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  1. Holy smokes, I missed that one. Sometimes I don't get to the boards for a few days, and stuff gets bumped down. Both of you stop it!
  2. Sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with you people. I come over to try and read a few pages on the big 'con thread, and now I want to bake something. But I finished the one entry I promised myself I'd do earlier than I thought I would. Decided to do another, and the one thing I can't get out of my head is this diorama idea. So "cramped for time" is an understatement.
  3. Oh wow, she's really coming along nicely. I like the hair a lot, as well as the pelt cloak, and the blue cloth throws some nice contrast in there. On another note, stop doing such a good job, as I also plan to enter a Bombshell this year :-)
  4. I use Mod Podge for sand. I put the glue where I want it, set the bottle cap or whatever down in a small plastic cup, sprinkle the heck out of it. I usually try to avoid dumping a lot on the mini, but you can get it off of there pretty easily if a few bits miss the area you were going for. Then I pull the piece out of the cup, blow lightly on it, let it dry overnight. Come back the next day and tap it a bit to knock off anything still loose, and generally that about does it.
  5. Oh man, this is SUPER awesome! Goes nicely with zombie mouselings. Now you just have to take Loim's idea and give us a skelly mouseling. Errybody gits mousies.
  6. Honestly what TaleSpinner said about it running to the bottom of the jar means you could cap your jar if you plan to use it somewhat soon. If not, I bet you can pour the mixture into an empty dropper bottle and have it for next time. That way you could use the easy method on a single mini or a pair of minis without losing any. Though I agree the approximate cost even if you wasted it is worth the time save. Glass baby food jars are a very good size for one or two normal 28 - 32 mm size minis. I use them when I have to Simple Green bathe a painting fail. There's very little lost that way. *edited because the first time my engrish no gud*
  7. And nobody asked the important question. How long have you been out of diapers Peeps?
  8. Secure credit card transactions > other interwebz things
  9. Wondering if any of you fine fellows who organize the exchanges were going to roll out a Secret Sophie this year?
  10. Love it! The beads as statues worked great. I couldn't tell what they were, even re-looking after I read your post. Don't knock yourself too hard about the legs. Assembling the metal GW tomb scorpion was the hardest one I've done to date. Tiny legs are awful.
  11. I would likely faint from pure joy if they announced a wishlist feature But regarding the topic at hand, to the other advice already given I wanted to add you also don't want to run off because in addition to hanging out with cool painters and con attendees, there are prizes drawn.
  12. Thanks for all the advice. I had already read the rules, and also the posts in this thread, and was teetering on the fence. Knowing the judges will move it if they feel it needs to be done is very helpful. Also, in beginning work on the base last night and looking at it coming together as a whole, I think it's gone over into the "Open" category. It's not as fancy as some I've seen, but the small conversion and the base definitely tell a story.
  13. My BFF once locked us inside a room by virtue of conveniently not mentioning there was no knob on the other side. I've played a long time and asked a lot of cautious questions, but never upon grasping a knob and opening a door have I thought to ask if there was one on the other side. You better believe I do now. Good job corrupting introducing another to the wondrous land of tabletop RPGing. "Psst, kid, here....the first minis are free!"
  14. OMG Inarah, that's crazy! Lucky you.
  15. So I'm finishing up an entry because I promised myself I'd enter this year, and in re-reading this thread I still can't decide whether to go with painter's or open. It's lightly modified, a sword removed and something else put in it's place, and is going to be rebased. The basing isn't super fancy, but it's definitely not just a painted stock base. I was leaning towards open, but reading some comments here I'm not so sure. Any advice? Alternately, who would be a good person to ask advice of at the Con? I don't want to go to anyone who might wind up judging it.
  16. Very well done! It ain't easy at all when you're using a lot of one particular tone, but these really came out great.
  17. I don't inventory my Bones minis very strictly. Other than a few of the special ones, they are in a 10 drawer organize loosely organized by what they are, like the female PC types are together, the males, the demonics, all the undead etc. Nor do I inventory the non-Reaper since it's a much smaller portion of my collection. However, I do have a full listing of metal Reaper minis including the name, stock number, and what series they're from. It's currently hand-written but I'm going to type it up at some point.
  18. This is a WICKED COOL post! Thanks for showing this process.
  19. Though I appreciate Heisler's lawyer-like input, I'm certain that attending ReaperCon would cause me to fail #1, even using the loosest of interpretations. BTW, not posting this to bash on David, I actually think it's a great plan. Not everybody can go, not everybody who goes has a rabid mini expenditure problem is a perfectly normal member of House Figmentius. Also I really do hope there's another one later.
  20. Man, this looks like fun, but I'm right out unless you do another after ReaperCon :-( Especially if Kickstarters backed in the last week count against. Also, this is SO not a fair contest for Figmentius!
  21. I love her! The blending on the clothing is stellar, but the crystal ball is even better.
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