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  1. In that case, I think I recall hearing about a case of Partha paints the IRS seized from some guy who owed them back taxes. Here, let me mark the location of their office on your PipBoy's map.
  2. Keep in mind, it's the weekend. Kickstarters usually slow down on the weekends. (Reaper Bones was an exception.) We'll be right back to steamrollering goals come Monday. And I figure we'll have Mira unlocked before I get home from church today.
  3. It's a game? RPGs, Board, Card - I'm willing to play. I spent three years working at The Gamekeeper. About the only kind of game I won't play is MMORPGs. I like having a life beyond the computer.
  4. I actually have one pot of Partha that had lurked on the shelves of my FLGS forever. It's Mist Glow White, essentially a clear glow-in-the-dark paint. I've typically used it on my GRW/Deadlands undead just for giggles.
  5. I'd say it looks pretty good. The flat, smooth look works well on the shield. Lastman's got a point about the highlights on the cloak. You might want to glaze those a bit and deepen the shadows on the cloak. There's also one shadow on the front - right where her knee meets the boot - you might want to darken more. It'll make a better transition between the fabric and the tabard.
  6. Got some work done on the apron, so I only have front pictures to share this time. I punched up the highlights on the apron's trim all the way to GW's Blazing Orange so it wouldn't get lost next to the ruffle on her skirt. I'm not truly satisfied with the pink on this and I'm open to suggestions on how to improve it.
  7. Oh, there will be pics. Just have to get a good look at the sculpt for the mini to start finalizing plans. She's already working up a list of what she needs.
  8. And now my wife is plotting a cosplay for Raven Skye. This should be interesting.
  9. Thank you, Argentee! Now I know what to order for the Cheshire Cat.
  10. I didn't quite go nine layers on this red. There's actually six. I started with MSP Bloodstain Red for the shadows and worked my way up to the highlights through Clotted Red, Carnage Red (which has secured itself a warm place in my artistic heart after this project), Fire Red, GW Blood Red, and Phoenix Red. For each color after Carnage Red, I added a drop of the previous color in the chain for continuity and, well . . . see for yourselves. I also did one thing I've not tried before with this segment. Instead of thinning with water, I used MSP Anti-Shine Additive to thin - a trick I recalled from the Darksword Miniatures DVD. I found it gave me much finer control over the flow of the paint off my brush. Now, the debate I'm having at this point is do I call this red done, or do I punch the highlights up more and start getting into the oranges and yellows?
  11. I took smokingwreckage's advice and added some deeper shadows by thinning out some GW Bubonic Brown and adding a drop of MSP Yellowed Ivory. These pictures also have the choker and petticoats painted using a basecoat of 1/1 MSP Fire Red and Breast Cancer Pink, shadows of 3/1 Fire Red and Breast Cancer Pink, and a touch of highlights with pure Breast Cancer Pink. Since these areas really don't catch a lot of light, I kept the highlights to a minimum.
  12. Yes! Thank you! I can't stand that character. I will gladly join your crusade.
  13. This is better than my first attempt by far. I'd recommend moving the rabbit off to one side, but still near the front of the base. Right now, he's blocking a large chunk of Alice. You did a great job with the bottle in her hand. I've only attempted something like this once before and your work is much better than what I came up with.
  14. And after several more hours of tweaking and repeated photos, I think the skirt and blouse are set. I think the next task will be the choker. The debate then becomes whether I do her hair next (I'm tempted to leave it until last) or make an insane attempt at Anne's nine layer red. This is already light years ahead of anything I've painted before.
  15. When you file off mold lines and cut of flash, look over the mini with a magnifier of some sort. It reveals all sorts of spots you missed that you'd never see until you've primed the figure.
  16. Incredible job! I must avoid my little girl seeing this or she'll want me to paint one up exactly like it.
  17. I typically spray prime (newly converted to Krylon primer) and touch up with brush on. Best of both worlds, IMO - majority of the figure is done quickly, I can touch up to find details. Living in the desert, humidity is almost never an issue for me.
  18. GregR: The Bones KS models don't come in until March. So, wouldn't those count for next year's minis?
  19. smokingwreckage: I have a really strong Ottlight at my workspace and I've been holding Alice up the the light to see where the shadows fall. Pingo: PineSol works great against most of the paints I use (Reaper, GW/Citadel). In this case, I found an hour's soak was enough to strip the Armory primer off the figure. I usually leave a fully painted figure in overnight. The one caveat on this is you will notice a discoloration on the metal after a long soak. For reference purposes, I used Darin Hlavaz's wonderful Bette Davis Eyes tutorial. The liner color and irises are MSP Russet Brown. The whites are GW Skull White. (I should probably put that into my painting notebook before I forget.) Thanks for the complements, everyone. Today, I'm going to try tackling the blouse and dress. ETA: Her lips are an imprecise mixture of MSP Phoenix Red and MSP Fair Shadow. I put a drop of each on my wet palette and put dabs of the red into the flesh tone until I had a satisfactory shade.
  20. Right. Let's try this again. This time, without the fuzz. Skintone with shadows and highlights blocked in: Aaaaaannnd, after blending: If nothing else, I'm pleased I got her looking at the bottle.
  21. Overkill, definitely. However, this has given me an idea for another diorama . . .
  22. My youngest son has taken me to task. A not-Charlotte would be awfully small, being a spider. I was thinking of a not-Fern, since that was the girl from the book.
  23. Okay, Psyber wins. I'm a convert to Krylon. After two additional unsuccessful attempts at getting a smooth layer of primer on Alice, last night I made a run to Wally World and bought a can. Good even coat despite a strong wind. I've just put down the basecoat for Alice's skin. Very happy. Going to be doing the shadows and highlights soon. I should have new pictures tonight or tomorrow morning.
  24. I'll second Doug's suggestion of PineSol. I have a huge bottle I keep around just for stripping minis.
  25. I tried that once, and I saw many unusual colours and the cat was speaking in tongues. In that case, Buglips, can I borrow your cat for my diorama?
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