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  1. I agree. They are very unique looking.
  2. This this has changed a lot over the years. When I joined the forums it would have been anything to do with Reapercon followed by anything discussing the new mini materials Reaper was thinking of trying, which turned out to be the Bones plastic. Then for a longtime it was the kickstarter threads. I like discussions of old school minis and games that I’m familiar with, but I also like hearing about recent acquisitions and releases and what’s upcoming. General hobby industry news is something that interests me. Theres always been certain forumites that I develop an affinity for, and keep an eye on threads they start or are active in, though that’s a constantly evolving thing as we’ve had a lot of forumite turnover and new folks joining. The Randomness thread is something I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with. I often feel that there is information or announcements posted there that are more deserving of their own threads than being hidden away and buried but the constant flow of posts. Since I’ve become a Moderator here, I find a lot of my time here is spent skimming through the sub forums just to keep an eye on things, and I’m not posting or interacting as much as I used to. Coke. Ice cold. On the rocks.
  3. Aw. The widdle biddy pony is sooo cute.
  4. There’s the new hardcover edition of Rangers of Shadow Deep coming out next month with some changes/improvements to the rules along with new artwork. It looks like it will be published by Modiphius but the current expansions will still be available from Drivethru RPG. I’m hoping to finally get a version of the game, it’s been on my want list for quite a while but I haven’t ordered any yet. I’ve been going through my minis, mostly from the Bones kickstarters, to find the minis I’ve read online that I’ll need for the first few scenarios. Looks like I’ve most of what I’ll need from the Bones kickstarters I’ve backed, but I’ll need to scrounge up or substitute some. Even with some simple speedpainting, there’s quite a lot to paint.
  5. It’s well liked by my family too. I liked it so much when I was visiting family out of province, I bought my own copy when I returned to play with my family here.
  6. I’m not familiar with this game. I’ll have to look it up. Is it something like Gloom Haven or Rangers of Shadow Deep? Not that I’ve played either of those either, but I did just pick up Gloomhaven and it’s expansion at my FLGS’s Boxing Week sale. As a family quick play game I like it, played it a few times at family get togethers with ages preteens to 80’s. Typically with 4-5 players as I recall. Not much depth or strategy though.
  7. I’m still going to maintain there’s some randomness involved, for two reasons. Both Ron and Ed have evaded answering questions about the limits when asked about it more than once on ReaperLive. Last month I placed an order over $100 US and didn’t receive any of those special freebies. Not even a sticker. While I’ve seen others with similar sized orders receive freebies.
  8. I had such a bad connection I only bothered with a couple of screen caps. My connection was so bad I couldn’t even get the chat room to come up.
  9. If there’s anything I’ve learned about trademark disputes from the Beatles Apple Corp and Apple Computers dispute is that they can take a long time to resolve and often it’s the company that ends up having the deepest pockets who pays off the other for the rights.
  10. Let’s keep this conversation friendly all. I know there’s at least a couple of us here with different views on what happened and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to continue having an intelligent conversation while remaining civil.
  11. It looks to me like GSW simply didn’t realize that YouTube’s SOP was to nuke everything from orbit and ask questions later.
  12. I believe the issue is YouTube’s policy in such matters rather than anything Greenstuff World did in protecting their brand name. From Wikipedia:
  13. I was just about to post that myself. I don’t really think there’s much to see here. Greenstuff World had a line of paints named Colorshift. Vallejo recently introduced their own line of paints called Colorshift. Lawyers were hired. Letters were sent. And Vallejo changed the name of their new paint line from Colorshift to Shifters. A YouTube reviewer got a hold of some of the older uncorrected Vallejo packaging and unfortunately YouTube’s policy in such matters caused an over reaction, which Greenstuff World had YouTube correct and Greenstuff World publicly apologized for. Stuff happens.
  14. I dunno. This “New” Year feels like its a bit used. As if someone opened it, decided it wasn’t the year they wanted, and then wrapped it back up again and put it away to use for another year. Happy Regifted Year everyone!
  15. Yes, and it was from OneBoot! She surprised me with a Reapercon Swag bag along with several of those ribbons that forumites hand out and collect, my very first ribbons, and a Reaper paint bottle pokey stick that she also collected for me. Thank you very much again OneBoot! It was very kind of you and much appreciated!
  16. Not so far as I know, although you can use the search tab to see the list of members and when they joined, or post counts, or number of likes.
  17. Well, New Years here on the West Coast is still 8 hours away but the pizza has arrived and I’ve opened up the beer and ale. We’re talking root beer and ginger ale, but hey, that’s how I roll these days. Happy New Years everyone!
  18. I lurked for some time but finally joined the forums for a couple of reasons in 2011. Reaper had begun to offer the Reaper Con swag bags and limited edition minis from their artist conference through their online store and I wanted to stay informed about that and the new material that Reaper had hinted about using for their minis. That was the year before Reapers first Kickstarter which really increased the traffic here.
  19. If you’re talking about the Wizkids Beholder I’ve noticed my FLGS has been getting a regular restocking of it for the past few months so hopefully the buying frenzy that was limiting their availability is nearing an end.
  20. I wish you the best of luck in accomplishing this. I have changed jobs myself about two months ago for much the same reasons you stated and I’m still not certain I’ve made the right move.
  21. Fingers crossed on maybe getting close to finally putting this project to rest, but now I’m concerned what the final production minis are going to look like next to the other companies I collect.
  22. I thought the only thing you had written on your tangerine butt was “Sunkist”.
  23. Just got back from Christmas dinner with my sisters family and her in-laws. Wishing you all a happy Yule or whatever holiday or religious event you celebrate at this time of the year.
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