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    Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion

    I looked around as some other places where this is being discussed; people really want some bones CAV stuff. I honestly can't say that I blame them, maybe we can get around to that this time.
  2. The Basilisk

    Bones Kickstarter #2 Pre-discussion

  3. The Basilisk


    Got any pictures of that triforce d3? c8 There are times when I think I almost like dice more than miniatures, and miniatures only come out on top because I have more of them.
  4. The Basilisk

    Bones Kickstarter #2 Pre-discussion

    I completely forgot that this was happening, and upon calmly checking the timer I started to vibrate with excitement and now I can't stop.
  5. The Basilisk

    Pewter Ponies Kickstarter

    I'm not sorry to bump this at all because it has to be said; these are the worst damn figures I've ever seen. Good thing a few other companies are making quality My Little Proxies here and there...
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    Minis we would like to see

    ... what about like... A Sophie in some kind shiny latex future armor that pilots a giant mecha sophie...?
  7. The Basilisk

    Bones Kickstarter #2 Pre-discussion

    It's getting closer!!! D8>
  8. The Basilisk

    Minis we would like to see

    I've been wondering about this too. As for minis I'd like to see... masks. Sprues of masks, bags of loose masks, masks of all different cultures and worldly walks of life and design. Native American masks, African masks, kabuki masks, carnival masks, bionicle masks, masks, masks, masks! A mask turns a featureless character into a legendary image, and almost every civilization in my fantasy setting uses them for ritual and practical purposes. Heck, every real civilization does too! Give me some teeny tiny masks, man. And if you don't want to slice the face off a figure, you could put a mask in their hand to replace some dangling keys or a magic wand or something, too!
  9. The Basilisk

    Free Painting Day in Knoxville 9/28

    I'm going to make it there ONE of these days, but not this time. 2 hours is just too long to drive. Maybe once I get some friends at college we can all make the trip together...
  10. The Basilisk

    Help With LGBTect. Issues and Problem Player?

    I know this is an old reply but it rattled my brains so badly I can't even find them anymore. I think they're under the fridge; please come help me move it. holy cow, that would be awful. i can not comprehend that at all, it's almost like I wouldn't even be playing. I'm glad they don't do that anymore in most games... generation gaps aren't fun.
  11. The Basilisk

    03190: Blacktongue, Gnoll Ranger

    Delightful color palette! I like the faintly visible spots.
  12. The Basilisk

    Help With LGBTect. Issues and Problem Player?

    Then unless it starts getting extremely smutty and uncomfortable in the game, I think I'd say to simply let her play her character - especially if no one else has a problem with it. Of course you could ask if she could change to something else beforehand because the thought of a broken child slave girl makes you squirm; which I should add is understandable. Just be polite, and don't take her identity into account when making the decision. Who knows, she may open up interesting and deep twists within the story as this character! (I'm personally into a LOOOOOOOAD of weird junk and many of my closest friends are too, but as accepting as I am I try to keep rules about this sort of thing constant to keep it from going too far. Looot of horror stories out there about groups giving nonchalant looks at sexy goofing around in games...)
  13. The Basilisk

    Help With LGBTect. Issues and Problem Player?

    It sounds like you're uncomfortable with the situation simply because of the player's sexuality. Don't do that, that's not good. Can't bar her from playing what she wants if everyone else gets to. That just isn't acceptable. All the same, what we have here is a sexual fantasy, and unless everyone is wanting to play a game where their bdsm shotacon thief gets hard vored by the macro futanari dragon lady, then the character and game shouldn't have those things in them. (I would not google any of those if you do not know what they are) It's kind of common courtesy not to be a subconsciously kinky sex fiend when doing things with other people. So just tell R that you'd like it if they made a character without that subtext. Not that big a deal, really.
  14. Hello all, I’m looking to build a monster race PC in 3.5 D&D. I’ll wait for the groaning to subside. I’m dead set on creating a lizardfolk wizard (who conjures blizzards, has a gizzard and looks a little like Eddie Izzard), but I’m seeing repeatedly that monsters do not make very good characters because of the levels of monster they start with and a myriad of other things. I theorize that he will function relatively well both in melee combat and in spelly pursuits without a lot of tweaking. His automatic +1 attack bonus will rise by one each level as he goes, which should put him at about the same combat skill as a rogue or a ranger, and his automatic simple weapon proficiency will land him an even better chance of survival in close combat. He won’t have access to as many spells as other wizards would upon achieving his first level of wizard, technically at level 2, so I plan in specializing him either in Conjuration (for it’s collection of damaging, summoning and utility spells) or Necromancy (for sheer enemy fumbling jinxes and attribute poisoning curses.) I’m not sure which would be better to major in... I’ve got to pick one of my two free spells from my chosen school, and necromancy has a higher contingency of genuinely useful, dangerous spells in every level than conjuration does. Necromancy seems to be winning. I’m going to ban and disregard Evocation (because it has a lot of friendly fire problems, can be duplicated with illusion later on, and other party members will be dealing damage anyways while I focus on messing opponents up) and Enchantment (because from what I’ve read, it becomes less useful as you go on and as your DM starts building things to block it). I also may give him a snake or lizard familiar, to keep with his theme of casting all of his spells with a reptilian accent and only willingly trafficking with reptilian outsiders. I’d give him a toad, but he does NOT need that extra 3 HP. What kind of powergaming will put me on (or slightly above) the same level of capability as a regular wizard? How can I make him BETTER than he is, so he can keep up with other, normal PCs and help keep his parties safe? I’m not a powergaming sort of guy and I don’t like the ruthless mindset that tends to accompany it, so I’m coming to you all for help, because you’re not just good people, you know what you’re doing. I want him to be useful and enjoyable to play with and as. I like my build so far, but I don’t really know how it will function because I’m not too experienced with this yet. How does it look, is it a good route to travel, and can you offer any suggestions to improve or change it? Which of my two chosen domains would be best to specialize in? Feat recommendations? I’d like to stick to the core books if I can, since many DMs don’t like all that extra book-keeping. Tell me your secrets, Reaper. Grant me the power to smite my enemies and keep my squishy mammal allies safe! Also, thank you.
  15. The Basilisk

