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  1. Hello, Here are three pieces I just finished for Two Hour War Games. The big guy in the middle is a Grath 35mm posed bent over sort of running came in at 32mm after pose. The other two are Hishen they are 25mm all are part of some sort of Alien race, not sure though. Fun guys to sculpt. They are made of Super Sculpey with tiny armatures and epoxy bases. Have a look and let me know what you guys think. Thanks Chris
  2. Very Cool! I agree with the Slimer comment, reminded me of him right off. Chris
  3. Nice Start!! Can't wait to see it finished!!! Chris
  4. WOW! Friggin Awesome Man!!! Chris
  5. Dude you have been busy!! Great work as usual!!! Chris
  6. Sweet!!!!!!!!!!! Very well done! Chris
  7. Oh Man!!! She is awesome so far!!! can't wait to see her finished!! Chris
  8. Nice!!! could be from the Conan novels, giant elephant headed beast at the top of the tower. Great Stuff Bro!!! Chris
  9. Hello Everyone, This is a 28mm true scale piece that I sculpted for King Maker Games. Have a look and let me know what you think. Thanks Chris
  10. Thanks Everyone!!! I'm self taught and have loads to learn. Thanks! Chris
  11. Thanks Everyone! These were sculpted in a Premo / Sculpey III mix, with epoxy sculpt bases. Mostly I work in Polymers, I have sculpted in Green Stuff but Polymer seems easier, at least to me, to work with and holds up to molding and casting well. Thanks Chris
  12. Thanks Guys!! I must admit that I am definitely not good at taking pictures, Pragma its like your speaking a foreign language to me in reference to picture quality. I've been using a mavica digital camera for the last ten or fifteen years, you know the one with the 3.5 in floppies, yeah I know, who still uses those...LOL but i just moved into the modern era and got myself a Sony Cyber - shot,model DSC-HX1 with a very good zoom but for the life of me I don't know how to use it..yet Got any advice about my camera and the best settings for miniatures? Thanks! Chris
  13. Awesome sculpts Derek!!! You really need to have site to showcase your art it's awesome!!! Thanks again!! Chris
  14. Hey Guys and Gals, Here are two new piece that i sculpted recently. They are both 28mm scale, the first is a magic using Demon and the second is Ghoul. Both pieces were sculpted for Two Hour War Games. Thanks for looking! Chris
  15. Thanks! That's exactly what the company I did it for was looking to convey, realistic human anatomy and as close to historically accurate as was possible. Thanks!! Chris
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