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  1. He originally had "November Release" on him in the preview gallery. He'd had made a nice Christmas present for someone I know. That got pushed back to a "December Release" - OK, birthday present it is... Unfortunately, this person has a January birthday. I notice he was not in the latest December releases, and with December being mostly over now, and holidays galore in the remaining days, guessing he's not going to be a December release after all. So, is there any hope of him coming out very early in January?
  2. Thanks guys. Yes, I probably will strip/repaint the test puppy at some point. He's not nearly as nice a sculpt as the second dog though. (Second dog was made by a company called "Schleich" btw - they make a ton of different animals, though they're much too big for any sort of tabletop gaming purposes.) They toys have their charm - but you can tell they are pretty lumpy. Also - I started making the toys long ago - pre-second dog. So they are all a bit too small now for the full-grown retriever. Overall I'm pretty darn happy with it still, and look forward to (and slightly dread) giv
  3. Just in case anyone remembers this thread, from two months ago. I finished the dog (and found a much better dog too). If it weren't for the invaluable help of my the worlds best painter, he wouldn't have turned out nearly as (imo) awesome. As you can see - he's leaps and bounds better than my poor test puppy. (Way to take one for the team though, test puppy). Thefirst pic includes some of his toys I sculpted. (Sadly, the dog turned out so good that the toys look especially sucky in comparison - and they didn't need help for that, I suck at sculpting).
  4. I know I'll be on the hunt for some of the Reaper Kickstarter minis at my FLGS eventually. I was massively tempted to go in for the Kickstarter (of course) - but in the end decided that while it was a ridiculously good deal, I didn't want to get all 200+ minis when I really only wanted 2 dozen or so. And that It'd be too much a pain in the butt to sell all the rest on Ebay.
  5. Well - mixing up some the paints Caffiene provied gave me a great Khaki color that's a nice match to the lightest fur. And some experimentation using that Khaki as a base gave me what I think is a passable light blonde fur (see attached pics). Made by mixing in a very tiny amount of Vomit Brown (aka a creamy orange) to the base. But I still need to come up with the darkest orange fur, and a way to blend the that with the blonde fur. Obviously the pic of the face was a quicky job. And I'll shade/highlight each color - but just as a quick way to see how the colors work together -
  6. Hmm, I would have never thought to add green to the mix... I'll give it a try and report back. Thanks!
  7. Hi - this is probably a little bit of an unusual request compared to the norm but I'm really having problems and could use some help. I bought a little plastic dog (just a cheap job, from Michaels, though the details aren't too bad). It's a golden retriever - I want to paint it up as a present for a friend and paint it to match my friend's retriever. The problem is - I've been mixing and mixing and I can't even come close to the fur color of this dog. (See attached) This dog has 4 shades of fur really. Darkest is an orangeish brown color. Next is a lighter shade of that Then the
  8. I love the idea of getting more Bones minis out faster - but I don't really see any pledge level that grabs me. I'd be great to have a ~$20 "choose any 6 of the new Bones minis" pledge. I really don't want a mountain of misc minis hanging over my head. Don't get me wrong, getting all 30 for $60 is a great deal. But I'd be happy just picking the few I really want. Also nice - a place I can view bigger pics of the 30 new minis. I mean, I know they're all technically here on Reaper somewhere. But a convenient bunching together of all them. Maybe with a good look at Motorcycle Sophie
  9. Hmm - where are the two new Wizards we saw previews of months ago? I thought those were the next Bones release?
  10. Some jungle swarms - of snakes/lizards Some pirates - but less fancy looking pirates (most of Reaper's pirates look like captains to me) Some tropical animals (thinking carribean themed) Little terrain bits along these lines would be awesome too. Yes. I'm into pirates lately.
  11. I just thought I'd post my experiences with my first Bones mini (reposting from another forum): Overall I'm very pleased with it. "I got my first "Bones" mini today - (also the Dwarf - my FLGS only had two blisters to choose from) - and while I'm not a particular fan of the sculpt the material itself is very nice. Very bendy and strong (you could probably break the hammer off if you had a mind too - but you'd be hard-pressed to do it on accident). Mould lines were very minimal and easy to clean with my hobby knife (a file worked too - just as a test). I'm going to try to put some paint
  12. Not content with already being far and away the best value among miniature companies, Reaper has to go and get stupid cheap on top of that! Like I'm not collecting enough stuff already! Did no one think of that! *sigh* Seriously, love it, and can't wait to see it hopefully spread to all the ranges.
  13. Yes - I'd say that dress is a deep burgundy color (almost purpleish), sorry - that's just me not being very good with color. Taking a close look at the Bronze triad swatches again I'd say they more accurately look as follows: Bronzed shadow: This looks like a fairly deep red to me. and in fact, it looks like a more saturated version of the "Blonde Shadow" that sits above it on the paint page. Bronzed skin: Looks like a muted orange to me. Bronzed highlight: looks like a muted, creamy golden yellow sort of color. (I'm sorry if none of my descriptions make sense, I don't have any sort of
  14. Wow - thanks for such a thorough reply! When you say "shading down" - you mean starting with the tanned skin (in your vampire example) and mixing in dark elf highlight to make a brighter color for the midtone and highlights? What would you use to get skin tone similiar to the other vampire in the example you linked? (the one with the red dress) fair skin plus light gray? I think I definitely want to pick up golden and bronze for an upcoming project at least. Cheers.
  15. I'm a big fan of the Reaper skin triads as a easy way to get good skin results - but I'm a little unclear of what the purpose of some of the triads are supposed to be for, For instance - Dark, Tanned, Fair - those are pretty self explanatory (it helps that I have these too). Rosy is pretty easy, and Golden is supposedly "oriental" according to the Casketworks article that breaks down some of the triads. But what about Bright Skin? Or Bronze skin (which looks very red on my monitor), Olive skin by the name I'm assuming is for Mediterannean peoples - but I don't really know what that
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