    Need help modifying the stats of a monster PC.

    I can't stand it when that happens, you have my sympathies. I didn't realize that conjuration had a bit of a relief from my int. limit, that's good! I was planning to reskin a lot of summonable things during early levels, for instance bat swarms being played as tiny pterosaur swarms and celestial dogs or whatever being played as big angry celestial lizards. If I can, I'll be asking my DMs to let me summon monitors and shocker lizards and other things with CR's that correspond to summon monster's level version. Imbued summoning sounds like an absolute BLAST. I'm incredibly tempted to pick up conjuring as my specialization because of that, and I'm excited that I won't have to step very far outside the core books to get it. But when you say that clerics and dread necromancers tend to be better with necromantic magics, do you mean that they're better at the aspects that revolve around manipulating the dead? I'm thinking necromancy for spells like false life, spectral hand (for delivering attribute smashing touch attacks), bestow curse, and alike spells, rather than things like command undead, animate dead, create undead, etc. Would conjuration still be better in the long run? Can't thank you enough! :D
  16. The Basilisk

    Need help modifying the stats of a monster PC.

    You know, I think I have to go with this. Every DM I've ever met has said that pathfinder rules are okay to insert into their 3.5 campaigns, so hopefully the trend will keep up. If not, I can just pull out one of my other pre-made sheets. Thanks a heap! This will do just the trick!
  17. The Basilisk

    Need help modifying the stats of a monster PC.

    A title change is in order, then. As far as the actual mini goes, I'm just gonne get a GW saurus, stick a musty spell tome under one arm, and put him in a ratty dress and a pointy hat.
  18. The Basilisk

    Minis we would like to see

    yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! (the meaning of this is "YES. I AGREE. PROPS TO YOU.")
  19. The Basilisk

    Help me find a dwarf!

    http://ironwindmetals.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=7329 What about this guy? Sure he's got a shield, but his axe is very long hafted and he's awful charming.
  20. The Basilisk

    Vintage Fantasy Figure...Brain Absorber

    Love this guy! Super fun color choices, they compliment it's posture and threatening stance well.
  21. The Basilisk

    Too Much Cthulhu?

    Despite my overwhelming feelings of "mmmmeeeeuuuuhhhhhhghhhhh.... BC" towards Lovecraft being the way it is these days, I've been looking forward to this since I was born. Here's hoping that Pacific Rim (and it's sequel) will cement him the freedom to do absolutely whatever he wants to make for the rest of his life.
  22. The Basilisk

    A question about scale...

    Alright, so uh... I've got a friend who's making me a custom miniature in some 3d modeling program that can have its models printed into 3d figures, and I've been helping on and off. We've run into a pretty nasty snag along the way, and the figure is almost done. neither of us has even half of an idea how scale works or what sizes things are. The miniature in question is a young boy, so he should be around half the height of the average 28MM figure. Seems easy enough. Problem is, we don't know if our measurements are exact, or if they're so far off that they'll make a useless hunk of plastic smaller than the eye on a needle. The first height measurement that I was given was 0.5 CM high, which would make him an 8mm high miniature, by my (probably flawed and stupid) calculations... And I'm pretty sure that's too small to even paint, much less compare with a 25-28mm sculpt. The second measurement is 2.7 CM, and I'm getting lost now. i don't know whether or not that's too big, too small, or just right. So I'm coming to you, the sage-like forumites of Reaper for help with my math problems, because I and my friend are novices in this field and both stink at this whole 'numbers' thing. if its helpful, THIS is the size that I think he's supposed to come out at: I shrank this cleric down to roughly the exact same size as the material sculpt I have in my possession, and then scaled the 3d digital sculpt to an appropriate height. If anyone could help us out, we'd appreciate it dearly.
  23. The Basilisk

    Too Much Cthulhu?

    On that not, I'm sick and tired of zombies too. the only interesting thing thats been done with the concept in a decade is cordyceps zombies, and soon that will be boring and overdone too.
  24. The Basilisk

    A question about scale...

    There we go! Thanks a lot for the quick(!!) replies! That should do it! I hadn't taken the hat into consideration at all, but it looks like my sculptor friend did.
  25. The Basilisk

    Nobody could possibly be so foolish!

    get anything good?