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  1. Hi, After finishing my Darkreach warband I'm moving to Razig. I have almost all minis I need to build my army. I would need your help on this project on both look and army lists. I have never used Razig in battle and I'm not going to use it untill I have fully painted playable army. The good thing is that we play at low ponts. So army of 500 is fully playable. but I hope to start with about 800pts. So before I'll post pictures of minis I need to warn you. This would be 100% unofficial models. The most of this army would be made using minis and bits I bought some time ago and put them
  2. OK it took me a while till I've organized those individual photos, but finaly here they are. When you klick a photo it would lead you to my website for more views of mini. Hope you don't mind it. I didn't want to put here all photos coz it would make this topic very large. But if you prefer, I can change those little photos for full ones. Let me know. Zeshin Nightcreeper Tierdeleira Priestess Avrix Dirthe Champion Liela Mordollwen Sorceress Zalash Assassin Erdolliel Saerwen Nightshade Warrior Shadowstep Warrior Darkshade Raider Shiver Spike Shiver Spike Shiver Spike
  3. Hi this is my sample list. Its 599 pts. I try to play different list every time to master the army. Troop 1 Zeshin Nightcreeper Zalash, Assassin Liela Mordollwen, Sorceress Shiver Spike x 3 Troop 2 Evshyvandra Duskwidow Avrix Dirthe, Champion Shadowguard x 2 Nightshade Warrior Troop 3 Phase Cat This is my usual build but I like to experiment so sometimes it gets changed. But lets see what we've got here. Troop1 - I like this squad. It has 2 combos included. First is Barrage/Move/Blink/Focus/Shoot with RAV 5 AOE 3" Piercing. Second one is Move/Teleport/Move/Blink/Charge/Fight com
  4. Thanks. Zeshin is a Dark Eldar Clawed Fiend from Games Workshop. Phase Cats are Dark Eldar Khymerae. Also from GW.
  5. Thanks! I'll be uploading some solo pictures this week. I'm also thinking of a new army for Warlord. This could be either Necropolis or Koborlas. Just not sure yet as I really like the theme of both, I'm still waiting for Razig minis. But hope to get them somday...
  6. And this proect is ready! I'll take more pictures of individual minis and post it too. but later, now lets talk about those minis. I've chosen some GW minis to use instead of original Reaper ones. The first one idea was to have Dark Eldar Clawed Fiend as Zeshin Nightcreaper. I've bought GW's mini long before Reaper released theirs. And I'm very happy with that coz reapers Zeshin looks crappy. Also GW model works nice as it has right size and I can imagine that his tail sting is poisonous. Now the phase cats. Original ones are also not my type. The thing is they don't look evil enough
  7. I'm finishing those 2 phase cats right now. I want them ready for final pics (I'll take them soon), but they have co much details... I've also did a proxed familiar... well he is a bit too big to be just familiar, but mini looks too cool to not use him. Stay tuned.
  8. OK I've just finished painting all darkreach models. I still need to paint those details on phase cats. And probably I'll remake face of zeshin. I'll then upload pictures.
  9. I've just painted Tierdeleira, Liela, Avrix and Shadowstep Warrior. I'll take pics during this weekend.
  10. OK so I was screwed by the vendor on my Razig project. I had some days off to start working on something so I've reached for my darkreaches. I've already painted: Zeshin Nightcreeper [prox] Tierdeleira, Priestess Avrix Dirthe, Champion Zalash Assassin Liela Mordollwen, Sorceress Shadowstep Warrior Nightshade Warrior 3 Shiver Spikes Phase Cat 1 [prox] still need some detail works here and there Phase Cat 2 [prox] same with this kitty Minis to buy: 1 Dramorion, Sorcerer 2 Shadowguard 1 Darkrime Drake 1 Majestrix Latissula, High Priestess 1 Sinisthreax and maybe some ch
  11. OK I was screwed by store. They did not sent me the minis up to this date and furthermore they say they have no idea why, but the manufacturer has not sent minis to them yet. So I've started another army. This plog is suspended until I get minis. No idea when, but I'll let you know.
  12. I'm going to make about 10 salty sabres for my army. I'll go for same amount of zombies, and 2 maybe 3 heroes, and some elites including scurvy dogs and sea hag. This part of my army would be all about Dead Men Tell No Tales Doctrine. So max models with Nauseating SA. Also I want to make it something like no skeleton list. Of course this is impossible coz the leaders has to be skellies, but all other skellies would go in the second part. I'll start as soon as I get some parts for scurvy dogs and sabres, which should be this week. Also we play with no warlord models. Warlords are too
  13. Hi, Could you enable Taptalk on this forum so we could use this forum on our mobile devices? Would be cool. Thanks.
  14. Waazup! Long hearing from me, but here I am with new army idea. I'd like to make and Razig army this month. Here I'll be sharing all army ideas and build and paint progress. Note: this is gonna be all 100% proxy army, I doubt I would buy any reaper mini for this army. This is supposed to be budget army made from bitz left from other minis (sorry reaper you don't provide that), but with high hobby factor. So lots of good painting here and 100% WYSYWIG. Also I'll be trying to keep my minis close to original in that pirate theme. I'm not anti-reaper I have some beautifull darkreach mod
  15. This time I've played 750pts Warlord battle with Biore. Dwarfs (Warriors of the Mountain Doctrine) • Luck Stone Troop 1 • Ursula, Bear Rider • Kara Foehunter • 2 Berzerkers • Halberdier Troop 2 • Logrim Battlefury • Durgam Deepmug • Giliam, Rune Spelunker • 3 Swiftaxe • Halberdier Troop 3 • Annasha Tomebreaker Troop 4 • Earth Elemental Mercenaries (Scoundrel's Luck Doctrine) Troop 1 • Thunginar, Dark Dwarf • 4 Dark Dwarf Warriors • Mika, Samurai Heroine (Assassins Blade) Troop 2 • Sigurd • 3 Minotaurs • 3 Mercenary Spearmen Troop 3
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