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  1. I like blue one better. You already mentioned the eyes. But it's not just the thick black line, it's also the expression. The slightly downcast look of the blue suited the mini better. It's the placement of her right eye (our left) that made her so. The pink is also ever so slightly crossed eye. Not that I would have done better, just making an observation. I certainly would have left her like that as good enough. The transparency of the cloth is also better in the blue. Then again, I do find blue to be easier to work with for transparency over all. Only white is better than blue. The last reason I like the blue better is purely personal. I can't do that oriental skin tone well, and you did a superb job on the blue. So it got a lot more admiration point for that alone. Good job on both though. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Have you consider simply cutting a glasses shape out of blister pack plastic and paint around the edge to create illusion of a rim? If you are handy with a x-acto knife, you may even be able to create steampunk googles with a bit of precise cutting and scoring of plastic.
  3. Nice one! This guy was my first Stonehaven mini too. I got him and Kell Hammersong (Dwarf Fighter Miniature)
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