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  1. Some really nice recommendations so far.

    I feel like I must not have been looking hard enough, because I found some more of my own!



    Reaper's Golrick, Mercenary



    Trollforged Warrior II (Trollforged has a couple nice weirdo knights in its fantasy human range, this one just catches my eye the most. PRETTY SURE they're older sculpts repurposed for resin resale, but I dunno.)



    WOTC prepaint Troglodyte Captain. Definitely not a human. Definitely knightly in one way or another.



    Otherworld pig faced orc command II


    Somehow I forgot the oft maligned Kingdom Death range, which is absolutely rife with dark soulsy sirs/sers.


    Black Knight (who has itty bitty kitty feet :3c)



    Flower Knight



    King's Man



    White Knight, Heavy

    There's a few more, including a beetle armored knight, but these are a good enough example of them all. Unfortunately, KD produces their miniatures in expensive, limited edition runs that make obtaining them difficult and annoying... so of course I need more recommendations. :b

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  2. Game of Thrones, Shovel Knight and Dark Souls have recently made me fall head over heels in love with the concept of the knight in shining armor. However, I'm having a hard time finding any really off-the-wall knight miniatures - knights who either fill very different class roles than usual (mage knights, thief knights, etc.), have odd choices in fashion, or knights that have really bizarre or unusual bodytypes. Can anyone direct me to some weirdo knights, by Reaper or otherwise?


    My findings:

    There's a DS boardgame coming out at some point, but I certainly don't want to wait that long. 



    Paizo Battlemage


    Rackham/Cadwallon Militia Automaton 


    Rackham/Cadwallon Kyrus The Somber


    Reaper's Fingal Winkbeard


    Squires also accepted. 

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  3. There's a LOT of dragons out there. Most of them have adopted a pretty standard sleek/spiny body plan, but I want a chubby one. A big, sluggish, brutish, ugly one.

    The best bets I've found are the blue and white prepaint dragons that WOTC put out a while ago and GW's pre-hobbit LOTR dragon, but they just don't match what I want.
    Anyone here know of any?


    Bonus points* if its still regal and majestic while still being tons of fun.





    *I'll make two new forum accounts and like your post with them.

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  4. That's a good idea, I'll have to get an extra or two to practice...

    I should have noted that the latter two minis going to be smooth(er), since they're in a different kind of armor.


    I'll figure that out when the time comes. Maybe just delicate layering and washing.

  5. I only own Palomino Gold, but I think you are on the right track. Palomino with a tip or two of white could work great on highlights.


    I would add a darker shade however... something like Ruddy Leather, a red-brown?

    Hm, I could see that working as well...

    I was planning to do some EXTREMELY minimal drybrushing of a bright yellow for the highlights, but I think a white would be needed pretty badly for that crackly sheen.  I don't know if I want something that dark brown/red in there, but it might provide a nicer contrast than a simple black or black-green undercoat and wash...


     Which figure are you planning on using that color scheme on? That's seriously going to affect how you paint it and which colors will work best.


     I'd hit the highest highlights with Golden Blond and use a brown wash (Reaper actually has a Brown Wash color now) to bring out the details.

    I'm glad that you asked, because I love showing these things off and drawing potential business towards them...





    All four of them are made by Troll forged, and while there are others I have in mind including some Reapers, none of them are quite as bony or nearly so moldy. 

    Forgive me Reaper, for I have sinned.

    Anyway, I like the sound of that, it's good to know and that specific yellow would make a great highlight. Certainly keeping this one in mind!

    Any more advice?

  6. Hi all. It's been a long time since I've painted anything, and I'm used to just grabbing the essential colors and running with them. Now, though, I'm wanting to build a little collection of rather specialized minis.

    I need to know what specific Reaper paints would most convincingly recreate the color scheme of Bonemold Armor from the Elder Scrolls series.

    Pictures for reference purposes:






    Now, I was thinking a triad of Green Ochre, Faded Khaki, Palomino Gold and maybe a bright old reaper yellow called Sunlight or something, but I have no experience with these colors. I also don't have the best eye for color. I don't know how they'll look together, how they look when wet, or how they look dry.

    Are they good choices from your experiences with them (if you have had any), or can you recommend a better group of paints?

    Here are their reference pics:




    (now that I look at the last two, they're pretty same-y...)



    I'd like to stick to a small number of colors - four at the very most if possible.

    Many thanks. 

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  7. um..

    I've been meaning to ask this for a while, and it's probably been asked before, but is the kickstarter's pledge money behind for anyone else?

    For me it's at $1,358,042. Shouldn't it be above $1,414,000 by this point?

    What's going on here? Is this a problem on my end?

  8. I'm fine with seeing dragons showing up in this kickstarter because they're espensive as heck, but I have never liked this one and not even bones could make me.

    Nice try, Reaper.


    (I'm probably extremely late to this discussion. Let me make it up by saying the gopher centaur is awesome.)

  9. it's probably because of bias

    but these (the new villains) are the figures I'd pick out if someone told me to go through the entire Reaper selection and pick out the most flavorless sculpts.

    Looking forward to the next batch, I suppose. Sorry to poop on everyone eases' fun.

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