands took forever to do (there's at least 20 layers there), but they look fantastic in person! I chose to leave off the bundle of stick that the mini originally came with as I felt like they were just sort of floating on her back. I'll probably paint them up later as birch twigs and add them to a diorama my husband's been pestering me for~ Comments and critiques appreciated.
  3. It's a trick of the light/the angle of the photograph~ That "cut" on his cheek is actually one of the helmet side flaps (I'm not sure of the technical name) that tie under the chin. His face is pretty tricky to photograph because of the way the light gets blocked from most angles~
  4. Oh jeez~ It was so long ago and my pictures are so tiny it's hard to tell. I want to say it's something like protection from war. I can only really make out the last kanji in my picture as clearly being 守.
  5. Here's another mini I painted as a Christmas gift but only just recently got around to photographing~ Mini #4 was painted as a gift for my mother, who isn't really into geeky things, but loves my artsy hobbies. I went with something classy that I thought she'd enjoy (who doesn't like pretty ladies on horses?) and that wasn't too obviously D&D related. Fun fact: Because of how I had to base her to fit her inside of the baseball display case, when you look at her from behind she looks like she's about to fall off of her horse~
  6. This has been painted for a while now, but I had to keep it under wraps until Christmas, and then I got lazy and didn't feel like taking pictures of it until the other weekend~ But here he finally is: Mini #3! My father's a big Japanophile (as am I for that matter) so I painted this up for him for a Christmas gift. I've gotta say, all of the little details on his armor really drove me crazy! I've got no one but myself to blame, though, for the detailed kanji I insisted on painting on his arm guard~ C&C appreciated~
  7. I find that this particular Miku song gets stuck in my head most often~ http://youtu.be/T0-2lzA7_Cg This has been stuck in my head since I went to see Wreck-It Ralph: http://youtu.be/T0wdx_dLBKc
  8. I've used both the W&N Series 7 and Watercolor brushes and I've gotta say that I much prefer the Series 7. The Watercolor brushes just don't hold the point/shape as well and it's much more difficult to get those fine details done because of it. Also, if you or someone you know is a student you can get a discount card for Dick Blick which could save you some cash.
  9. I absolutely love this lady and I'm glad to hear that the sculpt seems to have held true to the original concept art. I personally prefer minis with more dynamic poses, especially ones that aren't obviously giving in to their berserker rage. For me, the minis are there to use as place markers for your characters and help you visualize where in the room/dungeon/battle/wherever your character is. It's up to your imagination to make them come to life and either battle it up or interact with the other characters. I'd rather the sculpt convey a unique personality than what my pc looks like as they're about to start hacking and slashing. Killing things is only about 1/3 of what they do and I'd rather it not be the element that everyone focuses on when they see my mini. Just my two cents.
  10. I'd also love to see a step by step~ ^____^
  11. Gods~ I'm painting this mini right now and the amount of detail on it is staggering! I'm sure to have nightmares about this guy. Your paintjob looks fantastic and i can only hope that mine will turn out half as decent! ^____^
  12. I've been wanting this game since i found out about it, but my FLGS has been out of stock everytime i go searching for it! I've got a few of the minis as well and I've been dying to paint them~ This might have just given me the nudge i needed to do so~ Lovely job~
  13. Thanks for all of the comments~ ^___^ My husband's been geeking out over this guy and he's glad you're all enjoying him as well~
  14. I followed TS's tutorial on coins~ Those guys were a pain to cut! I spent at least an hour chopping my greenstuff snakes into tiny little slices~ Making those also brought to my attention the fact that i fail at rolling snakes out of putty. '''OTL
  15. I've finally finished this guy~ You can see the final version here~
  16. Well, I finally finished mini #2! And just in time for my husband's birthday~ ^___^ This was a very ambitious paint job for me and I've definitely learned a lot by working on this guy~ Not only was this my first attempt at freehand but I also took a shot at some OSL. I think the freehand turned out pretty nicely, though it was hard to get it just right with the way his vest is pulling/bunching. The OSL gave me a bit more trouble and i think this is a technique I'll definitely have to work on if I want it to be more convincing~ The thing that killed me the most on this guy was his cloud though~ That thing took me ages to get it to where i wanted it to be! There are more layers of paint on that thing than i want to think about (at least 20 different colors and who knows how many layers of these combinations)~ The colors for this guy were all picked out by my husband so the mini definitely has a different look to him than i would have personally gone with, but i think it works very well overall. The gems on the base are actual sapphires and they sparkle beautifully in real life. I wish i could show you all just how nicely they catch the light~ ^____^ If you're interested, you can take a look at my sporadic WIP thread here~
  17. Another quick update~ I've just barely started some freehand on the vest and I can already tell I'm going to have to go back and clean it up a bit. The free hand will all be in a gold that matches the lamp as opposed to the brass he's wearing, and there'll be some arabian calligraphy on the back as well.
  18. Agreed~ TaleSpinner and I have talked about bumping the smoke fire up and I'll likely go back and do that when I'm doing touch-ups.
  19. Here's another update on this guy~ I've got most of the metal painted up and I should be about ready to start on all of the tiny gems pretty soon. Man, those are gonna be interesting to do~ ^__^;;;
  20. I feel like I've spent a million hours working on this guy's cloud! You probably don't want to know how many different layers of paint there are on that thing alone~ OTL I've decided it's good enough for now and am moving on to the next bits, but if you guys see anything that needs fixing or any suggestions for it still let me know. I might go back later and incorporate them~
  21. Here's another that could use a nicer picture~
  22. Last night my hubby was looking through the newest Pathfinder bestiary and he gave me a lovely list of minis he'd like to see~ Here it is: Asura, Upasunda Bandersnatch Devil, Contract Div, Aghash Dragonne Ghul Giant, Desert Kappa Kirin Oni, Void Yai Pale Stranger Rakshasa, Dandasuka Suli Tanuki Terra-Cotta Soldier (though really he could just paint something terra cotta colored~) Valkyrie Vanara (specifically one dressed as a monk) Vishkanya Yuki-Onna I'm almost afraid to see how long his lists will be from the other two bestiaries~
  23. ^_________________^

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