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  1. A wolf in a sheepskin and a sheepdog A hunter and the mutated rabbit monster stalking him Kid adventurers - cardboard armor, garbage can lid shields, wrapping paper tube swords, some riding stick ponies Stuffed animal companions for aforementioned kids
  2. Fantasy races in '50s clothes Humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, halflings in leather jackets, school sweaters, poodle skirts, button up shirts (with pocket protectors) carrying school books, records, swords and bows. Reimagine the cast of Grease and Happy Days as high fantasy races battling their way through encounters on their way to High School each day. Oh, and a half-giant not-Fonz would be icing on the cake.
  3. US Presidents. In particular, Lincoln, FDR (in wheelchair), and Washington
  4. Modern Child Detectives - girl with a magnifying glass, boy with a notebook Sharazade Undead pilgrims - in the Plymouth colony sense, not the John Wayne sense Centaurs with unusual musical instruments - bagpipes, accordion, Sousaphone The Bremen Town Musicians
  5. I e-mailed Reaper about this a couple of days ago because my tracking number hasn't updated either. They say UPS has picked up all the containers. So, UPS hasn't scanned anything from our container yet.
  6. Sorry to hear you're sick, Baph. I had some pieces missing off a Regault sprue and messaged Palladium about it. They sent me the missing pieces in the mail and I've now finished assembling the first half of my pledge.
  7. I went with the double core through the KS, too. However, based on the force cards and my desire for a more flexible army list, I decided it was more economical to magnetize the Zent artillery weapons so I can swap them. The experimental upgrade and the heavy artillery worked well for this. The light artillery is a bit trickier because one part doesn't have a solid wall where the pod is supposed to attach. Going to have to use green stuff to fill that.
  8. Major heads up on the Quel Regult Recon Battlepod. There's a tiny rectangular piece that you have to attach to the side of the head. This piece has a very thin part that will snap unless you cut the whole chunk loose from the sprue and work it free very carefully. I've snapped two this morning and haven't managed to get it off the sprue without damage yet. It still looks okay glued on without the broken part. But I didn't really see anyway to repair the part after it broke.
  9. Finished with half of my UEDF Mecha. Magnetized the Phalanx arms so I can interchange them between the standard and alternate configs. (Yeah. That was fun. Thinking of taking up orbital mechanics calculations as a hobby.)
  10. Yeah, I found that, but I'm going to give it a shot off the animation cells. I figure it's more likely to be accurate than using Paladium's hex codes.
  11. Solved my problem with the Valkyrie Gerwalk 2 handed pose. If you hold the sprue with the 2 handed GU-11 in the lower left corner, the two shoulder pieces right above it put the arms in the right position for the pose. Thinking I'm going to go through my remastered DVDs, take screen shots and use the power pallet to ID the proper MSP colors to paint the models. The hex codes in the book aren't a whole lot of use to me unless I can find a source that links those to the MSP colors.
  12. I've had mine for a week or so now . . . put together 9 Valkyries in Fighter mode and have 1 Gerwalk mode assembled with another on the table. Lessons learned so far: Attach missiles to the wings of the Fighter mode BEFORE attaching it to the base. Also, still not sure how the two handed GU-11 for the Gerwalk is supposed to be positioned. I'm thinking I'm going to have to paint the Gerwalks before mounting them on the bases for sanity's sake.
  13. I'd love to eventually see all the nativity miniatures collected as a single kit. Say in one of the nice carrying case boxes. (Hint, hint, pretty please.)
  14. I posted this over in the Chronoscope thread, but it's more appropriate here: Cyberpunk mouslings.
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