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    your favorite minis?

    these three, currently in production by Mirliton! 8D I think they used to be Grenedier sculpts in the Nightmares range, but I can't check because Mirliton's site is... being weird... I also like these old Grenedier (also now mirliton) demon packs. The Aquaclops, by Hydra Miniatures is also a favorite. And I have a soft spot for monsterpocalypses' White Daijan, too. I regretably don't own any of them, though. :'c May as well throw in a lot of orc figures, but I feel like this is a lot to digest in one post. I like monsters a lot, as you can see. :> (I think it's a silly rule too. The same things are on a guy's chest, just more 'pronounced'. :V )
  2. The Basilisk

    Horror & RPGs

    I love the idea of it, and most of the D&D games I DM end up as horror tales for my players anyway. A master of description can leave you slack jawed, wide-eyed and clammy with chills. Wouldn't mind playing one some day, but I'd need a dark, candlelit room to do it in.
  3. The Basilisk

    Rant on

    I just use Tumblr for all my posting and musing needs, facebook is too primitive and not an encouraging enough environment to share things you like with the world. I could never ever get into it, and Tumblr has more interesting stuff AND people on it anyways.
  4. Hey gang, wanting to get some advice for a D&D 3.5 character coming up. If this is the wrong board, please move it accordingly, I don't wanna start no trouble no how. I'm wanting to play an apprentice sorcerer (1'st lvl.) and I'd like to give him a magic 'wand'. I put wand in quotation marks, because I suppose it's more of a rod than a wand, because it definitely doesn't hold charges of a single spell. My idea for the item is a once daily 'free spell' per character level, going up to level 5 or 6. In theory, the item could channel a spell of any level the player can normally cast without sacrificing a precious spell slot. 1 free spell per day at first level, 2 at second, 3 at third, etc. My DM won't let me use it cause she wants to go by the books on her first campaign, but I want to make it anyways so I can give it to him in some other future adventure. Any advice on making it fairer? I'd have joined a D&Ding forum for this, but I'd only ever ask this one question there, so it seems like an overly complicated thing to do. thanks much!
  5. KALADRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX!!!! *violently shakes fist at the sky*
  6. ... that. that there. that is a thing of beauty.
  7. The Basilisk

    Is it Possible to Buy Paint Kit Instruction Sheets?

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww but daaaaaaaad Bryaaaan!
  8. raze* oopsie, I'm a stupidity elemental - sorry about that. these ideas are incredibly entertaining, from the cuteness of the wand being for fixing spelling errors and cleaning up spills (those wide sleeved robes really aren't terribly functional, you know) to stealing it - it all fits the character rather well! I don't know if I'll be able to get her to give me any sort of magic item this low, but a random cantrip/spell wand sounds fun! He's supposed to be traveling to study under as many masters as he can (he has lofty goals), so it would make sense for him to suddenly aquire it in a later game.
  9. Until the dragon shows up to raise your crops for poops n' giggles...
  10. this is some great feedback! I guess my little wizard won't be getting his fairy wand. Maybe I'll work in some (suitably gnarly and interesting) backstory like you've suggested and just turn it into a relic of my setting's lore or something. I like the suggestion of giving it a one-level-lower enchantment, it sounds much more ballanced. REALLY wanting a ring of wizardry... SWANK-EE. Thanks for all your help! Seems like every time I post on this forum I come away with a wealth of knowledge and a good couple laughs. (also thanks for turning me onto journey quest, LOVE this sort of thing.)
  11. The Basilisk

    Scibor releases new 15mm Dwarf lords..

    these are really impressive and kinda adorable. I wish they weren't in 15 mm, though!
  12. The Basilisk

