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  1. Nice work! Really dig the shield designs!
  2. There are two beautiful illustrations in the Kingmaker Players Guide that I would very much like to see as miniatures. I don't know if they have names but they are on pages 7 & 8. I believe one is a fighter and the other a ranger. They would look great in the poses as drawn especially the ranger wielding two axes.
  3. Since it was asked for here was my method for painting this mini: I used acrylic/citadel (sorry reaper) for all my paints except one brown ink wash. (all times are approximated to include application and drying) 1.) Primed in black (2 coats) (30 minutes) 2.) Blood red mixed with brown ink for armor (first coat) (3 minutes) 3.) Bood red for armor (second coat) (10 minutes) 4.) Boltgun metal on for large swords. Codex Grey for small blades (applied while waiting for step three to dry) 5.) Drybrushed Blood red tinted with Skull white on armor areas (2 minutes) 6.) Blood red mixed with snot green for cloak, 'leather' bits and 'eyes'. (5 minutes) 7.) Applied touch ups and more precise highlights to armor. (10 minutes) 8.) Snakebite leather tinted with Skull white for highlights on cloak, leather, eyes. Snakebite Leather for belts. (5 minutes) 9.) Black wash for swords and blades. (2 minutes) 10.) Tin bitz for sword reflection (2 minutes) 11.) Picked out extra highlights on swords, blades and eyes in Skull white. (2 minutes) 12.) Gold for ring buckles on legs, ruby belt buckle. (3 minutes) 13.) Touch ups and Skull white highlights on swords, blades and eyes. (3 minutes) 14.) Drybrushed snakebite leather for 'gravel' base. (2 minutes) 15.) Codex grey for cobblestones. (2 minutes) 16.) Blood red and Snot green for bottom base (3 coats) (10 minutes) ...and that's roughly how I did it. Thanks for all the comments and interest.
  4. Love that falcon! And great job on blending in those highlights!
  5. Very nice! Awesome blending and what a cool way to show off your paint! Impressive.
  6. Well done. My only criticism is that it might be nice to see some kind of tattooing on the shamans chest scales, just to break up that area color wise. Fantastic job!
  7. Here is my attempt at a speed paint. Did this in an hour and a half (that's probably not very fast but I'm working on it). Sorry the photo is kinda wonky...didn't realize my camera was going out on me. I hope that doesn't make it too difficult to see the paint. Criticisms and comments always welcome. thanks.
  8. Kudos! This came along very nicely.
  9. Ice Ice baby! What the name of the paint?
  10. These are really nice! Great poses and a good paint job. The only detraction is the visible seam lines of the sculpts, otherwise ultra-cool. I may steal some of these designs for my own zombie army I'm building!
  11. @Michael Sorry about the darkness of the photos (I'm still trying to improve my picturing taking skills) and I appreciate the advice as I would like good and thoughtful feedback. The "moonlight" in the background wasn't intentional it's just the Xbox icon on my TV screen. As far as the level of painting; as with everything I am working on right now I want to do the best I am capable of so that probably means I'm shooting for higher than "tabletop" quality but not as high as getting all "plinthy" on it. If only my skill matched my aspirations <sigh>.
  12. More snow on the peaks closer to the cave/hole and perhaps a blue tint wash in places to convey the frozen-ness of the scene? Looks good thus far.
  13. So I've had these miniatures languishing away unfinished for 2 years now and finally decided I'd give it a go at finishing them. They had lots of flash and many of them were mis-cast and require(d) lots of touching up. I decided to record the process as I go just 'cause I've never done it before and these seemed appropriate. Any tips, critiques or raspburries are welcome. Thanks for looking! Here's also is an Imperial Commander I painted a few years ago and what will end up being the color scheme for the rest of the Death Korps Stormtroopers!
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