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  1. Hmmm...it was a Kia Sephia, I think they're pretty close to the same size? And I'm not kidding when I say I packed the heck out of it. Totes full of clothes, a cooler, a playpen, a tent, camp stoves, tables, organizers with drawers for the food, air mattress.....it was crazy :-)
  2. Regarding trips, my husband and I are very fortunately opposite in that respect. I suck at directions, he excels. He sucks at Tetris packing, I excel. So I don't tell him where to turn, and he hauls things to the car and leaves me alone with it. I once packed us for a full week outdoor camping for 2 adults and a toddler in a Kia. Not the SUV or the Jeep knock off, but the second smallest car model they had at the time.
  3. I actually have an excellent technique for this one! My son has certain areas where he is not allowed to leave his stuff. If he does, I get to keep it for X amount of time. X starts at 1 day (and of course it is placed where he can see it but, can't have it) and X increases based on number of offenses. Also if your kid has Skylanders, Disney Infiniti, or other games that require a lot of different characters, ground the character instead of the kid. It gives you room to ramp up the punishment if he or she does what my son did the first few times, which is smart off and pick another character. I got up to three on my "shelf of shame" before the impending doom outweighed his natural desire to be stubborn. ***edited to take out as much of that accidental duplication as possible....yikes!
  4. I have also been victimized by a tiny bit of paper making it look okay, as well as empty rolls being left on the floor AND the full roll propped on the empty. The only reason we have a stacker with spares is because I had complained about it to the point of my mother-in-law buying the stacker. And yes, sometimes it's empty too. In fact, the second best person about replacing it is my 8 year old, which adds to the frustration. And the dishes in the sink thing is horrible too, especially since in our house you can get to the dishwasher from the sink without taking a single step. Yeesh, I just don't get it.
  5. So I decided to post a photo in order to try and vent a little and make certain stupid things that happen around my house funny instead of unbearably aggravating. You can see by the title where I'm going with this. Please feel free to join in with your own photos or stories. I'm not going to bother explaining this one. Pretty sure it speaks for itself.
  6. So I got Chaoswolf's package and finally managed to slow down and take some pics. Three minis in blisters, all are super cool and right about my kind of odd :-) Also a container of some groundcover mix that I really like. Kind of grassy dirty with some other stuff thrown in. I usually put at least a little something on all my bases, even just tabletop stuff, and I have 2 Bloodbowl teams to assemble and paint for the husband, so the timing is perfect. There's also a hairnet, which I'm told makes great spiderwebs! I've never managed to make any spiderweb effects I like, so again, super cool. Last, but certainly not least, something I call "The Bathinglian" It's got a Bathalian head, and a whole lot of bits from other minis. I can't wait to finish my current to do list so I can paint it up. Thanks Chaoswolf, it was certainly worth the wait!!!
  7. Thanks for the responses, you also answered the question that later occurred regarding the dollar fee. I appreciate the base info as well, though knowing me I'll wind up with an extra mini instead :-)
  8. Okay this is probably a really odd question, but let's say I want to buy a set of 8 minis that is $39.99 is there any way I can "donate" a penny to get the freebie miniature? I wouldn't be so darn cheap about it, but if there's gonna be 12 months of this, I gotta watch....well....every penny :-)
  9. Amazing depth on that cloth. When you stick to two main colors like that, I find it incredibly difficult to make it look so beautiful. Absolutely love it.
  10. It's whatever you want it to be. Such is art. Well done :-)
  11. Really good stuff, especially considering a 20 year break. I particularly like your work on the shield, but your cloth shading is also very solid. I'd say the first thing to work on would be toning down the silver some, maybe with a thin wash. Or what I sometimes do with chainmail is give it a solid black primer or basecoat and then use a brush I don't care much about and sort of drybush the silver. Get some more definition down in the chainmail bits, and you'll really level it up. Welcome to the forums. Keep on painting and posting!
  12. I love the way you composed this piece and the story that goes with! Super clever.
  13. Give us a clue Knarthex ya big tease! *grumble grumble evil dark elves grumble*
  14. Indeed, at least he lived a full life, but really 2016? Aren't you done yet?
  15. Fantastic colors! She's quite vibrant.
  16. No, it's done as is. I really thought about adding another animal, maybe a small squirrel at the base of the tree, but decided I wanted the unicorn to be the focal point. Your comment is valid, and had I made this as some sort of contest entry I would have added more to it. For this, I wanted it to look a bit wide open. It's supposed to represent the very beginning of winter, just a few flakes of the first snow. It's not supposed to look "dead" per se, but not something full of lively animals. The base IS much larger than something I would normally make, but this is for display on a shelf or end table and I wanted it to be heavy enough it wouldn't knock around easily. Thanks for the C&C!
  17. I'll let you know next year around June :-)
  18. I love these guys, great kitbash. I'm pretty fond of pumpkinhead things as well. I am pretty sure I have every single thing with a pumpkin head on it that Reaper sells. I also ordered some pumpkindudes from a company in Poland that are fantastic, they're called Dyniaqs. You can find a few here and there on sites in the States, but even with the Euro exchange, they were substantially cheaper. They were worth waiting the month long delivery time.
  19. I hate you a little. :-) Love the room, and love the paint rack. Is that the original Kraken one from TGJ, or is it from the newer company?
  20. #9 The finished product. Last 1% of the unicorn was darkening the eyes and brightening the hooves.
  21. Okay, this is a WIP of the making of the vignette, not the entire paint process. This is my first post here, so bear with me if I have to modify stuff. If the descriptions come out by the right photos the first time, I'll be pleasantly surprised :-) The post is going to be photo heavy, so I reduced the size of all of them. Hopefully it won't be too bloated. #1 The 99% mostly finished unicorn. -- EDIT -- grabbed the wrong photo, this one also lacks the mane & tail highlighting. If I add the corrected photo it will screw up the order. Whoops :-) #2 I "built" this tree using things from the yard. I couldn't find one exactly the way I wanted, so I cut and glued in pieces until I had what I wanted. #3 A spray primered piece of floor tile for the base, with a framework for the hill I wanted. The hill bit is the cardboard from the middle of one of those drink carrier things, Gorilla glued onto the base. I used Gorilla glue rather than one of the other kinds for enhanced sturdiness throughout. #4 I didn't want too much green or too much brown for my ground cover, so I mixed some static grass with old coffee grounds. #5 Putty time! #6 The oil slick, aka black primer so I'd have a steady color under my grass. #7 Some steps along the way getting my ground cover in. #8 I covered up the unicorn because for the last step I wanted an extremely light dusting representing the first snow of the year, but I didn't want any on him. *** edit *** Have to do a second post with the finished product, ran out of allowable photos. Also I didn't get the steps above each photo, but I think ya'll can figure it out.
  22. Glad you liked them Jay. I picked out the ones I thought were the best combination of monstrous, but pretty. I boiled all the Bones ones already to make sure they were going to be shaped right. Merry Christmas!
  23. Hrm, thanks. I don't have the triad but for some reason I wasn't considering doing hairlike highlights since it's a fantasy color to start with. That's some great suggestions, thanks. And I guess I just haven't watched the most recent video, because I'm subscribed to that :-)
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