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  1. All I have to do to find my Toon rulebook is look right (and pull out a very large wooden mallet from under the desk to my left).
  2. But what's the wavelength for OD? 'cause I'm wondering if we could get a star to burn that color.
  3. Neth should be packaged in a miniature guitar case or other small musical instrument case. GMs should be contractually obligated to wear a pinstriped suit when carrying him, talk softly and use words like 'fuggitaboutit.'
  4. Or maybe "Bone to be Wild." And host a skeleton painting party.
  5. Corporea, this is actually very helpful! Gonna have to see if I can find a sample bottle of something I can use for just this purpose.
  6. This sounds suspiciously like a variant of Robo Rally.
  7. You can feel free to message me next time you have a question on that Buglips. My wife, best friend and my little sister all take me shopping with them because I have uncannily good sense of what will look good on them.
  8. I only have a few things that I've left packaged - initial release SW CCG decks, a booster pack of MtG Legends, several boosters of MtG Dark, (still more of MtG Fallen Empires, but we won't talk about those), and a Lego Yoda sculpture that I bought at a going out of business sale. I plan on selling them off. Particularly the Yoda. He's going up on eBay next month barring the other SW Lego fanatic at church raising the money to buy him off me outright.
  9. Thanks, Pingo! I'll go in with a dark shadow there next. I've not been satisfied with her hair, but I think that will help. My next challenge is going to be that bottle. I want to see if I can pull off the liquid filled translucent bottle trick.
  10. And I finally had time to work on Alice some today. The boots are done. I meant to base coat them in Mahogany Brown, but accidentally grabbed the Russet Brown bottle instead. I then washed and glazed this with several layers of 50/50 Midnight Blue & Flat Black and picked out some highlights with 50/50 Stormy Gray & Flat Black. I was trying to avoid using black entirely, but the paints needed to be darker. The hotspots are done with Creamy Ivory.
  11. And you all thought I was kidding. ETA: I just noticed that my quoted post and cloudshaper's post are precisely 2 days apart - to the minute! *mindfreak* Did buglips just admit to having a mind? Who's did he steal?
  12. Curiosity stops to check out shiny object Look at the close up picture . . . with the red circle in the article. Is that Matthais the Twisted? It's about the right shape . . .
  13. I've mostly lurked - with the exception of the occasional "What would you like to see in Chronoscope" suggestion. However, I've gotten brave enough since the KS to actually post pics of what I'm working on.
  14. Thank you for posting the link to the gemstone tutorial! Going to have to make use of that soon.
  15. For cutting the wire, I would recommend keeping a bit of cork handy. Stick the loose end of the wire into the cork, hold the long part in your hand and make the cut. It should keep the cut piece from flying anywhere and be much safer.
  16. I finally got the chance to paint today. I fixed the spots on her flesh and shoulder where the rubbing alcohol took paint off from there and redid the hair. It's not good, but I'm afraid it's as good as I'm going to be able to get it with this attempt without stripping and completely repainting. (In which case, I think I'd just as soon grab a clean copy and work from there.) I'm going to need to practice hair, obviously. So, here's what she looks like right now:
  17. I just managed to disentangle myself from having open Kickstarters. I may have to pass on this one just due to Christmas coming.
  18. You know, for a moment there, I thought Buglips had a point. My faith in his randomness is restored. (And I can set the doomsday clock back a minute.)
  19. I don't have anything new to post right now, but I did want to reassure everyone I haven't given up on this project. Just been a very busy week or so and I likely won't have a chance to do much painting between now and Sunday evening. I will post pictures of the repair process as I go through the stages so others can see what this involves.
  20. I'm locked in and I managed to puzzle my way through the add-ons with the help of the KS page. I did have a suggestion for next time. Using the 'Item Description' field to indicate the difference between the add-ons and the extra sets would clear up some of the confusion for the users. For some reason, Firefox was cutting off the total box on the right and not putting in a scroll bar. However, scrolling back up to the top of the page made the bottom scroll bar reappear and allowed me to see the totals. Kit, thank you for all your hard work on this! Enjoy your long overdue dose of vitamin D this weekend!
  21. Pingo: Thank you for the rubbing alcohol idea! I've just finished cleaning the vast majority of the paint off Alice's hair. I will have to do some repainting on her face and arm since the Q-tips didn't like the close quarters very much, but I think I can salvage this without having to start over completely.
  22. I started working on her hair tonight and I've botched it. Badly. I didn't even need to take photos to know it was a disaster and the pictures confirm it. But, here's Alice's current state. Frankly, I'm not sure how to fix it.
  23. I was planning on converting some of them into Borogroves for my Wonderland diorama.
  24. Actually, Jordan, I am planning on trying to paint a red 'ribbon' at the gathers for the sleeves. It's kind of visible in the final color planning picture. I'm a bit twitchy about it, which is why I've put it off - but I'm going to attempt it anyway once I've gotten the hair and her boots done.
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