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  1. Wolf Demon looks cool but out of stock unfort! Bat Demon without the wings would be really close I think, but a bit on the small side.
  2. I normally look through the humanoid figures on this site, but our current campaign is very Malarite focus and the GM thought it would be really cool to adapt the Deathclaw from fallout. There is an official Deathclaw mini but it's hard to find and expensive, and a little underwhelming side wise. Reaper also has Khanjira the world breaker, which looks very much like a giant, Tarrasque-ish Deathclaw, but again it's price(and obviously size) is a bit much. Any other recommendations? What else do you think would make for good Malarite enemies? https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/fallout/images/b/bb/Deathclaw_fo4.png/revision/latest?cb=20160101191326 I'm also looking for minis that would best fit these characters: Water Genasi Swordmage: https://www.deviantart.com/roseweave/art/Gaerandir-the-Genasi-Swordmage-787234840 Aranea Storm Sorcerer: (I'm currently using the Mira mini from the mad max esque line but want something more Storm Sorcerery - I'm going with Cailleach for her half elf form, but want something suitable for her Hybrid form, which is simialr to the above, I'll likely have to sculpt on the extra arms & spider rump which is fine). Also, a Whooshwagon!
  3. pointy ears are okay, i'll sculpt over it. since my version of the character is an archfey(i thought the "folk saint" thing sorta translated well as that, and the mexican sort of conception of death is a lot brighter and more fey than usual) pointy ears might be ok. I'll have to convert the hair to a hood though, I guess smooth over it with some green stuff.
  4. ahhh. guessing there isn't a bones version of the figure either. damn. still a cool figure tho. another one before I get ready to order - there's one NPC that's an Archfey based off the mexican Catrina/La Santa Muerte kind of look. I couldn't find any decent skeleton ladies in robes. I don't think she needs to be literally skeletal, but something that suits that general vibe of looking kind of dead and robed but also holy would help.
  5. Is it metal? If not I could probably just remove cut it out.
  6. he looks pretty badass. whats a byrangle thoo also does this have a removable crossbow? I like this mini so i could just take the crossbow from it (Want to give it a second sword) http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/crossbow/sku-down/60164
  7. Technic League captain sounds perfect. I just need to sculpt him some chest armour and a shield. Shifter is a two weapon ranger/avenger of raven queen. A battle cleric might work. Doesn't have to look like a shifter since it's subtle, other races like half elf mgiht work too. she's got a bit of a gothy thing going on because demigod of death. Darius Hellstrom is perfect for my Artificer. I just wish he had one of those whacky artificer crossbows. Is there anywhere I can pick up some cheap weapons and stuf?
  8. Hey there again! Looking to see if I can find a mini for a somewhat gothy 2 weapon shifter ranger now too. Also, a steampunky mad scientist/artificer dude, but he might look a bit more like a general adventurer. Also, I never got that Goliath Mini. Can someone tell me how tall Tariq and the League Captain are? IT's so hard to tell scale.
  9. I wrote a bunch of short stories(some for Nano) revolving around the D&D game I'm currently playing in. http://crystallineprincess.tumblr.com/tagged/short-stories
  10. Some good options there! I particularly like the suggestion for Naziha, though it's a shame she's not fully veiled. An easy enough fix, if I paint it all black you probably won't be able to tell the difference. I know I'm playing a Courtesan and I generally consider myself pretty sex positive but looking at a lot of minis online it's depressing how many of them are heavily sexualised or even outright naked. Even for my Courtesan, she tends to have more of a fairy princess vibe, though does have a penchant for open front skirts and fishnets. I might just get a pair of wings for my existing mini.