    TEST BADGES: Hello fellow Kickstarters

    am I late? ... oh goodness gracious I'm naked
  13. I'll more than likely end up doing so, but thanks for the insight!
  14. I posted this on LAF the other day, but their community is a little... erm... sluggish, so its going here, too. Does anybody have any of these that they could take a *few closeup pictures of for me? http://www.oldgloryminiatures.com/proddetail.asp?prod=SUM-17&cat=53 I don't need a size comparison, but if you happen to have any Reaper, Iron Wind or Clann War figures to use in a height lineup, I'd be mighty obliged. Thanks, please reply promptly, sorry if this is the wrong board! *as many as possible
  15. The Basilisk

    What is your most Boring Mini Painted

    Some of Reaper's own lizardfolk bore the piss out of me. Used to love the idea of lizardmen, but I've thankfully acquired a more diverse interest. There's this one sculpt that's got a boxturtle shell as a shield, is crouching, and raising a bone over his head as if to fend off a blow. I hate that little bastard, and the one that has seashells hanging from his leather belt and who's using a stick with a jaw bone tied to it as a weapon makes me red with rage. I also dislike the 'lizardman tyrant' army packs, but they're a bit more excusable.
  16. The Basilisk

    is Valiant Enterprizes still in operation?

    wheeew, I was worried for a second that THAT store linked above was the one not working. Would have mangled my plans beyond belief! D:
  17. The Basilisk

    "Bear with us!"

    aw dang, I was hoping to buy some paints and greenstuff and brushes and junk. Hopefully it will clear up within the next four couples of weeks...
  18. The Basilisk

    Evil Empire has Evil Customer Service - Surprised?

    I would, but it's hard to subsist on JUST a miniature business! I'd have to know about comic books, and I don't give a bugbears fart about any of those except the Hellboys.
  19. The Basilisk

    Undead Humanoids

    Otherworld makes some "demihuman" zombies, if you're willing to ship from overseas or look on ebay. http://otherworldminiatures.co.uk/shop/undead/ud4a-demi-human-zombies-i-3/
  20. The Basilisk

    Evil Empire has Evil Customer Service - Surprised?

    ooh ohh, I finally had a GW experience over the weekend! A friend and I were driving along to get something to eat, and we passed by a GW storefront in a strip mall. I made a disgusted face and noise, and then it was gone. It's the only exposure to the company I've ever had in person, but I don't relish the thought of it ever happening again. Even the spicy Mongolian buffet food wasn't enough to get the nasty taste that the sight left in my mouth out. (this is a joke post, but that GW store is surprisingly the only FLGS I've ever seen in the Carmel Indiana area, and that makes me very unhappy. Can't find any mention of mini places online that aren't clear on the other side of the state. :C)
  21. BTW, don't forget old glory offers a $50 yearly membership to get 40% off their stuff. If you are making an army, it can be worthwhile. By my math, since I'm only buying this pack of guys at the moment, it would be cheaper to purchase without the discount. I have no idea whether or not I'll be buying from Old Glory for the rest of the year, as these are some of the few figy-guys who match my Morrowind project's themes. And since the discount is yearly, it won't be too useful. D: I thank you for your reminder, though, I forgot they offered that and it might be good to remember some day! Glad the thread is attracting attention, hopefully we can get some pics from a generous donor soon!
  22. The Basilisk

    Morrowind Minis?

    that sounds like the most reasonable and easy thing to do, think I will! thanks Auldy! ;>
  23. The Basilisk

    Minis we would like to see

    But with some nice, savage ferocity in their faces and builds, though. I've never been able to stand purely pretty half orcs or she-orcs, they have to balance beauty and brutality perfectly. Making an orc a perfect prim princess takes away all her personality. :<
  24. The Basilisk

    Morrowind Minis?

    hmmm... that looks awfully big, more like pebbles than sand... not sure at all...
  25. The Basilisk

    Minis we would like to see

    Could we get some more curvy, big girls please? We have one succubus, and that feels like it sends a bad message in itself. Most of my female characters are beefy strongwoman made for cracking skulls with huge axes or picking up and throwing enemies off cliffs, and its hard to find anything for that. Maybe a release of one bigger babe for all the core classes? Thief, fighter, mage, etc.