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  1. The 1983 edition of Dicing with Dragons looks familiar. I got mine from the Book Club, too. But all that stuff is long gone now. Did the book club version look like that '83 edition?
  2. I'm trying to find a book from the eighties, a hardcover overview of DnD and other RPGs. It kind of cover fantasy novels. It had a section on painting miniatures. I think the cover was mainly red with a dragon (of course) on the cover. It's been a long while since I've visited these forums, but I thought I saw it on someone's bookshelf. Have I been vague enough for everyone, or is this too easy?
  3. That's for sure! The black troll looks great, too, but that green one has real depth.
  4. I posted the final result of my WofA painting here:http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45888-ks-inspired-painting-spree/?p=653140 There is no WIP thread for that one. Wow. Nice work. Also, your Drizz't work is equally impressive.
  5. Do you have a thread with your Ashardalon work?
  6. I think that "Power-up" effect would work nicely with this as well: 03600: Praying Paladin
  7. I had that issue! Made a halfling caveman. Died pretty much instantly against a sabertooth. Good times. EDIT: Good skintones on those cavemen. The stone speartips are also very good.
  8. I haven't worked with this mini but going from the catalog pic, I'm going go with flame.
  9. I like this one. The stone effect is really good. The skirt looks realistically weathered, but the reds seem too bright. I like 'em, they just seem to stand out. I wish I was half as talented as you.
  10. That hair is the standout detail, to me, in this piece of work. Good color choice and good basework. I don't know why I post these comments, you know how talented and skilled you are!
  11. BAM! That freehand is freakin' incredible! Twice! I gotta side with Metalchaos: red skirt first. You been busy lately, haven't you?
  12. I was wondering when someone was going to get around to this one. Nice shading and base work. I'm jealous of your skill.
  13. I was wondering about that myself. I was focused on Spock's wrist joints. They looked modern to me. I remember my Planet of the Apes Mego figures (as well as some of my older super-heroes) had a metal component in their wrists.
  14. A rune on the back of his jerkin? Sounds good but it also sounds like he could end looking like a biker. Be sure to pick the right rune.
  15. You're freehand is pretty good. What really catches my eye though, is the muddiness of the cloak hems. That, to me, is true attention to detail and something I never would have thought to include.
  16. Nice paint job. Your shading makes it look like he's had a broken nose, which adds to his toughness. Excellent choice with the autumn ground cover instead of snow. I'm also interested in your metal technique. I like the tarnished look of your armor and weapons.
  17. That base is really inventive. I like the work on her gown, the red really pops.
  18. I've come across this situation with a WOTC Chainmail figure. The Ogre Trooper needs the head pinned. This leaves a gap in the braid right behind the ear and the back of the neck. I think you have to paint first to get the right shoulder and breast area that the head rests on. Then fill the gaps and paint them. I don't know for sure.
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