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  1. I've been tired of Cthulhu for years now. Lovecrafty plots and stories are still fun, but unless they're done VERY well they lack all the charm they had when I got into them in my awful teenage highschool intellectual stage. The monsters are still pretty great, at least, but now that everyone and their mother is into them it's hard to make them a surprising encounter/turn of events/baddie. Also no one ever goes for the mind bendingly alien aspects of the Cthulhu cycles. Which is lame. Either it's a fat stuffed animal cthulhu or a heavy metal album cover cthulhu with rippling muscles; never anything beyond the contemporary, much less the limits of human comprehension...
  2. *bell rings* Presenta ahora! EL CAMPEÓN DE MINIATURAS AMMON, que cuesta 17 EUR A COMPRA, EL UNO, EL UNICO ... EL LUCHADOOOOOOOORK! (not what you want, exactly, but maybe he could be an arch nemesis. )
  3. I'd like to see some of the weirder pterosaurs. I'm tired of the typical Johnny Quest ones, and there was an extreme amount of diversity in their order. Just LOOK at these things... Tell me you wouldn't buy two of all of these to menace your players with. Tell me that every adventure you DM wouldn't just end with them being eaten by pterodactyls in canyons or on beaches or in boats. TELL ME you wouldn't make a Cycnorhamphus riding cavegirl barbarian with a pet rhamphorhynchus. Look this horse toothed freak in his parrot eyes and tell him.
  4. I found these Troll Forged miniatures today... I can't quite put my finger on it, but theirs something very chim-y about them... Boy, that armor sure looks familiar, doesn't it...? This one brings to mind a certain betrayed warlord figure, doesn't he? Whoever made these sure ordinated them well... I don't have a joke for this one, I just know Telvanni symbols when I see them! I just wish I knew about these before! Not enough to build an army for sure, but if anyone else is looking for (not) Dunmer miniatures, here they are!
  5. If your wood has bark on it, I say that you should be painting it a gray-ish color. Brown bark is surprisingly very rare.
  6. Darn it all, I more than certainly won't be able to make it to this one. Back in Indiana right now, so it will be an even LONGER drive. :b Thanks for the heads up, I'll try and make it down to at least a few when I get the resources for it! And thanks even more for alerting your friends to my thread! Hope to see them here soon, I'm really excited about this move.
  7. @Kay: Thanks a TON for the wished luck, I know I'll need it! I'm a guy, but I literally can not stand this 'fake geek girl' garbage that's being thrown around. This whole "boy only" clubhouse mindset is the sort of stupid thing I wouldn't expect anyone over the age of ten to do... If you haven't found a good RL group of friends to play with or a store to frequent, I'd like to wish you good luck as well. @Bonwirn: That would be a *long* drive, but your sales pitch makes it sound fantastic! I'll have to look into it, it could be very worth it to take that trip. It could also be a good location to remember, since I'll be getting my own house/job/vehicle combo in a couple of years. @Dragon Snack: RTD wouldn't be too bad in all honesty. That's not TOO far away, and I love the sightseeing this state has to offer on it's highways. Real pretty place! The Nerdery sounds pretty spectacular too, I hope they stick around for a good long while! Their FB page is really invitin, I'd like to know why they were sinking. From commentary, I would guess it had something to do with people only coming to play/only being able to sell MTG stuff. Would really stink if they had to shut down RIGHT as I got here... Thanks so much all, I appreciate this reconnaissance information more than you can know. If anyone else has advice or location, please come forward!
  8. Heya guys, I'm moving into hendersonville (near Nashville) and the scene looks pretty promising for gaming. There's a good few decent sounding game shops near me that I've found through the reaper store locator, and the most promising include Nord's Games in Antioch (which is close to me AND has a cool sounding town name), The Game Keep in hermitage (which sounds the best), and Board to Death Cafe and Games in Nashville. Now, it would look like this is a pretty complete list of new hangouts, but I'm not sure. I figure it would be wise to ask around here, partially because I know there are Reaper fans all around the country, and because the only other mini forum I visit is based in Europe. I'd like to know first and foremost if there are any other really good stores near me, how good the stores I've listed are, and whether or not any have gone out of business recently. I also want to know if all of them have good, healthy communities for players and customers. I don't want to spend time or money at places that bully lady shoppers away, or that encourage rudeness as normality. It's a long shot, but it's a shot I want to take. Thanks a lot!
  9. This is my favorite movie ever made. I will never love again.
  10. "You think YOU'VE got problems?" -the headless assassin to Tariq
  11. Mega Miniatures sells some.. well... quite frankly awful looking cat aliens with shootyguns. http://freeboardgamesnow.com/pumaceanfemalecheetah.aspx Conveniently lacking any internal organs in her abdomen! I'd take a saw and some greenstuff to her malnourished tummy, personally, but it's you and your spouses call. You're probably going to want to act quick to get her if you decide to go with her, because Mega Minis is going out of business and selling their molds. And don't worry,these figures are much nicer in person. The person who painted all their images was um... learning... There's also this figure from Armorcast/Beumont. http://armorcast.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=1511 Looks like a lemur to me, but they say she's a catgirl. Shrug. And that's about all the help I can offer! :B
  12. I haven't played League, but the general consensus I get from fellow Dota-ers is that Dota is much harder and that characters are considerably more "powerful" (extremely broken).
