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    Character stories thread

    We've all played brave heroes and vile villains, and all of our game characters have stories to tell. What's your favorite tale of adventure? It doesn't HAVE to be your's, it can be another player's tale, one you heard someone tell, or even one found somewhere on the internet. Here beist mine, taken from some undoubtedly ancient and long lost 4chan thread: I die a little inside every moment of every game because I know I'll never top this. do we have a thread for this already i'm sorry I edited the picture because no one here seems to swear often, and I don't wanna get in trouble :V
  2. The Basilisk

    Minis we would like to see

    A group of African fantasy PC classes. Please. I don't mean "a black fighter guy", oh no. I mean character choices that are FROM Africa. A fighter wearing lion furs and holding a spear aloft. A richly garbed cleric with a beaded mask and a fur capped staff. A rogue wearing a hyena's skin and leering while crouching. A wizardess practically drenched in glittering gold and talismans, and anything else that would be awesome to paint and field as well as pay a nice 28MM homage to a proud and powerful people. Inspiration pictures, for your consideration: http://www.artnetafrica.com/uploads/users/matthewo_13.7.2009_10.29.32-Maasai_Warrior_Close_Up2.jpg http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4046/4440357989_bfcef635bc.jpg http://pwlawrence.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Ludwig_Deutsch_The_Palace_Guard.jpg http://www.novelmaker.com/cover_art/3382_african_warriors_1__20080729090228.jpg
  3. The Basilisk

    Webcomics I like (and you?)

    I enjoy: http://boxerhockey.fireball20xl.com/?id=1 Boxer Hockey http://www.prequeladventure.com/2011/03/prequel-begin/ Prequel, which is an Elder Scrolls chose your own comedy bitstrip taking place right before the events of Oblivion in the style of Homestuck (of which I am not into). http://www.timsievert.com/clandestinauts/2013/05/05082013/ The Clandestinauts http://nedroid.com/2013/05/oh-canada/ and good old Nedroid. I'm also a fan of Oglaf, but there's no way in hell I'd link that back here. :B
  4. The Basilisk

    Adding monsters to thrift store paintings

    Big fan of this guy's additions. I used the pine forest with the quadrupedal fangly furry thing as a desktop backround for two years on end once!
  5. The Basilisk

    Minis we would like to see

    Add a familiar pack with the c*msprites, the ghostly chameleon, that fox what gives prophecies and the allegory giraffepede and I'm sold. Also the shapeshifters and the snow queen,
  6. The Basilisk

    fake foods? really?

    You come to realize that when a package advertises it's product to contain "100% juice", it really means that PART of that product contains 100% juice. Usually, a small part.
  7. The Basilisk

    Reaper Customer Service Appreciation

    Once, I got a relative to order a Bathilian, and I'm pretty sure that Reaper included a free eldritch demon with the purchase.
  8. The Basilisk

    What bugs you most in miniatures?

    Speaking of visible cleavage in armor, I don't like when clearly armored minis have pronounced boobs visible on or in their armor at all. Leather or plate, those two round mounds on your chest make easy targets for a sword stroke, and make the structure of the armor weaker. There's really no point in it other than to go "LOOK! BOOBS!" I like it even less when a hardened warrior not only has her tatas bulging out for the world to slice, but also has a belt wedged in her cleavage to hold her sheathe on her back, and has a built in bra in the armor to help them keep their shape for onlookers. And don't get me STARTED on the 'boob window'... Go hard or go home..
  9. The Basilisk

    More Martians like these?

    Hi all you fine folks in the future board. I stumbled on these Space: 1889 miniatures being produced by RAFM, and I quickly realized that many of the martians in it would make perfect troops for my long distant elder scrolls projects. http://www.rafm.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=RAF&Category_Code=S1889 Victorean SF may not be the biggest trend around here, but I figured I would ask around before heading to Lead Adventure's forums and being referred to costly European companies. Anyone know any companies who produce elf looking martians like these guys? I already have all the figures I'll need for the project, which is just enough in my files to make a small war party, but I'd sure like more. Thanks a lot! Happy hunting! edit: oops, gotta be 25-28 mm.
  10. The Basilisk

    More Martians like these?

    That's true that they're pretty tall, but the figure line is 25 mm - so they'll match up pretty well with 28mm figures!
  11. The Basilisk

    More Martians like these?

    They're rather nice for their duelist's posture, but aren't they 32 MM? I should have speciefied but I'm silly; I need 25-28 mm only if at all possible. Sorry! :L
  12. The Basilisk

    Harpy figures!

    I'd need more to go off than just that, sorry. I pride myself in being 'the monster man' when it comes to mini finding, but unfortunately 'pretty harpies' is just too broad to give me a good head start. :L
  13. The Basilisk


    Silly jokes aside, is Wyrmgear entitled to anything for the coincidence in name? A free copy of the mini, maybe?
  14. The Basilisk


    Or take the GW approach and sue you for the name.
  15. The Basilisk

    Trying to find a reaper figure...

