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  1. Evilmonkey

    CAV Gnomic

    I'll leave my feelings for the mini in the game for another time but the scheme is pretty neat. My only suggestion would be to fade out the red to match the metal.
  2. Evilmonkey

    CAV Butcher

    I like it... It reminds me of my days as a cub scout leader.
  3. That actually sounds like fun... Now to figure out when to drop in.
  4. Thanks Bryan... now back to your regularly scheduled post
  5. Sorry to highjack the thread but which Sophie is that between the Slim Pickins and Pin-up?
  6. That kinda sucks as I liked hanging out last year and it was a great little mini-vacation for me. Any word on an open house this year?
  7. Dang Bryan just bite my head off why don't ya... I was just going off what I read in past posts and the title as presented in the video and kickstarter. I cannot remember which Reaper staff said so, might have been Kit, but that person mentioned it being a DHL Bones kickstarter. I'm glad to see other things being made into bones like Chronoscope and more Warlord. I was just asking a question based on what I had seen.
  8. So I see there are going to be Chronoscope bones... Well it seems that Reaper has broken away from the "only DHL" they had labelled the Bones Kickstarter. Does this mean we have a chance to see Warlord bones and dare I say CAV bones?
  9. As these are DARK HEAVEN Bones, not easily. I mean, your DM would have to have a pretty huge plot device to work mecha into your campaign in a believable fashion. That makes me sad as I was hoping for Warlord and CAV to show up in this kickstarter... maybe I should have waited before kickstarting it.
  10. This Bones KS seems to be lacking mecha... I wonder how that can be fixed?
  11. I have my fingers crossed for a warlord or CAV stretch goal...
  12. I like it! Been wanting to get one of those but I am not an Adonese fan.
  13. I really want to see the Warlord cavalry and monsters in Bones. The non-elite troops would also be a great option as well. I feel it would allow Reaper to offer army boxes for Warlord that contain a pewter leader, some troops in Bones, and a monster also in Bones. I will agree that CAV is a great option for the Bones treatment.
  14. I've noticed that almost all the CAV incentive levels have been purchased... Not so subtle hinting by those contributing?
  15. Evilmonkey

    Butcher CAV

    Very nice... even if it is a Malvie.
  16. Great battlerep! I always enjoy reading them and they always inspire me to play more Warlord.
  17. I live in the middle of nowhere Texas so I know the feeling
  18. I watch a bit of everything but usually it is TV series I have on DVD. I like the background noice as well as somewhere to look from time to time to avoid eye strain. Heck right now I'm watching Bones and tomorrow will likely be Criminal Minds...
  19. Add yet another name to the list as I was unable to secure any at Reapercon due to being sold out so quickly.
  20. Crusaders are pretty forgiving but i think Dwarves would be more so.
  21. I like it. Solid work there!
  22. Evilmonkey

    CAV Mantis

    It screams BANG! I like it and my question does the red make it go faster?
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