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  1. If you want good BBQ you need to find a good hole in the wall joint with smoke billowing out from the back or go to Lockhart, TX
  2. I know I will miss seeing Reaper at Gencon... One of my favorite booths to visit when I can manage time away from my booth.
  3. I will say that my avatar does match what I look like...
  4. I will be there doing demos of Heavy Gear Blitz on all four days if you have a spare couple of minutes.
  5. I would say I'm looking forward to the whole shebang! I'm also looking forward to showing off the new paint set and doing some demos. The Warlord tourney is also high on the list.
  6. I know there will be two complete pewter Ghazghkull Thraka as I no longer play that army in the bin...
  7. There will be some product available at the show but other than that it will be orders with free shipping.
  8. I guess put me down for Saturday... time to dust off the Crusaders.
  9. WHAT?!? I must now find time away from my booth/table to play in the tournament. Hopefully there will be space when I can figure out which day.
  10. Oh okay so if you want to win you better play on both days is that what you are saying?
  11. Are they seperate tournaments or linked tournaments?
  12. Here is a link to our forums at Dream Pod 9 with more information on the paint set. http://dp9forum.com/index.php?showtopic=13278
  13. As for Reaper posting the colors I cannot say but I can tell you all the colors are original. You get the 36 colors and the case.
  14. So I was wondering if there will be any open play of CAV2 at Reapercon this year. I understand that there are probably not going to be any official events but I was curious about casual play during the con. I'll have stuff with me just in case.
  15. Are you going to paint the sand or just use it straight up? If you go with paint I suggest using pumice gel as it doesn't flake off like regular sand. if you plan to just stick to sand, I will agree with the above posters.
  16. Still collecting my trade in... I've just got a demo board to finish and some last minute demo minis
  17. Remember that evil will always triumph over good because good is dumb!
  18. I'm leaning towards Stormchasers myself...
  19. Well it is now confirmed I will be there... I'll be working of course but it will be fun regardless.
  20. I'd be really happy to see the Warlord grunt cavalry as bones.
  21. No problem... We make all our miniatures in house up in Montreal.
  22. Those are not figures actually but the paint set... The figures are examples of studio paintjobs.
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