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  1. Thanks Alot people!! Happy painting to you all.
  2. I am back!!! After 8 months of not touching my brush, I am a tad bit rusty. Hope you like my take on Varaug. C&c is always welcome!
  3. Gee, thanks mate. Will try that method on my next bow mini.
  4. Your painting is so neat, love what you did with the axe.
  5. I love how you the cape and hair, I think i really need to get me one too.
  6. Nice work, the photo itself is very evocative. Reminds me of the isometric view of video games of old.
  7. Good work on stringing the bow, how did you do that? I have just bought this mini and would like to try doing this on mine as well. Great work by the way.
  8. I really look forward to seeing your work posted here. It is nothing short of amazing. This one is, as always awesome!
  9. Thank you all for your kind words!!
  10. Nice work! I painted one in similar colours. White is really hard colour to photograph. Never the less, nice work!
  11. It has been a while, but I am back with another mini from Reaper. This time its a Blood Stone Gnome, which I tried to paint up as a goblin. Hope you all like it. Any C&c is welcomed.
  12. I second this. I learned a lot in the shutterbug forum.
  13. Man, this is one cool setup. Well done!!
  14. Oh my goodness, thank your so much Derek for taking the time to provide feedback on my work! Will certainly try my best to incorporate your advice in my next project. Thank you again most appreciated !
  15. Thanks for the advice. FYI, it was your red NMM vampire video that set me on the path of NMM.
  16. I really dig how you painted the face and hair, just love the expression, fits the overall look of the mini very well.
  17. Hey there Reaper people! here is my take on Bjorn, Dwarven Warrior using NMM. This was painted late last year and is currently being used as a test subject for the new backdrop and my new phone camera. I hope you like it. C&c always welcome. Enjoy.
  18. I used gory red (09278) as base and a mix of gory red and black from Vallejo model colour as shadow. Highlights were gory red with white (reaper HD 29842). at this stage, things would look very pink. I then glaze the whole thing with very thin layers of gory red and fresh blood (09279) to tie everything together and restore the redness. Thank you for such kind words.
  19. I actively find ways to NOT paint eyebrows hehehe. Thanks!! I imagine him as a spoke person for a shampoo company in a fantasy realm.
  20. Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you! Just the type of feedback I am looking for! I mainly just paint for fun so he was not for any particular RPG but, one never knows, he may get a chance to be a NPC pr a PC in the future. I had plans for him to be used in Frostgrave though.
  21. Updated photos of General Matisse I painted a few months ago. Would appreciate any c&c. Please enjoy.
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