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  1. I know what Hungerfan looks like, and am willing to point and shout for a small fee, payable in ReaperBucks or chocolate. I’m sad Bryan got booted from the boards, but at least he had said he would be at the ‘Con.
  2. Thanks, just wanted to be sure before I decided what all to order!
  3. I really do appreciate all the help, so I hope this does not come off as dismissive. I know if I buy an entire $175 VIP tickets + meal + swag it comes with everything, so if I wind up adding a person, I'm good. If I instead decide to buy double of all the swag, that's where it breaks down into uncertainty. It seems logical to me that because this is the way it worked for an initial order, the $125 VIP swag would come with all of the stuff from the basic swag bag plus the bonus items, and that has been the case in past years. The underlined wording in the VIP is where I'm still confused. Does "includes the following special swag items" mean ONLY the special items, or does it have the basic stuff listed under $40 AND the bonus stuff. 2018 VIP Bonus Bundle $125.00 The ReaperCon 2018 VIP Bonus Bundle includes the following special swag items: 1 Large Figure Carrying Case, one Dungeon Dwellers Monster Colors paint set, one Dungeon Dwellers Dungeon Colors paint set, one special edition Reaper MSP VIP Triad, all 4 different Dreadmere faction miniatures, one Hall of Fame resin miniature, and one VIP resin miniature. ReaperCon 2018 Swag Bag $40.00 A high-quality, reusable polypropylene bag stuffed with Reaper miniatures, paints, and other cool ReaperCon 2018 memorabilia! Includes: ReaperCon 2018 Sophie Miniature, ReaperCon Convention Miniature, Special Edition Reaper Master Series Paints (3), Dreadmere Faction Iconic Miniature, ReaperCon 2018 Dungeon Dweller Miniature, ReaperCon 2018 Program, Paint Rinse Cup, Pen, and Notebook.
  4. Yeah, that’s ok with me, I figured either way I go it’s another charge. If I want just the swag and all the swag, does the $125 VIP pack do the trick, or must I purchase that and the $40 basic swag as well for a total of $165? Thanks for your patience and help. I know I had a mess of questions in the initial post :-)
  5. Thanks! I had a lot of trouble getting both logged in and to the right spot. Any word on the extra swag question?
  6. Thanks for the help. Problem is that page goes away when I enter my GrowTix account info, and the page it takes you to when you log into that has no buy options. Out of desperation I finally tried what the tech guys always say not to do, and hit backspace a couple times. It did take me back to the screen where you can purchase another ticket without logging me out, so yay for that. I found the extra swag page a few days back, but I'm trying to find out from someone official if $125 VIP includes everything from the regular swag bag as well, as it did in past years, or if (as it seems to me from the descriptions) you have to buy the $125 VIP + $40 Swag to get all the goodies.
  7. Any help please on how to order extra of all the swag? It’s getting pretty close to con time, and all I have so far on the swag bag are guesses based off previous experience where we were able to buy just the thing marked “VIP” and it included everything, but the description makes it look like you would have to buy both. Also there’s a chance I may be bringing someone else, and I can’t find a way to add another $175 combo to my order. When I go into my order, that option simply does not exist.
  8. Did the question regarding whether you have to purchase both the regular swag bag + the VIP bonus pack to get doubles of everything get answered officially? Also, if I want to purchase the whole $175 get it all package for a second person under my account, is there a way to do that? If there is, I seem to be missing it :-)
  9. I made the GrowTix account, I can see my con registration, and I've selected classes which I can see. Still working on actually purchasing them :-) Thanks for the follow up everyone. ***Edited to add I finalized my purchases.
  10. So I already bought Con admission and I know I have a log in and password. When I click to sign in so I can purchase tickets it takes me to a screen I have never seen before for "GrowTix" and my information does not work. Nor does it send me a password reset. I could go in and try to set up as a new user for GrowTix, but then how do I link my tickets to my already purchased stuff? I'm sure I'm missing something easy here, somebody help me out please :-)
  11. My package from Wyvernfire last week, but due to much holiday traveling I am only now posting. Many thanks for the amazing goodies! A hand drawn card, a super cute tiny painted dragon, (unpainted) a wraith and guardian beast - right up my alley for what I like to paint, new basing materials (of a a kind I didn't have at all) are always welcome, and then delicious teas and some maple candies. Thank you so much. Here's hoping the attachments don't give me pain :-)
  12. I have a friend looking for a mini that is proving rather difficult to find. They need something similar to Mario from that copyrighted game we all know and love. I'm sure we won't find anything exact, but hopefully something close. It's an adult human monk. I found the Old West kids and the Hillbilly guys, but that's the closest I've been able to get. Preference for Reaper products, but if you have other suggestions, PM please :-)
  13. Is there a topic in place yet for "got my package, thanks?" If not, is there one planned, or should we post acquisitions here so our person will know the things arrived safely?
