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  1. Well speaking only for myself, sometimes I don't get to check the boards as often as I would prefer. Also there are plenty of times I hit the like button but have no additional commentary. On this particular instance I really liked your work, but I do have one suggestion. I feel that given the really nice work on green grass tufts and the rest of the base, I'd have chosen a different color on the cloak. The edging along the bottom does at least break it up a bit so that you have something between the cloak and the grass, but to me it diminishes the work you've done on shading because it makes the cloth stand out less.
  2. Ridiculous how awesome this is under that strict level of time constraint!!!
  3. Very cool. Black is a super tricky thing to do well, but you managed nicely!
  4. I don't think the shade is particularly far off if you're aiming for the lighter end of the African American spectrum. The problem (such as it is) lies in the fact the miniature does not have any other characteristics to distinguish if from a really tan Caucasian. Sure, plenty of African American ladies straighten their hair, and wear that hairstyle, but the only minis I've seen that are able to more easily look the part had a more natural hairstyle. With the size of a standard mini, my thought is if you want to ensure it reads as brown, you have to go some shades past what you've done. So is it bad? No, not at all, but I do agree with the comment there's some ambivalence. There's nothing at all wrong with the tone you've used, but some people will look at it and think African American, and some will think too much time in the sun. In every day real life there are so many shades to each race that I've seen some "white" people who are darker than some "black" people. It depends on how concerned you are at the presentation. If that bothers you, go darker and wrestle with the scars being a bit more difficult. If it doesn't, then move on with the project Editing to add a few things. This video is pretty good. Much of it deals with the mechanics of tattooing, but around the 3 minute mark there is some really good info on how to design an all black tattoo for very dark skin by utilizing blank space, and what colors to choose if you do use colors. So that would lend some authenticity to your look. I also found something about putting white ink into a tattoo for dark skinned people. It's kinda cool, and looks like it would lend well to a tribal style if that's what you decide to go for.
  5. Oh vodka is good! And it comes in a bajillion flavors now, so we can totally hoard it!
  6. Dang, upstaged by a merry-go-round reject Thanks Ub3r, I actually was afraid I had contrasted it to the point of not blending, and it's not the first time I've thought that only to be told "more." It's something I am going to have to drill into my head the hard way I guess. That's the part where being up close to the piece for an extended period of time makes it hard for me to judge.
  7. Not sure if this qualifies completely as a diorama, but it's the closest definition I had for the thing. It was made as a special project for my best friend to help her wife surprise re-decorate the bathroom for her this weekend. She LOVES the beach and all things sea related, so this was the mini her wife chose for me to paint up. It was a good thing, because I was (and still kind of am) intimidated as heck by this mini, but at least I pushed through and did it. I'm overall extremely pleased with the end result, only finding two things that really glare at me. One of them is there could have been better blending, but in order to make it a viable piece of room decor, I went super bold. The other is I could have put it together a bit more smoothly. That was one heavy mini, and I was afraid it would break, so there's some lumping I would do differently if I had it to do over. I failed at getting a reasonable shot of the whole thing. If the light was bright enough to see the fishyhorse, it glared off the bowl. If I didn't glare, the mini is too dark. I included them to show the perspective, and then added better pics of the bits. Oh, and you can't tell fully in the pics, but if the room is dim he looks more blue, but with the lights all the way on he shimmers silvery. C&C is always welcome, it helps me get better!
  8. Love the idea and how you matched the bases. My only suggestion is if you are going to submit this as a diorama entry (and don't need the minis to be removable) I'd cut them off and pin them directly onto your bricks. The bases do draw the eye away from the overall piece a bit.
  9. Thanks Bryan, totally understood. It was my bad luck that I didn't get on early enough to grab some of the ones I really wanted, but I can see why holding seats makes things difficult.
  10. *faint* Okay, thanks. I kept checking back the week classes were to go on sale, but the one day I was too busy at work to do so, and then too whupped at home to remember to check was they day they went on sale. Oh well, guess that's more time to spend painting with board-friends, and more money to spend in the store.
  11. I tried peeling through this thread as well as some searches to see if this had been answered, so hopefully this is not a duplicate question. In previous years there were 2 seats per class that were only available "at the door." You had to go get in line early the day of the class you wanted to try to sign up for it, and they were first come, first served. Is this still the case? If these are still being done, what time does the "line" open? Thanks in advance whichever one of you awesome people answers my question!
  12. I love wings on a mini, whether it's demonic batwings, or the feathered sort! Good job, and thanks for posting this. I couldn't get a good look during the hangout.
  13. Welcome to the boards! Nice job for your first efforts. I'm dead certain my first minis weren't that good, since I didn't even know what a wash was I particularly like the armor on your second fellow.
  14. I use the sand-filled medication bottle with stick-tac holder method, but instead of bracing my paint hand against the table, I do it a little differently when I need a little extra steadying. I'm painfully right handed, so I hold the bottle with my left hand, bracing said left hand against a table, then I brace my right hand on my left. It's kind of hard to explain, but I grasp the bottle in the "O" made by my left thumb and first finger (think classic OK gesture) Then I rest my right wrist in the little "cup" made by the rest of my left hand.
  15. Given the size of these *expletive* things, I believe you did a grand job.
  16. Fantastically yucky...he truly looks covered in slime, so I'd say you managed the trick quite well.
  17. Wonderfully done! I have this guy on my list of favorites I haven't gotten up the nerve to attempt yet. You really did him justice.
  18. Looks good to me. A proper skellyman, with a weathered shield & sword.
  19. The leaves are paper birch seeds that I bought in a three-pack with different color combinations online. I can't for the life of me remember which company because there are several I visit and browse sale stuff to pick up bases or basing materials cheaply. We can't link to retail sites here anyway, but if you are unable to search online and find them, I'll see if I have any part of the package at home that tells me something useful.
  20. Nope. Because I wanted to do an exotic tone, I used the same technique I've been using to do highlights and shading anywhere. I try to lay down a basecoat that is somewhere in the middle, then do thin layers of glazes& washes until I get it close, then shading and highlighting back and forth until I like it. I've not ever been able to master the method of starting all the way dark or light and working to the other end. I suspect it's lack of experience because I just don't have the time to do really regular painting :-)
  21. Thanks for the C&C's. I agree the eyes are one of the weakest points, but like I said in the original post, I like to see if it's "just me" or not. I intentionally did them all black, but they still got rough around the edges. The green in the vest was the second thing I wasn't as happy about once I saw the photo. I feel like it looks better in person, but it definitely made my list of things I coulda done better.
  22. Well hmmm....somehow I managed to miss that. I may give it another try, though I'm liking the ceramic palette with the small wells quite a bit. Thanks. Once again, you are the enabler of all things hobby related.
  23. I have never managed the knack of using the wet palette, but I can tell you a pretty cool trick for making one that travels well. Get one of those plastic cases for travel baby wipes that is skinny and only designed to hold a few. I used flannel for my "sponge" because I could cut it to size, with the usual wax paper on top.
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