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  1. Totally agree with Corsair. You’ve done wonderful work with that band and dance scene. Love it!
  2. I’ve never connected the word vignette with a miniatures display. To my mind the words vignette and diorama are descriptive terms of setting a scene in two different mediums. For example in the same way one can write a vignette but not write a diorama, neither can one model a vignette. But that’s just me. In any case, back to the quest portion, I believe malefactus is a great example of someone who does very creative and unique dioramas that are instantly recognizable as his own. Since malefactus posted several examples of his work only a few posts before mine, I won’t repost any further examples of his work. However I will post a couple of pics of work by @catdancer . Whom I’m hoping is still checking out the forums. Miss you posting here catdancer! Most of his work is built from scratch . I don’t have many pics of dioramas from my own work, but here’s a couple of old photos of a piece I did several years ago. Sorry for the poor photo quality.
  3. I was thinking of doing that for both wall sets. But future monies will tell...
  4. I chose the cat dragon in a tree and the ghost of Christmas present. Still waiting on the shipment. USPS must be busy for some reason. Its been 10 days since Reaper created the shipping label and my order has only made it as far as Chicago.
  5. I just realized after looking through your order, that I didn’t have any of those special promotional non miniature items listed on my 12 Days of Reaper order that I’m currently waiting on. And my order was just over $100 US. No Reaper sticker. No Pizza Dice. No Reaper earbuds. No Reaper cap. No Reaper mug.
  6. Back after the dark times, when I was returning to the miniatures hobby after an absence of several years, Mage Knight was quite popular and I thought it would be a good choice as a way to meet other gamers through the local stores. I bought many blind boxes of minis before I came to the realization that most of the minis weren’t very good. That for the most part the prepaints were blech. That I missed choosing and painting my own minis. That the game itself wasn’t really for me. I ended up leaving Mage Knight for Warhammer... with mixed results. Somewhere there’s a plastic bag I dumped most of my Mage Knight collection into. I was planning on selling it off at one point but that never happened. I did rather like the castle pieces so I have those displayed on a shelf along with a giant being ridden by a couple of Dwarfs, my favourite mini from my Mage Knight collection.
  7. I’m waiting for some more info on a few different things before I start using the pledge manager.
  8. <<<MOD>>> Threads merged. Just a reminder that only one thread per kickstarter project is allowed as per Reaper Forum rules.
  9. Squad Leader. No question about it. Never did really learn it. I’m surprised so many people are saying Starfleet Battles. Thats a Game my buddies and I played a lot of between AD&D game nights.
  10. I don’t remember but since ksbsnowowl posted those images on Friday Nov.22nd I’d say that days Reaper BonesV Live show.
  11. You’re welcome, but it’s really @ksbsnowowl who should be thanked for grabbing the screen caps off the ReaperLive show.
  12. Very nicely done! I like that you used a variety of browns for the different woods, tarps, ropes etc. That really helps to draw out the realism of the ship over folks who just use a single brown.
  13. You may want to make your header for this thread a bit more descriptive of the project. If I wasn’t a Mod here I likely would have skipped looking and you’d be short a backer. Just sayin.
  14. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions so far. I’ll be checking out most if not all of them. And anyone with more suggestions, keep them coming.
  15. Associated Press has confirmed with his son that that Rene Auberjonois, probably known here best for his role as Odo the shapeshifter in Star Treks Deep Space 9, has passed away of lung cancer at the age of 79. RIP
  16. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see Reaper continue to play with the formula.
  17. Interesting design. I hadn’t seen those before. I understand their usefulness, but I see them as an accessory to be used with a fully modelled ship rather than a replacement for one. Besides. I like the pageantry of miniature gaming. I need Reapers ship.
  18. Looks like I’m in the market for some new hobby/miniatures/gaming related podcasts. My three favourite hobby related podcasts have or are about to go through some pretty major changes. -About a year ago The D6 Generation ceased producing their regular podcasts and now only produce much shortend versions very infrequently. -The Paint All the Minis podcast stopped producing any podcasts at all for several weeks, and has recently announced he’ll be broadcast somewhat infrequently. -Neil from Meeples and Miniatures just announced they will soon be broadcasting their last episode. All share a similar reason that creating the podcast is taking too much time away from family, friends, and work. For the last year I have also been listening to the Geeks of the North podcast that Cranky Dog recommended, but even they seem to be taking longer in putting out new shows. So anyone here have any suggestions? I’m looking for something more on the family friendly side. Also no video podcasts. Audio is all Im interested in.
  19. I don’t know. I’m only an old school AD&D player so I don’t have much or any practical knowledge of the later editions and their fancy schmancy newly introduced classes and races. What I can say, of the races and classes I am familiar with, while I have my favourites and preferences, there’s nothing I wouldn’t play.
  20. Well apparently I was wrong. I don’t have enough demons as I won Rauthuros on tonight’s Reaper Live Twitch show. Have to say that’s a good looking Ogre.
  21. From the same company? For the same game? I’d have to say the difference between the initial wave of minis that came in the boxed game for Sedition Wars and the later expansion waves for the addons from the kickstarter. The minis from the later expansions were noticeably smaller and didn’t seem to match the sculpting style of the original minis. Another example would be the minis for the Star Wars based game Imperial Assault. Scale is all over the place. Very disappointing.
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