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  1. I might bring some other mini games to keep around if the situation arises. Never hurts to bring a few skirmish games when you drive and can store them in your vehicle. Anima Tactics, MERCS, maybe even Bolt Action... though who knows what I will get time for with the ambitious number of gaming events I plan to run.
  2. I'm also really curious about the switch from Best Western...
  3. I emailed you Bryan, is that okay or do I need to send a PM?
  4. No, not another Emperor for me to face... Two was enough
  5. I'm not sure where you are getting this hate thing? I merely stated that the indivdual was interested in CAV2 as per his wording of the post. While your slightly overzealous pushing of CAV:SO is at times annoying, I hold no ill will. You are really into CAV:SO and there is nothing worng with that. My post only states to please leave your feelings for CAV:SO out of CAV2 posts... Relax man as we are not out to get you.
  6. I might have to get in on one of those if the events I plan on running do not get in the way.
  7. Actually by definition if the models are being redone then the older one will be obsolete. Sad when "game designers" make basic game design mistakes like that...
  8. Hey he is interested in CAV2 so stop pushing CAV:SO. You'll enjoy CAV2 and if you have any questions feel free to make a post.
  9. My Terrans look forward to shooting them down.... They look great!
  10. It only works if CAVBoss is willing to listen to his playtesters and act upon those concerns. A game designer needs to be willing to change if he wants his game to be successful. Hopefully all things considered he has an open mind.
  11. There were a lot of great discussions that are now gone forever. Most forums pull out an archive of older threads during reboots. This case was not a pruning but a clearcutting...
  12. I'll probably drag the expansions with me like Caverns of Roxxor and maybe another
  13. This is a great first gaming convention as it is by far the most casual. I know there will be CAV2 demos and a tourney once the days are worked out as well as some possible Super Dungeon Explore.
  14. Go to the CAV:(ugh)SO section of the store as they are all there. Regular Infantry is now Light Infantry and Heavy Infantry is now PA Infantry.
  15. I've already begun talking with Ron but I can switch over to Bryan. I've got some big plans.... mwhahahaha
  16. So I have decided to move forward on a CAV2 tournament at this years Reapercon. All the PMs and posts have convinced me that it would have solid attendance numbers. So let's discuss what point value and if we want any restrictions in list building. I'm working out scenarios at the moment but I am also open to suggestions as well. For sure right now it will be using CAV2 with the 08 errata so that should give you an idea of what to read up on. I fully plan to run some demo games as well for those that want a primer before the event. I'm going to try to also have a few lists available for those who want to jump in and play. This will be a great Reapercon for some Mecha action!
  17. I usually leave on Sunday afternoon after the con is over as I have to drive home to West Texas...
  18. I still think the deletion was not needed regardless of the age of topics... People might want to go back and read them for whatever reason which is why we have filters. I feel there may have been a personal reason for the deletions.
  19. I'd be more than happy to give you a demo game and maybe even a full game as I have the minis for it. I'll talk to the Reapercon folks on Monday and get the ball rolling. With the posts here and the PMs, there is a lot of desire for some CAV2 action at Reapercon.
  20. Really? Then if so it seems we are missing a lot of our topics.
  21. So who would be interested in a CAV2 tournament at Reapercon this year? I am considering trying to organize one but would love to see how many would be interested in playing. I have a few loaner armies for those who do not have one and I would even be willing to run some demos the day before. Post here and let me know if you are interested.
  22. Hey what happened to all our posts in this section? There were some great discussions going on in this section and I see no reason to delete them all. Let's get some of those discussions started again...
  23. I wonder if you still intend CAV:SO to be a Battletech clone as it was in past documents...
  24. That looks really good! They also have a Dust Warfare tourney as well...
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