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  1. Last night I updated my spreadsheet from the boneyard. I almost have all of them now.
  2. How is it determined which minis are going to be put on the chopping block? I see that some were rereleased, but others, like the Orc Shaman (who looks really cool) wasn't. So I was wondering why some were picked to no longer be made? any insight?
  3. If it's another gnome, then Cool! But I didn't realize gnomes were portrayed with pointy ears.
  4. Oh, man and just when I bought about 10 packs too. figures, first chainmail and now this.
  5. Who, or better yet, what is the figure supposed to be? A Half-Elf maybe? http://www.reapermini.com/fantasy/greens.php
  6. What the heck is he supposed to be? an evil hobbit? all those warts, maybe he has a bag of frogs.
  7. Thank you for such a quick reply. I will compile a list of #'s if I can't track them down through my friends CW's.
  8. I saw an ad for the Dark Haven Worldbook for release in Spring of 2003. Is this still on the schedule?
  9. Reaper peeps, if I can't get some old CW from you all, is there any chance you can put up the articles from the older CW's on your webpage in pdf format? I would really like to get my hands on a copy of CW#1, because I'm in the process of making a comprehensive list of all the Dark Haven line and I'm only missing a few of the older ones. Also everyone else feel free to post here for trading or linking to older versions of the CW's.
  10. Same here, I think the Warlord stuff is way over the top in the sculpting. I only own three of them and those are the Wolfen figs, because they look cool. I also think they are bigger that the regular DH line. Say what you will about the human size figs, I'm talking about the dwarves. The two warlod figs are noticable larger than the DH ones. But to each his or her own. I just will stick with DH.
  11. Reaper People, are old copies of CW available? Monster- How much is the DHA priced for in the store?
  12. I posted a while back about the same thing, but nobody replied, so I thought I would ask again. Is there some kind of story/ world information I can read about the different factions/ regions the miniatures are named after?
  13. One of the local store clerks said he saw a package of Reaper minis that had 3 minis in it. One he couldn't remember, but the other two was a treasure chest with arms and teeth (mimic) and a rug with a hand coming out of the middle of it (like from a portal). Anyone seen these? I know they aren't in the current catalog or online.
  14. after perusing the boneyard, I noticed there were holes in the numbering process. is there a complete list of available and out of print minis somewhere? preferably with some pics.
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