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  1. I Love it . Ones again I find myself thinking I need to push myself to do better or give up after the see how grate your work is (as I cannot give up after buying all the stuff I will just have to try harder) I can’t wait to see what you do next
  2. Thank you for that, I will have to give it a go now that I know the intention of the technique.
  3. I don’t think I could link any examples, I think the first time I heard it was in the dark sword painting DVD. It did not give an example but mentioned green horses (I may be wrong on this). There was also I another DVD I had seen where the blue gray was used for skin but I looked as if it was completely covered. If this changes the over layering paint\wash\glaze how would you pick the base color? Sorry I am a bit vague and clueless on this it art school I had my hands in clay and to get color I needed to know the periodic table (I also have very poor colour sense)
  4. I love how much character you have given them, awesome
  5. So I have seen some people painting a base coat in odd colors like light blues or dark greens, when that is not the intended color and will be completely covered (I think this is called underpainting). I was just wondering if someone could explain what the intension of this would be.
  6. I figure that contrast will be my next step forward. Every time I try to go darker in a small space (mostly in skin tones) it just looks like a thick wash or line in the crevasse? Repetition I hope will lead to leveling up on this one
  7. That looks great and an inspiration as I have wanted to make some of my own models this may be the kick in the pants I need to go do it Keep it up
  8. That is fantastic! Mercius I know what you mean I have found myself wondering how people get the time to paint (I think if the day was longer I would just have more to do) After taking this pick I was thinking I still need to go deeper in the shadows and higher highlights. I think the biggest step I have had would be thinning paint, the first one was gw paint as no doubt you can tell after getting reaper paints my next mini was Eldessa, Necromancer that I poster here back in Nov last year. I think the next thing I need to work on is going back and forwards, I tend to not go back to fix t
  9. Gw Orks first and latest paint job So not long after my last post in here both my computers crashed and I lost all my pics. In the time I was fixing the computer I found the first mini I painted back in August last year, I thought it would be good to dig out another one and see them side by side. They are not finished or cleaned as I do not play Orks so they are just for experimenting on. I would like to see everyone’s first or early works and now along with how long you have been painting for
  10. I had come onto the forum to post much the same thing as has been said here. I live in Australia and only discover reaper last year I have only seen local stores stock GW. Anyway I was surprised to find my now local store listed as a stocker on the reaper web site, so I venture in and have a look. Looking around I could only see gw then I notice that the person looking after the shop is one of the 2 people playing card (one of the benefits of working in a games shop ok) I ask about reaper mini’s. I get told they are over in the other corner, I head over and behind the drinks fringe there is a
  11. Seeing stuff like this makes me think I need to work a lot harder or just give up, I love it and wish I could get my mini’s that smooth
  12. As you asked I will see what I can do. As you may have seen in the pics I have up already I been having a problem with lighting to get good shot
  13. Now the kids are back at school i get some time for painting again, yay. Anyway any feed back on my new mini would be good thanks
  14. Sounds like it is easier to use chain, so I am thinking as I want it to hold shape where it is suspended I would have to join the links with green/brown stuff? As I general rule is there a way to place sculpted parts that extend from the body without support under them (e.g.: wings, cape) p.s I have been very impressed with the forum and the help and advice I have been getting. To contribute more I will post some pics of stuff I have been working on soon (my sculpts are bound to give some giggles)
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