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    CAV Dictator

    Nice to see Rach that is not red assuming they are indeed part of a Rach force.
  2. Solid paint job and interesting conversion of the basic figure.
  3. I'm good on CAV now after Reapercon as I know own massive Terran and Templar forces. This is good for those on a budget as I've kept an eye on ebay for some friends with limited funds.
  4. I'm loving them myself. Some of those colors are just what I have been searching for in Reaper quality.
  5. Eating food? I knew I forgot something while I was at Reapercon...
  6. I know I would like to thank Reaper for making me and Dream Pod 9 feel so welcome. It was a joy working with Ron and Bryan and I know we will be back next year for sure. As the guy in the Pikachu hat who worked for another company I say thank you for a great time!
  7. I know they have access to the product and have carried it before so maybe you just need to prod them.
  8. If all else fails I know the hotel I am staying at has rooms and I do not mind giving you a ride each day.
  9. It seems they are now full so some people may be out of luck...
  10. Agreed... sounds like fun if I can find the time.
  11. @ Reaperbryan: No worries as I was just curious. I wouldn't worry about adding my stuff to the gaming schedule as I agree that it is not the place.
  12. Hmmm My stuff isn't on there....
  13. I heard somewhere that the fun starts at 0900 on Thursday. I'll be running demo games and showing off the HGB paint set starting around then.
  14. I use Plano tackle organizers. Line them with felt and you are good to go.
  15. All Dream Pod 9's games will be walk-up so no signing up is needed.
  16. We hit 104 Wednesday and 105 yesterday.... This is probably a weird question but is there a paint and take at Reapercon? Some friends are thinking of coming and they asked if they had paint&takes. I really wasn't sure what the answer was so I ask now.
  17. I order direct for the most part as that is due to a lack of LGS willing to order non-chronoscope minis. It doesn't really bother me much as I usually get my figures in two days from ordering...sometimes faster.
  18. Or bread dough... throw that on the dash or back seat and have fresh baked bread by lunchtime ;)
  19. I'm going to have to make sure I am extra early to secure a parking spot. Then again I have to be early every day to ensure everything is setup before my events.
  20. Texas actually has some world-class sushi in major cities. Heck the small town I live in has several sushi places and they are all very good. The sushi does stack up nicely to the stuff I had in Japan.
  21. An example is the Bull Shark which flourish in fresh water and they are a primarily salt water fish. I can fully understand fishman travelling up rivers searching for resources and food. I can see them raiding along rivers and travelling inshore to secure resources. As for the desert thing, I can imagine fishman living in an isolated oasis after travelling too far inland. There are ways to explain it that do not stretch "reality" too far. I would love to see expanded rules in the future to be honest like seige, mass battle, and published scenarios.
  22. I'm hoping that the Saturday fills up more so I can get all of my games.
  23. I'm going to assume Dream Pod 9 is okay but what about Battlefront's Flames of War line? I have a lot of their new stuff and it seems to chank more than thunk.
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