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    Minis we would like to see (Fantasy Version)

    I've got to be straight forward here by saying furries - of course there's no need to acknowledge them as that. Nobody likes Furries, after all. Decent, non savage, civilized anthropomorphic animal folk to add much needed diversity of race to fantasy settings where they are needed - mostly just mine. Not beastmen, not were-monsters, not sickeningly sweet mousey midgets, just normally proportioned humanoid animals. A simple set of Anthro Adventurers would be a god sent boon.
  2. Is anybody else seeing this guy in the Previews section of the main site? When is he going to be released? Is he going to be released? I remember that at the start of October he had a release date in October, but I guess he doesn't anymore. What about the dinosaurs and the Cerberus that seem to accompany him? I'm a little eager to get a hold of him...