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  1. Imperial Hobbies in Richmond BC has a decent selection of Reaper minis. They stopped carrying Reaper paint some time ago though.
  2. <<<MOD>>> Political posts removed. A friendly reminder that such belong in BeeKeepers but are otherwise still subject to Reapers forum rules. <<<>>>
  3. Yep. It happened about a year ago. I’m merging your post with the relative discussion.
  4. Just a few pics of the tabletop setup I put together for the first scenario of Rangers of ShadowDeep. I wanted to play through the rules to get a feel for them. Because of that I just put a sample party together unpainted. Not sure if I’ll be keeping using them going forward. Play took longer than expected. I’m going to need to read through some rule sections again. Overall I quite enjoyed it.
  5. I’m sure you probably already have, but don’t forget to secure the safety straps from the back of the unit to the wall. Don't want any tipping accidents.
  6. Found it and wanted to post a comparison for those who might want to order the zombie version online without the chance to see one in person. As you can see there’s a noticeable difference in the sizes and even in the styles of the two beholders. The zombie version doesn’t come with the transparent eye cover but it does include extra tentacles with spell effects. For $5 the zombie version isn’t a bad deal, but isn’t as impressive as the original.
  7. Was out buying essentials yesterday and figured I’d stop at my FLGS not really thinking they’d be open. Dire Wolf is huge! Crocodile seems a bit on the small side. And I was right about the raptors. Even though they’re smaller the Wizkids ones are nicer sculpts. I didn’t have my beholder handy for a comparison but I’m pretty sure the new zombie beholder is noticeably smaller. Also received the minis from North Star that I ordered for use in my Shadow Deep game: All three minis sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
  8. The freebie dice sets and the Kickstarter dice sets are not the same sets.
  9. From what I recall on a past ReaperLive show, it was the cardboard store displayers that were the hold up. I believe Reaper was big into wanting the dice sets to be available at retailers the same time as online.
  10. Today I received the minis I won on the Feb27th episode of ReaperLive. They were the Living Statue “stone” and “metal” Bones Black minis. I was a bit disappointed at how badly bent the spears were and how the dozen or so parts making up the two minis in each package are just banging around loose in the blister. I’ve received a few Bones Black minis that were packed with a shape fitting plastic insert which I had thought all the Bones Black minis were supposed to be packaged with. Have to say the Wizkids packaging makes their minis look like a quality product. Whether they are or not is another issue.
  11. FLGS has been restocked in Beholders the past few weeks. $5 CDN hanging on his blister section. I think the drought is over.
  12. I think if you planned to paint directly onto the inside of that clear piece as well as the eyeball itself you might get some interesting results... like say the iris on the clear cover and the pupil directly on the eyeball sort of idea. Of course I haven’t done any of this myself so it could also turn out horrible. Proceed at own risk.
  13. I thought he made it clear that there would only be the two versions. My own feeling is that the glow one isn’t a good idea and I hope the sample materials they receive make them realize that and bring out a translucent instead.
  14. Don’t know. I suspect just to give it some unique character.
  15. That’s the same size as the GW one, which also comes apart with three interior floors, plus the roof. It has inner details too.
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