    Hey all. A little while ago I chanced on a neglected and forgotton miniature in reaper's gallerys of some kind of clerical person. He was waving around a small herb in the air, shouting, and maybe walking in a forward direction. I think he had a beard and he may have been slightly overweight. I'd like to be able to put a picture of him and his name in my 'minis to consider buying' folder, but I can't refind him at all. Thanks for any help!
  16. The Basilisk

    Trying to find a reaper figure...

    That's the chap, thanks a lot! :D He is a weird looking weirdo, isn't he?
  17. The Basilisk

    I really wish I'd taken those classes...

    I figured you would - it's posture is awesome for a mount practicing it's own martial arts stance in time with it's riders. ;>
  18. The Basilisk

    Minis we would like to see

    I just had a silly idea. How about some "caught unaware" figures? A cleric unconsciously scratching his elf, a gorgeous sorceress lazily picking her nose, a knight charging into battle in his briefs, and a rogue... uh... being nice to someone...?
  19. The Basilisk

    The Good, The Bad, and The Craft Paint (open for anybody)

    Hey, I remember seeing your war party thread from Lead Adventure's forums! Stunningly great stuff, this remains to this day one of my favorite mini warband type things. Did you ever complete those orcs with the cyclops buddies? I was looking forward to progress on them, but I guess I may have fallen out of the loop. And many thanks to Buglips and Shadowraven! My future projects more than likely won't ever see craft paint because of this thread, good job.
  20. The Basilisk

    I really wish I'd taken those classes...

    If I may... Iron Wind Metals sells this Phorhusracos. http://ironwindmetals.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=271_316&products_id=8464 This beauty is made by Acheson Creations: http://achesoncreations.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=759&category_id=70&keyword=raptor&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=1 Maidenhead Miniatures sells some (rather ugly) 'terror birds' with unsightly long necks. I'm sure they could make a chocobo with a bit of sawing and gluing, though. c: http://members.optushome.com.au/cynan/Miniatures.htm (I have heard rumors that maidenhead is out of business, or that they have stopped responding to purchases. You'll want to look into that, if you go with this ugly son of a gun.) Alternative Armies (british company, may be problematic) has some 'dodos'. http://www.alternative-armies.com/53005_Carcass_Dodo's.htm They might be on the small side, research around. Splintered light produces these terror birds, which are 15mm. I dunno how we'll they'll match with a 25-28mm onna-bugeisha. http://www.splinteredlightminis.com/terrorbirds.html Mageknight's Desert Warbirds look a little mean to be chocobos, but you could probably find one on Ebay, trollandtoad, the warstore, or one of those bulk prepaint selling places. Off The Wall Armies provides these adorably goofy birdy mounts, available from Warehouse 32. http://www.warehouse23.com/item.html?id=GCC17-2113 RAFM sells some Cassowary looking crested birds that their goblins ride on. http://www.rafm.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=RAF&Product_Code=RAF3208&Category_Code=ORC http://www.rafm.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=RAF&Product_Code=RAF3207&Category_Code=ORC And this Skullcracker Bird from Dragonblood's Sunless Kingdom line would serve well as the bad-nasty grand daddy of all riding chickens. http://cavalcadewargames.com/cavalcade/Dragonblood_Sunless_Kingdom.html He's 50mm. As for a lady samurai, seek Clan Wars. The Lion Clan looks like it has the highest concentration of warrior women. https://www.veltd.net/zencart/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=36 *blows smoke out of monster finding gun barrels*
  21. The Basilisk


    I see it as expression of attitude and emotion. As long as no one is directly insulting anyone or anything, I wouldn't think it a big issue. I haven't noticed it at all though... Probably because one of the forums I visit is so caustic that you could dunk some DHL figures in it's community pool and end up with some brand spankin' new slime and ooze miniatures! Forums almost always end up a little more verbal and 'loud' after a time, from my experience.
  22. The Basilisk


    is it me? it's me, isn't it. :<
  23. The Basilisk

    What bugs you most in miniatures?

    this. this this and this. Why the hell are there elves and orcs in space when there could be worm eyed double headed plasmavore half insect-half mammal pitcher plants populating the stars? The sheer lack of xenobiologically creative alien miniatures is enough to infuriate me - especially since I would probably get really deep into a space setting if it were as creative as nature actually is. >:c Humanoid aliens suck in general, the ones in miniatures being just a small example. (I may have gotten the point of your post wrong, but it brought to mind one of my greatest hatreds. Sorry aye!)
  24. The Basilisk

    What bugs you most in miniatures?

    sorry for the double post - but this bothers me as well. When I make friends with an RPGr, a *lot* of them scoff and gloat when I mention I like to paint and collect miniatures. :c "You're a MINIATURE gamer? ',BJ" Stupid smug elitist pricks... When I SHOW them the darn things they're usually impressed by the detail and level of skill, too. >:/