  11. Playing in a D&D game that just hit Epic. I thought maybe to celebrate I could get some minis for the PCs/NPCs that haven't had ones that really fit them. I can customise to a degree but would like to do the minimal sculpting possible. Here's the mini I customed for my Bard/Courtesan: http://s1238.photobucket.com/user/dollywitch/media/Customs/ellieminiunpainted.jpg.html?sort=3&o=8 http://s1238.photobucket.com/user/dollywitch/media/Customs/ellieminidress_zpsb57e2903.jpg.html?sort=3&o=6 Based off this design - http://s1238.photobucket.com/user/dollywitch/media/neverwinter/Portraits/elliedrawingc_zps92f1a6af.jpg.html?sort=6&o=16 http://s1238.photobucket.com/user/dollywitch/media/neverwinter/Portraits/WqRcwpc_zpsae64ee06.jpg.html?sort=6&o=15 I might be looking for a mini that's more this design now she's Epic and growing wings: http://s1238.photobucket.com/user/dollywitch/media/neverwinter/Portraits/ellieshowgirl2_zps5623112f.png.html?sort=6&o=13 Here's some of the characters I'd like. http://s1238.photobucket.com/user/dollywitch/media/neverwinter/Portraits/alex2_zps30bb2d97.png.html?sort=6&o=0 ^ Mad Scientist/Artificer type. Gur/Romani background so those sort of clothes would probably work. http://s1238.photobucket.com/user/dollywitch/media/neverwinter/Portraits/deja_zps62994c6d.png.html?sort=6&o=7 Middle Eastern/Latina looking Aranea girl, presents as a half elf in her humanoid form. Rogue class, though training to be a princess. Anything relatively small and cute and ethnically hard to pin down I guess. http://s1238.photobucket.com/user/dollywitch/media/neverwinter/Portraits/emerald_zpsfeb50355.png.html?sort=6&o=9 ^ Chaos Sorcerer. Not sure what her class is exactly. Sort of Scarlet Witchy. Hair's the hardest thing to get right. Again she's of Gur background somewhat and would probably suit something that fits into that(as long as it isn't too appropriative) but is also a Baroness so something fancy could work for her as long as it has a bit of a chaotic streak to it. http://s1238.photobucket.com/user/dollywitch/media/neverwinter/Portraits/arak2_zps21352051.png.html?sort=6&o=3 ^ Goliath Fighter. Found it very hard to find one, most Goliath minis are barbarians etc. nothing with a sword and shield. Doesn't need to be a goliath, but anything big and bald I can get to work would be great. http://s1238.photobucket.com/user/dollywitch/media/neverwinter/Portraits/lily4_zps02465fdd.png.html?sort=6&o=22 ^ Eladrin/High Elf, Bow Based bard. Bobbed hair is probably her most distinct feature. Adopted by a noble family so should be a bit on the fancy side, but anything fancy Elven would probably work too. http://s1238.photobucket.com/user/dollywitch/media/neverwinter/Portraits/alstromeria3_zps90058726.png.html?sort=6&o=2 ^ Mothering Witchy type, Moriticia Addams-esque. I guess anything gothy would work, though with an emphasis on the sort of mystical stargazey type as much as the morbid. http://s1238.photobucket.com/user/dollywitch/media/neverwinter/Portraits/hm3-beta15_zpsec73d5d0.png.html?sort=6&o=33 ^ Another Aranea taking humanoid form, bounty hunter & royal guard. Based a little on Spider Woman/Jessica Drew, except middle eastern(like most Aranea in the realms setting). Primary features would be the headscarf/hijab, lengthier robe/dress and two swords. Pref. something with a middle eastern or north african kind of aesthetic again as long as it's not overly appropriative. http://s1238.photobucket.com/user/dollywitch/media/neverwinter/Portraits/the_greatest_sister_by_roseweave-d5wiu9i2_zpsf1c3ece5.png.html?sort=6&o=11 Basically a goth lolita version of Azula from Avatar. Frills, parasols, eccentric hair but also burning death and lightning. Also looking for something that'd suit a shifter two weapon Ranger/Avenger of the Raven Queen... don't have an accurate portrait of her right now. If people could throw me some suggestions! The mini catalog here is very large, and while this is the Reaper forum if people have other suggestions please make them.
  12. Thanks :) Keep in mind the shine is mostly apparent because of the Flash, not so much in real life. I had to use a buttload of sealant to stop it from scratching. I think there is some drybrushing in this, just it's very subtle and doesn't show up under the flash/lack of focus. I think I did some more work on the mini after this, the base in particular. May try and get another pic at some stage, the mini is at the GM's house though now, safe away in a little box.
  13. Never thought I'd actually try painting a figure this small. Been making some custom action figures for a while now (http://roseweave.deviantart.com) but I found it hard enough painting a 3-4 inch figure as you can see. I needed a figure for a female Bard character for a 4E D&D game and there was just nothing decent out there. We had one mini that kind of worked but it was boring. I wanted a character that looked kind of like Devola/Popola from Nier: (Picture I used for Ellie Prismriver's portrait) I couldn't get anything too close, but obviously I don't want to rip off another design completely. Astrid kind of captured the vibe I was after. Maybe a little too "sexy" still but still good overall. It's hard to photograph and from that angle the face looks worse than it actually is. The colour scheme was kind of influenced by the mini I was using before. I knew I wanted some kind of reddish, brownish colour in there and found myself leaning towards orange. Going for a kind of earthy look, I was using a shade of bluish green, trying not to get too close to the stereotypical orange/blue contrast. It reminds me a little of Joe Linsner's Dawn, or a similar character I can't think of at the moment. The colours aren't quite as vibrant as they look in the photo, but still fairly bright, I think the overly colorful look works for a pompous bard even if it might not be the most tasteful. I think I did pretty well with this for my first go, though it's a lot splodgier and less specifically detailed than pics I've seen, I really need a better brush for painting small with(and more practice). It looks pretty good alongside the other D&D miniatures. I enjoyed it a little more than expected though, so might try again some other time.
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