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  1. I must say I heard many an amusing and sometimes disturbing phrases for the painters. I will say it made the whole experience enjoyable.
  2. Non-Cav... I'm sticking with templars and justicars but I may one day pick up cav and ivy crown
  3. Thanks for the demo! I ended up picking up a large crusader army with options as well as a Sisterhood army of no small size. It stinks that I had to leave early Saturday afternoon for a long drive home as I would have loved to see that game.
  4. Well I went to Artistcon to learn to be a better painter and see about this game called Warlord. I was treated on Friday to seeing the game played as well as getting a chance to demo the game and I am sold! I cannot remember the names of those playing Warlord next to my demo or the man who demo the game to me but I want to say thank you. I must say I was impressed with the balance and ease of play. I took advantage of the Metal Exchange and picked up a large Crusader army as well as a decent Sisterhood of the Blade army. I cannot remember the Forum Handles of the two guys that helped me and I really do not want to mention real names for internet reasons but they will probably chime in. I must say that I will be spreading the game in my local area and I know that it will take off because it is more fun to play and the armies have a lot of flavor. Thanks for everyones help and I expect to be posting more in the Warlord section soon.
  5. Well my situation has changed and I will be driving up Friday morning and leaving Saturday afternoon. This will hopefully allow me to learn those painting techniques that have alluded me as well as learn about Warlord.
  6. So I'm going to be coming to Artistcon this year and I was wanting to know which day is best to come. I can only swing one day so I need to know which is better, Friday or Saturday? I'm coming to learn a few painting techniques I have no clue how to do as well as learn about Warlord. I'm posting this here as the Reapercon area is not an area well travelled. Thanks folks for your replies.
  7. I am also interested to know as I will be driving in from San Angelo on the days I plan to attend.
  8. Understandable and I'm glad to hear that there is real balance. So what is a good start to say Crusaders and maybe Overlords? Barring the books as I plan on buying those of course, I'm interested in what models will give me a solid start and will actually see use in 1000pt games. Are there any issues with the two factions I am leaning towards? I know Overlords is back to playing evil armies but I like the idea of having some coolness in an army.
  9. I used to play Warhammer Fantasy till this latest edition came out and I played evil armies like Skaven and Warriors of Chaos. These seem like "good" armies and mercs seems like a neutral force. The Sisters of the Blade look kinda cool but not really sold. Are the Crusaders and the Mercs not competitive?
  10. So I've decided to give Warlord a try and I am debating on Crusaders or Mercenaries. I will be picking up the rulebook and want to pick up some minis to get me started. I will be at Artistcon so I'm hoping to pick up some minis using Metal exchange. If anyone has any suggestions on what I should get for either faction. I guess also let me know the pros and cons so I can pick one. Thanks folks!
  11. Any word on if Dream Pod 9 pewter is accepted as I didn't see that on the list. I know we use leadfree 92 for all our pewter minis because of Canadian law. Thanks for the answers...
  12. Awesome thanks for the response...Any chance of a metal exchange like Reapercon?
  13. I was wondering why there have been no official responses to questions in the Reapercon area? I understand if the Reaper staff are busy and whatnot but the occasional answer would be nice. I figured starting a thread here might help.
  14. Will recent Dream Pod 9 metal be accepted? Will ArtistCon allow metal trade-ins?
  15. I'm interested as well since I have a lot of older pewter from Reaper and others I need to get rid off. Will CAV minis be available as well?
  16. I'll probably be making my way to Artist Con this year. It sounds like fun even though the information available is very limited.
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