  14. Yeah, there's been requests for years on this, so hopefully it will become a reality one day :-) My family won't buy anything hobby related for gifts if it's not on a wishlist because only my husband even remotely has an idea of what I like. Other mini websites have one that is slightly clunky because you have to log yourself in to see them, they're not shareable like Amazon, but I'm not against giving my log-in & password to family so they can access them. I've seen the "use your own log-in" version at enough other sites to suspect it's the easier option. I'd take it in a heartbeat to be able to keep up with my Reaper "wishes."
  15. One amazing balloon sculpt and one photo of Buglips with his first Taco Bell acquisition!
  16. Thanks Nakos...I finally found the right page with the gluten free info, and that is pretty cool about the extra mini. I love the VIP Perk option because last year I wound up choosing my faction and still buying most of the other minis anyway.
  17. I'm definitely in support of asking (begging?) for a blank spot to Sharpie names on the badges please :-) Bryan mentioned something in a post about the only gluten free option being orange....not sure if that was a joke, but I don't see anything on the page to purchase a gluten free option. Is there such a creature? I may be bringing a friend with Celiac's and told her I would check, but she might have to pack her own food for some of the meals. Last thing, the way the options are listed for the VIP deal makes it look like you both choose a faction mini (in the ReaperCon Swag Bag section) AND get one of each faction (in the VIP Perk Pack section) I'm guessing that's probably incorrect and you'd get one of each and not the plus one on top of it?
  18. Honestly I don't care so much whether it's June or July, I just want to be prepared this time! :-) I'm pretty sure Bryan takes care of managing the site, and I know he's up to his elf in alligators with Bones III.
  19. Yeah, I follow them on FB, but I don't have Twitter. It's totally understandable if they don't go up until July. Just hoping at some point for an official word on when-ish :-)
  20. Good point Haldir. I just want to be more prepared than last year. I employed the "just check every day" method, for a while, and then literally the only time I missed one day it wound up being two days before I went back, and I missed out on a lot of what I wanted :-(
  21. Do we have an official date for class purchases to be open? The last thing I saw was "sometime in June." :-)
  22. Thanks all, I'm feeling much less nervous about the material now. The ones I have simply refuse to photograph with my cell phone and low photography skills, but they are considerably better quality than what was in that video. That guy is genius, because the mini he had was awful! I think these may be Hero Forge, but they're black and the lines are almost invisible until you put on a visor. I've got several kinds of primer, but the brush on seems better at filling small imperfections. The spray-on I have is for doing the husband's GW minis and it's made specifically to bond with the plastic. Knarthex, I don't have an airbrush, so we're safe there, but I thought you might find this amusing. The other day my son caught me licking a brush and he was completely indignant. He yelled "UGH MOM! TASTE THE WEASEL? EWWW"
  23. So I took a commission to paint some minis for a tabletop game. I didn't even think to ask what material they were made from. I get them, and they're 3D printed. Have any of you primed and painted this stuff? It's fairly high quality for 3D printing, but there are extremely slight striations. I am hoping that primer will smooth it out, but now I'm concerned with how the primer will react to this material. I have already seen what happens to the GW plastic when someone else applied the spray primer too close, so I'm thinking the safest thing might be brush on. Any advice or help would be great.
  24. Thanks everyone! Have a house full of kids this weekend, and by the time I checked and was going to respond it wasn't a true slotta base, Ladystorm had found it.
  25. So this mini has been passed along through 3 people before getting to my husband who said only "I think it's a RalPartha ogre." I've found nothing in my attempts to identify it. Unfortunately it was already black primered, so the pictures aren't grand. There appears to be 2 rats on (or coming out of?) it's back, and there's a fish hanging off the belt in the back. Anybody have a clue on this guy?
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