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  1. Pretty much by the book. Painted pretty fast to get them done on time.
  2. Superb. Very effective NMM especially on the wrist guards. Also love the potion vial effect. :)
  3. A pleasure to paint. I used Pathfinder wikia for the color scheme. Mounted on a Back 2 Base-ix square base.
  4. Just wanted to pile on. I used to love the minis, but ever since the Jester mini I have been very dissappointed with the mold shifts. Warlord Overlords, Dwarves, and Crusaders are the worst offenders, as they seem to have the most plate armor and it really shows... Too bad.
  5. This one goes with a friend's Crusader army. Mounted on an Epicast base to fit his army. Count my vote for the abolition of broccoli bases, not fun to remove.
  6. Thanks for the advice, I hope the black bar makes it OK. If not, my bad. Mods do what you have to do.
  7. Perfect. Exactly how I want to do mine. Like I'll ever get to it.
  8. Same skin tone as the other dark elf, done at the request of the client. I like it. I was not sure what to make of the staff, critiques welcome.
  9. Painted for a client, skin color by request. I think it works well and I'm not a fan of the traditional 'Drow' color.
  10. Some of my most recent/best work. Initially painted for sale but I changed my mind. This is the coolest mini ever IMO.
  11. Yup, metal. I was really into chainmail and I still have a ton of each faction. Now I really only have use for the dwarves and undead, as all other factions are goofily scaled.
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