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  1. Hey Folks, Are we ever getting the Inspiration Gallery back? Or maybe it's back, and I've missed it somehow... Thank you! Niall of Stephaniall
  2. You are completely awesome. Thank you very much! Stephaniall
  3. And here is the figure in question... Any insights gratefully received! Thank you. Stephaniall
  4. Thank you very much for all the feedback! We're now onto his second DVD set, in which he does indicate what he is painting. We were particularly interested to find out where the archer figure that he paints in the first set is from. It doesn't seem to be a Rackham figure... Thank you! Stephaniall
  5. Hi Folks, Slightly odd question here, perhaps... We’re currently watching Laszlo’s fabulous Hot Lead painting DVD set, and he paints a number of amazing figures that we don’t recognise, apart from some from Reaper. Has anyone posted a list of the figures that he uses anywhere? Googling hasn’t revealed such a thing, but our Google-fu may not be strong enough. Thank you! Stephaniall
  6. This is all coming along great, Glitter! I'm looking forward to seeing further developments.
  7. I'm also still missing the Inspiration Gallery. Do we have any sense of when it will be "back with improvements"?
  8. This project is coming along beautifully, G-Wolf. Keep up the great work!
  9. Yeah, what he said, times a million, plus the preview section.
  10. Thank you all very much! Yeah, I'm a big fan of Harryhausen's work, especially the skeletons in Jason and the Argonauts. Niall of Stephaniall
  11. And I'm back. Thank you all. Yesterday I had some time to work on the other four conversions, which are now done. Firstly, I worked on the conversions of the avatars that would be done using the bottom halves of two Vandorendra figures. In this case, the Avatar of Thoth's belt accoutrements decided not to come off as a separate piece: So once I was done with these, the Avatar of Sekhmet looked like this: I had to do a bit of sculpting of scales on one side, which isn't my forte, as the fit wasn't great. Hopefully it won't look too amateurish once the fig is all painted up. Meanwhile, the Avatar of Thoth came out like this: The fit was better, but still needed a bit of greenstuffing. However, the stuff on the belt helped to make this fairly minimal. I then turned my attention to the last two conversions, using the Giant Cobras as the bottom halves: Yes, this time the Avatar of Thoth's quiver (or is it actually a scroll case?) did come off, which allowed me to vary its position a bit later. Here's the conversion using the Avatar of Sekhmet: And the Avatar of Thoth: Of all the conversions, I think that this one is my favourite, as he looks very dynamic, as if he is leaping forward, especially when seen in a group: Now I just need to figure out what to do with the six pairs of legs and the various snake heads and demon top halves. Niall of Stephaniall
  12. Thank you both very much! I handed over the scenery and these first two to my friend yesterday, and he sent me these photos of the two stalkers, now based. Now I just need to find time to work on the others... Niall of Stephaniall
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