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  1. Those are pretty cool and very well done conversions. I could see them being useful across a few genres.
  2. Pics of the last two official minis for the project: The project creator is about to close the Backer Kit for this kickstarter, but before he does he’s added these options for a new $12 mini. I... May have ordered one... or two.
  3. They should look good with Burrows and Badgers, though the scale on them is slightly on the smaller end. Larger figs like the badgers might look a bit big for the doors. And for some reason GW made the boats pretty small too. Not sure a mini on a base is going to fit. But the buildings do have a very cool hidden deep in the bayou feel about them.
  4. Found out recently that there’s a second Warhammer store locally. Much closer to me than the other. So I went and ordered this from them. Only took a couple days to come in. Okay... actually I bought 3. ”But Darsc” I hear you ask. ”What is it?” The Lake-Town buildings multipack of course. Each box contains the same two sprues. I have to admit I have a bit of a thing for much of GW’s terrain and buildings. I always thought these would be great for a Dreadmere or Brinewind theme.
  5. The Kickstarter ended several months ago but you can still sign on as a late backer which will give you access to the pledge manager where you can see all the choices available along the slightly increased prices you’ll be paying as a late backer. Still quite a savings over waiting for retail.
  6. On one of this past weeks Twitch shows Ron and Ed said they would offer the Dark Maiden as a 4th figurehead option. They didn’t comment on which version or how much would need to be resculpted to make it fit on the ship. They also mentioned they wanted the the third option of the ship, besides the “normal” and the translucent, to be a glow in the dark version, which in my own opinion is a mistake. I liked the earlier idea of it being done in a translucent green. Glow in the dark plastic doesn’t look very impressive under normal lighting and I find the novelty of having something glow ingame wears off pretty quickly cause playing in the dark gets tiresome quick and people want the lights back on.
  7. I wonder if they’ll be making all 4 figureheads in all 3 versions.
  8. Sorry. I don’t know the year the stamp was released.
  9. That’s a good question. In the past I’ve been using this foam hill set I bought decades ago, but I’ve never really been satisfied with it. I’ve used it with TSR’s BattleSystems mass combat game, Warhammer, and Kings of War. As you can see it’s designed to be customizable to a degree, but the fasteners were never meant to last this long. One possibility is I may glue some hills together permanently and do a bit of reflocking to hide the cracks. The other thing is I plan to use the new terrain I bought for Rangers of Shadowdeep which is not a mass combat game. I might just buy some Battlefield in a Box hills if it turns out I need some.
  10. I’ve just done the same thing myself recently. So much quicker to set up/take down and store.
  11. The mini would need some modifications for it to resemble the image of the Ogopogo that Canada Post used on this stamp.
  12. He’d make a great Ranger for Shadow Deep. I’d start asking for a metal version so I could get a hold of him early, but I seem to recall the wild folk were going to be bigger than humans. Anyone remember that?
  13. First I have to do a major cleanup so I can actually paint at my paint station. Then I want to paint what I need to play Rangers of Shadow Deep. For those unfamiliar it’s a solo miniatures game (that can also be played in co-op) where your Ranger leads a group of companions through a series of different adventures where they gain experience. The games creator encourages players to use whatever minis and terrain they have at hand, or buy what they need if so inclined. Originally there were no official minis but now a company is making a small selection of them. Anyway, I’ve been having a lot of fun going through my Reaper minis and the rest of my collection pulling out things I’ve heard I’ll need for the first few adventures. Now I just need to assemble and paint them. Its actually got me really keen on getting back into the hobby side of things.
  14. Generally I don’t tend to share that info as I find that those who don’t hobby or collect don’t “get it”.
  15. Oh you know, the usual for the PNW. It rained all of January, except when it snowed, but then the rain washed that annoyance away. So far February is a repeat of January. Heck. Today is a repeat of January. Snow then rain then slush.
  16. I acquired a dremel tool, or the cheaper Sears equivalent, once upon a time many years ago... We did not end up together happily ever after. I remember turning it on once or twice. I have no idea where it might be now. (As it happens, this is the same answer I give when asked about former girlfriends) I do have a foam wire cutter that I bought before the dremel tool. I tried to use to cut and create some foam terrain that I may still have a sample or two of. While not mine I did borrow my fathers electric hand saw to cut some bases for some GW buildings. I’d have to say that had the most successful outcome to date.
  17. I’ve visited Airdrie the past two summers. Theres that very cool collectible store in the old downtown area... Treasure something or other. I think it’s a couple of stores down from a small thrift shop.
  18. Since Reaper doesn’t make miniatures for any specific game, I don’t see this happening. Sizes vary from game to game and can even change between editions of the same game and Reapers been making minis for over 25 years.
  19. I would imagine a spray can of flat black paint would help those cookie trays blend into the shelving.
  20. That was me who asked you. Thanks for reposting! Wonderful ideas here. You’ve got great organizing skills.
  21. Have to admit that dice set would annoy me with half the dice looking blue, half looking green, and one die almost colourless.
  22. Other than dressing up for Halloween parties years ago, no I don’t cosplay. No pics from that time sadly. Before smart phone cameras. I do like to see people cosplay at Cons however.
  23. You’re welcome. Glad they got to you. Still have to figure how I’m going to base mine.
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