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  1. I see you’ve received your official Reaper badge and the background of your posts are now appearing in the official Team Reaper colour of creamy off-white, so you’ve almost become one of us. We just need to help you find an avatar that makes the statement I am Reaper_Jon and... .... .... Well you’ll just need to fill in the blanks yourself. Thanks though for stepping up.
  2. What TripleH said. Plus when you get Mod powers when someone replies to a post of yours by posting some smart-@$$ meme, you can remove it.
  3. Have to say I believe that’s one of the best performances of that song that I’ve heard,
  4. Omg. I never realized your baby was so tiny. She makes that D20 look Enormous . She must be smaller than Sir Forscale.
  5. Just received a Sunday delivery of Rauthfuros from the ReaperLive giveaway draw I won a couple of episodes ago. Also included was a sample bottle of an olive green type of paint. Looks very useful. Just a heads up for those who haven’t been following the ReaperLive shows on Twitch. It might be worth your while to tune in and at least enter the #free giveaways they have for each episode. This is the third time I’ve won something. First was the Bones Black Troll. Second was the Hill Giant Huntsman and his Sabretooth companion. And Reapers given away much larger prizes too.
  6. From Facebook: It would be nice if such information was officially posted here on Reapers forums.
  7. Is stollen considered a fruitcake? Having a German background on my fathers side, stollen is something we’ve always had for Christmas and I quite like it. Without the marzipan filling though. I slept in Very late today.
  8. I received a shipment from Reaper yesterday that include two bottles of Rose Gold that I ordered, those arrived fine. The box also contained the bonus red and green Christmas paints. Unfortunately those had frozen somewhere enroute, I suspect Chicago as tracking shows they spent the better part of a week there, so now I have a couple of bottles full of festive coloured sludgy goop. I won’t ask for replacements of the Frozen paints. I decided to let it go. Nope. No snow. Only rain. No rain men either. Speaking of. Whatever happened to Dustin Hoffman Anyway?
  9. I know. If it had happened to the bottles of Rose Gold I paid for I probably would, but it’s not like I don’t have several different reds and greens bottles already. It seems like a lot of trouble to go through for something that was free. Besides. Reaper has been good to me in other ways. The only other time I had frozen paint arrive from Reaper was when they sent out a replacement shipment for an order I placed that never arrived. It was mostly minis and a single bottle of specialty paint they had released, I can’t even recall what it was right now. The paint was sludgy, like the Christmas paints I just received, but I didn’t want to make an issue of it as Reaper was generous enough to replace the entire missing order.
  10. My Reaper order was sitting at home waiting for me when I finished work today. What I paid for: First Mate Higgins tried to abandon his post but only managed to escape from the blister. This is what I got for free with this order. Have to say Reaper is very generous with the stacking of their freebie offers and now giving us a choice in which freebie minis we want. Not everything is perfect though. The Christmas paints are very sludgy. When I removed their nubs and squeezed the bottles, the paint came out like a thick toothpaste. I’m guessing they froze somewhere during their 2 1/2 week travel time to me. I know they were sitting in Chicago for the better part of a week. It’s odd that neither bottle of the Rose Gold paints I ordered were affected, though you can see the metallic pigments separated from the rest, but after a couple minutes of shaking they seem to be mixing alright. I seem to have bad luck in getting those other free bonuses like the dice, earbuds, hats, travel mugs etc. In my previous Reaper order, it was just over $200, all I received was a Reaper sticker but I was charged over $40 in taxes and fees by Canada Customs. In today’s order I limited it to $100 and Canada Customs didn’t charge me anything, but I also didn’t get any of the extra freebies. Not even a sticker.
  11. No. I haven’t yet even opened the Pledge Manager. Procrastination isn’t just for mini painting.
  12. Especially if the size changes for the production minis.
  13. Also be aware that the $12 price Doug mentioned is the heavily discounted Kickstarter price for the folks who back the project. Expect the retail price to be significantly higher.
  14. I don’t know, but having the English language version of the game being a Kickstarter exclusive only would make it a big Nope in my book.
  15. The only Christmas minis I’ve found for sale beside the new krampus and dreidel are some of the previous Christmas minis. Scroll down the page, past the paints. https://www.reapermini.com/search/holiday
  16. Well that’s just it. As far as I can recall, nothing from the previous Bones kickstarters has been presented as an “encounter” before, and there’s what, 4 of them on offer in this kickstarter? I suppose it could be argued that Dragons Don’t Share and the Dwarf Kings Companions were presented as sets in their kickstarters. DDS was sold as a set at retail, DKS was not. It’s pieces were only made available individually.
  17. Less than an hour left in the kickstarter and there’s concept art up for the10th mini.
  18. I like the encounters idea as well. I’m wondering if they’ll be sold as a set at retail, or if they’ll be sold by their individual components.
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