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  1. Hey all, My friend and I will be showcasing Warlord Second Edition at the Patch & Crows Nest in Manhattan, KS Saturday, September 2nd. If there are any other players in the local (or not so local) area, please feel free to stop by. We are trying to generate interest in Reaper Minitures and Warlord in the local community. If this is in the wrong forum, I do apologize.
  2. The rulebook says "Any eligible model ( those with ranged attacks ) may make Defensive Shots against any model that attacked it this turn." It doesn't specify where the attack is coming from (ranged, magic, swift attack, etc). True, the statement appears in Shoot of Combat Actions, but I would assume the principle still applies.
  3. Hey Gus, In referance to the spells "Exhume" and "Winglock", do thier effects last until the end of the game, or just until the next activation of the target model? Or is it some other duration? Do ranged fighters (Archers, Crossbowmen, etc.) get Defensive Shots against spellcasters that use attack spells on them? I'm a new player to the game, just started playing about two weeks ago with a Dwarven Army my buddy loaned me. So far, I'm undefeated 3/0/0 :D I was also wondering what I can do to get my FLGS more inclined to order Reaper Models. They have a very small selection, and it often takes them a week or so to get orders in. Thanks in advance Granitz
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