  13. Moba communities ARE ridiculously acidic, it's a terrible truth. Valve's making a good effort to implement a reporting system and weed out the caustic players, at least. The best strategy is to play a couple of bot matches (matches against the computer) with a character you like to get the hang of them. Most people who play dota don't care who you pick much, just as long as you win. You'll also want to make friends and introduce friends to the game, because having someone joking with you or helping to back you up in the face of a wrathful teammate really helps your self esteem and your performance overall.
  14. I have nothing to contribute whatsoever to this riveting Diablo discussion, but if we're on the subject of Warcraft before World, there's this game that's been going around called DOTA 2. It's available on Steam, produced by Valve, and based on an old WC3 mod (called dota). Moba styled, very intense, pretty challenging. Really enjoy it's bitesized but unique lore tidbits, myself. Now I'll slink back into the shadows and hope I didn't ruin anyone's fun by offering a new subject.
  15. The little asshead in question. I found this guy on the Frothers Unite/Colonel Marble's dark elf miniature showcase, and the trail ran cold there. http://www.frothersunite.com/files/rob/Desc/Desc3.htm Last entry on the page. Wouldn't mind finding that wizard, either, I like his staff. Supposedly, it's a WOTC chainmail figure, and supposedly it's also called a Drow Ranger. However, this is the only picture of it that comes up in a google search for 'drow ranger' that looks like it, and reverse image searching it turns up the same dreary result. I also can't find it in WOTC's archive of chainmail figures. I really rather want this guy, so I can use him for a DIFFERENT, not drow dark elf warband I have planned.. So any information that you lot can dig up would be great. I almost wonder if they retooled the sculpt for the prepainted plastics and got rid of that awesome mowhawk, but I can't find him in there either. Hope the darn thing isn't rare... Thanks for the help. edit: and not a moment after posting the thread, I seem to have found at least some slim proof that it did in fact exist once. Still no idea if I'll find a plastic one for cheap. Nevermind, I'm silly.
  16. I'd cut off my foot for Boschian minis. Then I could tie it to the helmet of a tiny cage helmed bird demon once I buy it! Edit:... http://i.imgur.com/ujPCxff.jpg (thats the joke)
  17. Pre-Renaissance angels were metal as hell (heaven?). I'd pay good money and LOTS of it for that good old fire and brimstone...
  18. What a pity. I offer my sincerest sympathies.
  19. Aw man, it's so cool to see a mini of this old badster kicking around! Gorgeous painting!
  20. People like cute things, it's normal. If you ask me, it's kind of nice to have a little break from the usual in most cases, including miniatures.
  21. I just look for rough and tumble, nasty characters to represent marauding criminals in my mini gigs. Here are some that look like they'd take up the trade of banditry well: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/hardwick/sku-down/14332 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/clegg/sku-down/60140 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/blackjack/sku-down/60053 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/eli/sku-down/02022 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/fighter/sku-down/14034 Sorry if none of these really match what you're looking for, it seems that everyone has their own mental image of how a bandit aught to be. For me, it's a mix of seedy ruthlessness and sheer charm. I think that the best bandits would probably be similar to the villains from old 80's post apocalypse anime. Try just browsing through reaper's entire online catalogue for roadside bullies. Consider the mercenaries warlord army, since it's a melting pot of different kinds of people, almost all of which are from rougher crowds. Also try Iron Wind Metals, Mega Minis (while you can!!!), and maybe even the WOTC D&D prepaints. Good luck on your search for thugs.
  22. A group of African fantasy PC classes. Please. I don't mean "a black fighter guy", oh no. I mean character choices that are FROM Africa. A fighter wearing lion furs and holding a spear aloft. A richly garbed cleric with a beaded mask and a fur capped staff. A rogue wearing a hyena's skin and leering while crouching. A wizardess practically drenched in glittering gold and talismans, and anything else that would be awesome to paint and field as well as pay a nice 28MM homage to a proud and powerful people. Inspiration pictures, for your consideration: http://www.artnetafrica.com/uploads/users/matthewo_13.7.2009_10.29.32-Maasai_Warrior_Close_Up2.jpg http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4046/4440357989_bfcef635bc.jpg http://pwlawrence.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Ludwig_Deutsch_The_Palace_Guard.jpg http://www.novelmaker.com/cover_art/3382_african_warriors_1__20080729090228.jpg
  23. I enjoy: http://boxerhockey.fireball20xl.com/?id=1 Boxer Hockey http://www.prequeladventure.com/2011/03/prequel-begin/ Prequel, which is an Elder Scrolls chose your own comedy bitstrip taking place right before the events of Oblivion in the style of Homestuck (of which I am not into). http://www.timsievert.com/clandestinauts/2013/05/05082013/ The Clandestinauts http://nedroid.com/2013/05/oh-canada/ and good old Nedroid. I'm also a fan of Oglaf, but there's no way in hell I'd link that back here. :B
  24. Big fan of this guy's additions. I used the pine forest with the quadrupedal fangly furry thing as a desktop backround for two years on end once!
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