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  1. I do apologize for my behavior as I was just reading too much into things.
  2. You know I am just going to drop it. This conversation is only going to cause more problems and may even turn people off from the game. Let's both be adults here and let it go.
  3. As of right now I am running the game on Saturday. I would love to see it.
  4. That is awesome to hear Ron now the fun part is deciding what games to drag up with me.
  5. Now I just need to find out when you are running it so I can see if I can play this year.
  6. Those are not half bad but can we get some that are washed as right now a lot of the detail is not visible.
  7. The fun part is deciding what cases to pack... Do I pack my Infinity, MERCS, and other games for possible after hours gaming or does it stay at home...
  8. I'm willing to give it a shot but I am still not a big fan of several things already. Adding models that do not fit into the look of the game, changing the fluff considerably, making big parts of peoples' collections obsolete. If the rules are as good as you say then I will likely apologize but only time will tell. The attitude does need to improve however...
  9. I'm down for games of whatever but we need to find out what the situation is going to be with the space Reaper has reserved.
  10. It wasn't really an issue for me till you went on your little forum purge and your very obvious attempts to stomp on anyone who wanted to discuss the older systems. Your constant passive aggressive posts also are not doing you any favors. I actually look forward to meeting you as I understand that on the internet people are different then in real life. @TGP Who knows... I am open to being friendly but that has to go both ways.... I'm actually more interested in running other games due to the drama being caused but my CAV 2 games are still on.
  11. As it stands right now I am running games of CAV2, Super Dungeon Explore, and Bolt Action. If you are interested in another miniature game or just want a chance to play a pickup game of something not on the list then let me know.
  12. So far I will be running games of CAV 2 at Reapercon this year. I so far am planning on running the games on Thursday and Sunday right now. If you want to learn how to play CAV or just want to rock a game then stop on by. If you are up for a regular game of CAV 2 then let me know so I can whip up a couple of lists. I encourage people to bring their own minis if they want a regular full game. The games I intend to run will be in a demo game format but will not be those tiny con style games. Come by and play one of the most fun mecha games out there. This thread is for CAV 2 at Reapercon and as such no posts related to CAV:SO will be tolerated!
  13. Jon... Seriously? Then again I am not surprised... Do not make this a contest.
  14. Cards against Humanity is a great afterhours game....
  15. I'll be at Reapercon running demos of CAV 2 pretty much every day but one. If you are still interested and you are attending Reapercon then come and say hello.
  16. Mine are in various forms of painted but they should be mostly done by then. Heck yeah I am bringing SDE and its expansions. I am trying to run some demo and full games but I am still waiting on Bryan to get back to me. I will have the game with me regardless.
  17. Anyone coming to Reapercon play Infinity by any chance?
  18. So when do we find out if our submitted events were approved or not? I need to know how much to get painted for my planned events as well as make the needed announcements so people can prepare. Has anyone heard anything about stuff they want to run as I am getting a little frustrated...
  19. Anyone know what company that was selling those naval miniatures? I missed a chance to pick some up and there is a chance that company will not be there this year. Any information is welcome.
  20. I'll be running demos and the occasional full game of Super Dungeon Explore at Reapercon this year inbetween my CAV2 demos.
  21. It is so worth it and I'm driving from farish West Texas.
  22. Another game to make sure I have in my truck...
  23. I would be all over CAV bones as my CAV armies are extremely heavy at the moment...
  24. Dang that is out there... Though I admit that it is a very clean map
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