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  1. Looks like I may have another job for you beside Infantry.  Do you still have all the different paint schemes of mine?

  2. Greetings;  Some how my e-mail was "hacked", I guess.  Tried to change the password. That failed so now I am locked out of my e-mail and to create a new account I new a mobile phone account to establish a "FREE" account. Now I do not see how it is free when purchasing a mobile phone. So could you send me you current address again through here for the moment?


  3. Been a while since ive posted on here but here is one of my latest projects !! I love this piece and have painted Narthrax in various colors but I like how this one turned out over others, because of my experiments with washes and inks, etc... about 10+ hours invested in this one !!
  4. Here is another piece i did recently....paint...paint..paint !! lol Love my hobby !!
  5. Did this beautiful lady up for a customer !! Really diggin this Black material and these pieces are awesome detailing !!
  6. Here is one of my latest pieces finished...Large Water Elemental...I based it on a 3 inch round and added 3 layers of Vellejo Water Texture and paint paint paint...lol Added a coating of realistic water to finalize it !!
  7. Here is my latest painted creation...the new Bones Black Owlbear !! I really love this new material and the detail on this piece is craaazy !! Well Done Reaper and keep em comin !!
  8. Here is my most recent piece. I was going to use him originally for a Diorama scene but he is a bit too heavy for my idea. So....After a few hours of fun and a few coats of paint...here he is and ready to take on the world...lol
  9. So this is my Solar Angel piece. I liked the idea of this piece but I had a hard time trying to find a cool paint scheme. I saw a similar idea and i ran with it because it was cool and worked for what i was wanting...lol
  10. This was fun to paint....pics arent the best....sorry..but i like how it turned out !
  11. Please tell me how you get the gleaming effect on the weapons like that...i cant quite get that effect !!
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