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  1. Spaztica

    Large Water Elemental

    thanks !!
  2. Spaztica

    3D Terrain Boards

    holy smokes man !! Thats some wild terrain !!
  3. Spaztica

    Walkin Rockies !!

    Here is another piece i did recently....paint...paint..paint !! lol Love my hobby !!
  4. Spaztica

    Bones Black Efreeti !!

    Did this beautiful lady up for a customer !! Really diggin this Black material and these pieces are awesome detailing !!
  5. Spaztica

    Large Water Elemental

    Here is one of my latest pieces finished...Large Water Elemental...I based it on a 3 inch round and added 3 layers of Vellejo Water Texture and paint paint paint...lol Added a coating of realistic water to finalize it !!
  6. Spaztica

    Chunky Owlbear 2.0

    thank you everyone !!
  7. Spaztica

    Chunky Owlbear 2.0

    Here is my latest painted creation...the new Bones Black Owlbear !! I really love this new material and the detail on this piece is craaazy !! Well Done Reaper and keep em comin !!
  8. Spaztica

    Thorvald and His Fuzzy Bear !!

    Here is my most recent piece. I was going to use him originally for a Diorama scene but he is a bit too heavy for my idea. So....After a few hours of fun and a few coats of paint...here he is and ready to take on the world...lol
  9. Spaztica

    Heavenly Warrior !!

    thanks everyone!!
  10. Spaztica

    Heavenly Warrior !!

    So this is my Solar Angel piece. I liked the idea of this piece but I had a hard time trying to find a cool paint scheme. I saw a similar idea and i ran with it because it was cool and worked for what i was wanting...lol
  11. Spaztica

    Majestic Silver

    This was fun to paint....pics arent the best....sorry..but i like how it turned out !
  12. Spaztica

    77587 Frost Giant King Bones 3 Kickstarter

    Please tell me how you get the gleaming effect on the weapons like that...i cant quite get that effect !!
  13. Spaztica

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    Without having to read thru 200+ pages....what is the latest update for the Kickstarter 3 stuff to start shipping in the US ??
  14. Does anyone have any good suggestions or ideas on how to create spider webbing effects on bases and stuff ?? I am going to be working on a project for a customer and they asked about putting some spider webbing on the base..ive never done ti before so im kinda clueless...lol Thanks !! Spaztica