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  1. What do you spy that you cannot explain? If you are referring to the Dream Pod 9 staff member that is John and he is our marketing director. Reaper is making our paint line for Heavy Gear Blitz.
  2. @Haldir I might take you up on that as I will be driving up this year... it is only like 5 hours or so for me.
  3. I would love to see the Warlord basic troopers in bones form...
  4. Those look like something I would consider buying if more become available that are for Warlord Armies
  5. We are working with Reaper on our paint line and it will be awesome. You can check out Dream Pod 9 at our website: www.dp9.com
  6. I might not be able to go now because of work concerns... I'm trying to get out of it but since the company pays the bills I'm not going to push it too far.
  7. Well my Crusaders are are painted, based, and ready for smiting!
  8. Kneadite has large quanities you can buy at reasonable prices.
  9. So I thought I would ask what faction you are planning on bringing to this event? I'll be bringing Crusaders of course but I'm curious what other factions I might see there.
  10. I tend to agree with the free rules pdfs. It is the direction the industry is going if you see the signs. The main reason books are printed is to have a rules product available for purchase alongside the miniature product. I think with the layout and lack of massive art sections, the Warlord books are primed to receive the pdf treatment.
  11. Different terrain setups per table is my vote as long as each side is balanced.
  12. ... that would be a tough call but I would wait and see what people say on how full it gets. I'm glad I do not have to worry about rental vehicles or flights as I only live 5 hours away. A reasonable drive but I feel it will be worth it.
  13. I like the new forum layout as it is the same as the one we use over at Dream Pod 9...
  14. I've been debating adding in Hospitalers or Finari... I still have time to play with it though.
  15. That is a pretty good list... I like it. I ordered up those miniatures as well as Conlan as I did not have him already. I may make tweaks based on test games but I really like it.
  16. I only own the 4e core books because I bought them very lightly used for $15 at a local bookstore. I'm intriqued to see how they go with this route...
  17. Mind Blown! I guess I really made a pain of myself
  18. Again thanks for all the help and I hate to ask this but is there a list that uses what I have with a budget of $30 for extra stuff? I understand the offer to let me borrow minis but I have never really been a fan of that.
  19. Oh I'm not painting it for any prize or anything... it comes from habit more than anything. If I happen to win that would only be a bonus as just getting to play is the goal.
  20. Now I need to make sure everything is painted in time... I guess it is the years of playing in FoW tourneys where fully painted is forced upon you. I figure I'll be fully painted by this weekend.
  21. That is really reassuring... Thanks. I'll play around with the list suggestions and try out a few things as well.
  22. Thanks for all the help! I guess with what I have there really isn't a chance at a competitive list... oh well
  23. I have really got to find a way to afford this trip... Anyone possibly mind a roomie?
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