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  1. Buglips, perhaps a compromise is in order. Could goblins take up the tradition of wearing kilts and marching into battle with a bagpiper? Your raids might even see an uptick in success as a result. At least, until your bagpipers actually figure out how to play the instruments.
  2. For the record, the Christian D&D community STILL thinks it was a dumb move. And we're still having to fix the misconceptions spread by Schnobblebobbin and his ilk. Oh, and my wife loves the Storm Giantess sculpt. I may have to order an extra so she can paint one, too.
  3. Honestly, when I started researching primer fuzz, it seems to come from overshaking the can or high humidity. I'm putting my money on overshaking for this. One of the sites I looked at suggests it's endemic to white spray primer. I live in Phoenix and even though today was high humidity for us, I've had my primer do this before. I just never thought to seek out the why until now. I suppose it would be a quick and dirty way of texturing a teddy bear mini or other stuffed toy part. Not sure how you'd go about isolating it to one part of the mini, though.
  4. I think the confusion here arises from the practice of toy companies using 3D scanning to create actor's likenesses for action figures.
  5. psyber: I think you're right. Your comment got me doing some research and I'm going to test primer a couple of minis with a different spray technique. While this isn't (currently) for a competition, I'm wanting to get my skills up to that level - so, strip and reprime it is. Jordan: All MSPs - which is why the texture shouldn't be there at all.
  6. Two sets of progress photos. This first set is my initial blocking in for shadows and highlights for the skin. Okay, truth is, I took these thinking I was done with the skin . . . then I cropped the images and could see every transition point. So, I put the wet palette away, broke out the well palette and thinned out my skin tones and started blending. Here's the results: Suggestions and critiques are more than welcome, gang. I'll probably start working on her blouse next.
  7. Jordan, not just for croquet . . . Borogroves have flamingo like legs and the idea of having to sculpt them myself for the diorama scares the willies out of me.
  8. In with Pingo's suggestions, I'd like to see a flamingo (preferably a sculpt we can cut and reposition individual legs on. And pigs - like a momma sow and her pigs. E.B. White's material is still in copyright - so, maybe a not-Charlotte with a pig companion?
  9. I'll second evergrin's suggestion (love the profile pic, BTW). Find ways to game together and watch for ways to help her grow in her hobbies. Or even take up a new one together. Trust me on this, it keeps the romance alive. Joy and I will celebrate thirteen years this October and we still get accused of being newlyweds.
  10. I've had this idea for some time of using Alice and the White Rabbit in a diorama with the Jabberwock. This will be the first time I've ever attempted anything like this. This thread will focus only on Alice herself. Anyway, in thinking about what I wanted Alice to look like, I immediately rejected the classic Disney blue - although the thought crossed my mind to convert her into an American McGee version by replacing the bottle with a large knife. Ultimately, I settled on the phrase 'Alice in ivory' as the overall tone I wanted to set. I started with a quick one minute sketch of the figure to block out where I wanted to place my colors, scanned it into the computer and printed a sheet of them to test color choices. Here's the test sheet: While my wife was enamored of the 'pink go-go boots' in the third one, I didn't like it. I also decided I'd make a go at a freehand detail with hearts on her skirt. (May God have mercy on me.) Here's the final: Note: It's difficult to see in my sketch, but the petticoats will be the same pink as her choker and the center panel of the apron. Here's what I've settled on as paint choices: Ivory: Basecoat Creamy Ivory. Shadows Yellowed Ivory. Highlight White Sand. Note: I decided not to go with the full MSP Ivory triad because I wanted a very light, pale ivory effect. Red: The Bloodthirsty Reds triad. Pink: MSP Breast Cancer Pink, will probably highlight by adding a touch of the ivory and shade with Carnage Red. (Very open to suggestions, folks.) Skin: Fair Skin triad mixed 3:1 with Rosy Skin. Boots: Basecoat Mahogany Brown. Shadows Midnight Blue. Highlight Stormy Gray. Brightest Highlights White Sand Note: I chose this combination because it struck me that the combination would look black without having to work up from pure black shadows.
  11. My wife was egging me on during the KS. We're using this as an opportunity to teach her and our oldest two children to paint.
  12. Perhaps we should do this when the KS minis come in? We all pick one of the Bones to paint up and post our WIP pics?
  13. Mine was swinging a lightsaber before he could make a sentence. My youngest is well known for chasing her older brothers down the hall with a lightsaber in one hand, doll in the other and screaming a battlecry at the top of her lungs. I don't know if I'll buy into this one, but it might make a good Christmas present for my oldest two.
  14. I'm surprised there's only two of us in the Phoenix area. Although, my pin represents me plus three new painters. (I enlisted my wife and oldest two sons to paint the Great Bone Hordes.)
  15. I'm looking at the picture of Edna, the Crazy Cat Lady (#50235) in the store. There's no pics to go with the Boneyard entries. I need to know which of the Cat entries contains the sculpt that's looking into the camera in the picture - the cat at the bottom right. He's just the right cat for something I've got planned.
  16. I'm fond of the matte painting gag, but for the most part was pretty blase about this.
  17. Baphomet, I think you just gave us ALL the heebie jeebies. I'm going to go floss my brain to get that image out of my head.
  18. Bob, Thanks for the reply! Always nice to have it confirmed by the artist.
  19. Jordan: Thank you for finding that pic! None of the ones I could find in the inspiration gallery showed the back. TaleSpinner: Now that I see Froggy's paint job, I'd say you're right. Thank you both for the help!
  20. I have a question for those who've painted this mini (or Bob Ridolfi, if he's around). At the back of the figure, under her hair, there's a ridge of some sort. What is it? Is it part of the choker or the bodice?
  21. On the copyright issue, current US copyright is for the life of the creator + 70 years. Lovecraft died in 1937, so his works entered public domain in 2007. Burroughs' copyrights aren't set to expire until 2020.
  22. Let's see, what did I end up with? Vampire Fire Giant King & Queen Ebonwrath Ice Giant King & Queen There Be Dragons Deathsleet Undead Giant Pathfinder Red Dragon Clockwork Dragon Spider Centaurs Fire Giant Warriors Frost Worm Forces of Nature Nethyrmaul Hydra Kaladrax And about $15 unallocated at this point. I might go in for the Manors sculpts and throw in an extra $2 for Deep Dwellers.
  23. And as I mentioned in the Kickstarter comments a time or two, I'd love to see Rapunzel and Beauty and the Beast added to this line. Maybe Hansel and Gretel, too.
  24. I realized this morning that Frank L. Baum's Oz has been public domain since 1989. The characters from the Oz books would make a great addition to the Chronoscope line.
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