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  1. Agreed. This is such an awesome sculpt, all kinds of fun little details.
  2. damn! Looks great. I love the hands/long fingers.
  3. The heated metal weapons look really good. Love the one with the halfling rogue. She looks like: "Heh. Ya know what? Never mind. Here. I changed my mind, you can have this back..."
  4. Wow. The base really is amazing.
  5. Just finally finished this guy up. He's been sitting on my shelf half finished for...oh.... about 15 years or so. This guy was from some of the mini's that WOTC put out shortly after getting the D&D property.
  6. Finished this guy up and really liked how he turned out. The awesome sculpt on the shield is what really drew me to the mini to begin with.
  7. Will do.... And I won't be shooting on a white background!.....Never again.....
  8. look really good. I love the dog! ...Someday I may actually get to play that game...
  9. Wow! I'm amazed. It takes me that long to do one fig ;)
  10. Painted up this guy for one of our other players. Went for a bit of a punisher vibe on the helm ;)
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