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  1. I've never really considered either of those soldiers in my lists. I think I may need to pick some of those up in the near future. So Justicars just really are not worth it are they? I'm going to run some test games and see how the list works out, thanks guys. If you guys have any other ideas, feel free to post them.
  2. It is working now... Thanks for fixing it!
  3. So I am trying to make a list for the Tulsa Warlord event and it seems the list builder is down and not working. Any ideas if it is really down or just my computer? By the way if anyone has any advice on list building for Crusaders I posted in the forum what I have available to use. I kinda would like to know about the list builder as it will help get all the information I need in one handy place. Thanks
  4. So I'm seriously thinking of going to the Tulsa Warlord Revival and I wanted some advice on list building. I have played very few games so any advice is appreciated. This is what I own: Duke Gerard Kristianna Sir Brannor Sir Broderick Acacia Almaran the Gold Finari Halbarad Valandil Hospitalier x 2 Ivy Crown Archer x 4 Justicar x 4 Templar Ironspine x 3 Templar Knight x 6 Hound of Judgment x 2 Guardian Beast Uriel At the time of this posting, the army builder is down. Anything I should consider ordering elite or leader-wise?
  5. How many people do you have coming so far? These prizes intrique me... is Reaper donating some stuff for you to give as prizes?
  6. Sad, sad day.... I do terrain work for several companies and I have relied on them to keep within budget. I think I may have to go hoard materials from the local stores.
  7. It is a wee bit too far for me to travel to but it sounds like it would be a blast.
  8. I have to agree with you there as Warlord is a solid game but suffers from a lack of exposure. It seems that the Warlord player community may just not be very well motivated. I discovered Warlord last year at Artistcon only because I really wanted to learn more about the game and some awesome forum members showed me the game.
  9. I haven't seen it asked but what is the average cost to get into the con? Badge fee if you will. I read that tournaments and such were free to enter but seminars cost something, but I have yet to see anything on the cost just to get in. If anyone remembers or has a theory...
  10. Oh that stupid video game controller PR guy.... Never ever doubt the perpensity for video gamers to woof about bad customer service. It was funny but blown out of proportion.
  11. I am also interested to see if anyone has official or semi-official rules for siege warfare... I'll help you test some rules if no one has anything vaguely official.
  12. I was curious on what the contact information was for those wanting to run non-Reaper games at Reapercon? It would be for a game that Reaper will be producing the paints for. If anyone knows, it would be most helpful.
  13. ARe we talking San Angelo, Texas? If so I know some people in that area.
  14. So I'm going to driving down to MillenniumCon this weekend to run some demo games and I was wondering if Reaper still has a booth there? I know they have the past couple of years and was curious if they will be there this year as well. If so who is working the booth for them this year?
  15. Cool to read these battle reports as I am one of those new players. Great read.
  16. So far I like what I see. I may go ahead and do something similar for several army projects in different systems.
  17. So I have been showing the game off to my friends and an interesting question came up. How do buildings work? I'm referring to movement and fighting in them. I'm building a few, well... buildings for my terrain collection in scale with Warlord and I am constructing them to be fully playable. I looked through the rulebook and could not find a thing. So if anyone knows if they did anything for buildings, let me know. One of my friends asked if there were rules for seige warfare or if they ever worked on some. So is there any thing out there for seige or are there plans for seige?
  18. Aside from Crusaders I also picked up a Sister army and I need a little information. I do not have access to the SN book so hopefully someone can answer the following questions. What is Samantha's warlord benefit? What are our faction doctrines? What do we have access to in regards to gear and spells? I figure I am asking a lot but I really cannot get a hold of the book for myself.
  19. This is a pretty good mini to use for a High Elf dragon http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Sisters%20of%20the%20Blade/sku-down/03000 Kyra and Lavarath 03000
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